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  1. brother of the shredder?
  2. Toy or toon ?
  3. If they revived the old show...
  4. Ninja Turtle Trading Card Game
  5. Wacky TMNT 1 Photo
  6. Old Styles of the Official Site
  7. Crazy Turtle Dreams
  8. They drank what?
  9. Old toon season 5
  10. TMNT's Music
  11. Hebrew TMNT Shirt
  12. Turtle Voices
  13. What are the other 2 first movies like?
  14. Favorite Character Moments
  15. Random TMNT Magazine Pictures - SO Not Canon
  16. Anyone think Don is black?
  17. Some Video Game Pictures
  18. The Turtles on Family Guy?
  19. Ninja Turtles Empire is back!
  20. TMNT: TinT #1! Part 2.
  21. First Two Turtle Movies On ABC Family May 5th
  22. Check these CGI Raphael pics. Incredible
  23. Costume on Ebay
  24. Splinter Vanishes
  25. Favorite Intro
  26. Secondary Characters
  27. Fanatical on TVTropolis in Canada
  28. TMNT Japanese ED 2 for the Original Toon
  29. Who would win?
  30. Boys and their toys
  31. odd michaelangelo animation cell.....
  32. Left handed or Right handed
  33. Who here would date Ya Kid K?
  34. Red sky series - surprisingly cool
  35. *NEWS Wow* Trademark holder sues Pittsburgh video store over Ninja Turtles mural
  36. Deleted comic book pitch scene
  37. The Official TMNT Multimedia Thread
  38. weird picture
  39. if they did remake for old tmnt ?
  40. What is it about the TMNT that makes them so unappealing?
  41. Would anyone be so kind to screencap some side profile pics of Raph from the 1st film
  42. Eastman And Laird Are Metalheads
  43. What would happen if OT and NT TMNT met?
  44. dose marvel hate the ninja turtles
  45. Look at this Michaelangelo movie replica head on ebay.
  46. Why did the Turtles never refer to each other as brothers?
  47. Watch the Fanatical TMNT episode
  48. Turtle design - what do you think?
  49. i was wondering.......
  50. Invisible Ninja Music Video
  51. April and clothing
  52. Cowabunga Shredhead
  53. No love for Irma?
  54. The Turtles' first words
  55. Of chakras and colored masks
  56. Want Raphael's Jacket?
  57. Back And Fourth The Sewers: TMNT Fan Documentary Recruitment
  58. TMNT Personality Typing
  59. Cool TMNT/ Comedy Group tie in...
  60. TMNT What If?
  61. Master Splinter is always right. (Mirage comics)
  62. 5 favorite episodes
  63. Which characters are best friends with each other?
  64. Coincidence: How does your own life compare with the turtles?
  65. Raphael - turtle of a thousand faces
  66. Autograph from Shawn Curran (Boss Zukko)
  67. Whatever happened to the UNDER MANHATTAN website?
  68. Shell gear for shell games
  69. Donatello - Same As He Never Was
  70. Donatello- All about Donatello
  71. TMNT Season 5 DVD
  72. Leonardo -
  73. Who is most likely...
  74. Autograph from Frank Welker (Tokka & Rahzar)
  75. A Question to all of you: What did you do when watching the Ninja Turtles movies?
  76. What if the main cast of TMNT had Pokemon?
  77. Music From The Original Series
  78. TMNT Underneath the Shell ?
  79. TMNT Magazine Article Index
  80. Addressing and referring to Splinter
  81. New Turtles animated Direct to DVD ?
  82. If it had been any other animal...
  83. Does anyone have all of NT:TNM on VHS?
  84. TMNT bands, anyone? ^^
  85. "I'm just a Turtle in a rock and roll band..."
  86. Turtles during Y2k?
  87. A Turtle's Home Library
  88. Which character did you like less, Zach or Howie?
  89. Michaelanglo
  90. Similarities or Differences?
  91. What is your favorite TMNT universe?
  92. How did you believe?
  93. What am I remembering?
  94. TMNT 2 Photos
  95. New Animated Series after 4kids ?
  96. Music from the first Live Action movie made in 1990?
  97. Check Out This Amazing Little Artist!
  98. Dream Wave TMNT promo animated Gif
  99. Damn good costume on ebay
  100. Discuss Psychic Powers within TMNT (Splinter and Leo, especially)
  101. Why the spots?
  102. Why does Baxter get mutilated/abused in every version he's in?
  103. The Girl's Gone Green (Metro Times Detroit)
  104. Tmnt Vote
  105. Kevin Eastman talks turtles, Highlander, and Heavy Metal
  106. Autograph from Tim Kelleher (Raphael)
  107. TMNT uphold truthiness
  108. Biggest TMNT Problems so far...
  109. Make a TMNT wish
  110. OT Pilot Episode?
  111. TMNTattoos
  112. TMNT Movie Photos
  113. anyone listen to rap
  114. Dan Berger interviewed for the Empire
  115. TMNT and Fantastic 4
  116. TMNT predictability
  117. Napoleon Terror Of The Swamps.
  118. So what happened to Elias Koteas?
  119. Non-american Tmnt Help Request
  120. 1996 - Most Fun Season of the original series?
  121. How Japanese depict themselves in cartoons
  122. Collecting Ques For TMNT Voices Michael Sinterniklaas & Sean Schemmel
  123. Something I have always wanted to see
  124. Did not know where to put this
  125. What did you think of TMNT as a kid?
  126. This will make you sick (TMNT noobs)
  127. $40 target gift certificate=Turtle fun?
  128. Old toon Maturity Scale
  129. The Big
  130. Leonardo Life/Death question!
  131. Murphy's TMNT Blog
  132. TMNT Liscencing Show Thread
  133. Retro-licensing program hopes?
  134. The usage of Foot Soldiers
  135. Shreeka's Revenge
  136. Kirby - The Fifth Turtle
  137. Interview with Next Mutation's Donatello
  138. Operation Blue Line
  139. Where Did the Chet Running Gag Come From?
  140. 2nd mutant turtle team
  141. Anyone Remember "Shredder's Son" from the T-Mail Letters?
  142. Cool TMNT v.1 #15 Not-so-Easter Egg: Future Reference to FF?
  143. Each Turtles Astrological Sun Signs
  144. X-Entertainment Finds the "Sewer Pies" Commercial!
  145. Kevin Still Co-owns the Turtles! (SG Interview)
  146. Biggest plot hole of them all
  147. Turtle Van in Europe
  148. Rat King and his flute, real one or synthpop?
  149. Autograph from Adam Carl
  150. Bebop and Rocksteady
  151. If the turtles didn't Know each other
  152. Help with a old TMNT comercial
  153. Could you help me find quality "Coming Out of Their Shells" pics?
  154. Season 5 DVD news at IGN
  155. Canadians, finally, they're back!
  156. Chet References
  157. Lots of movie mistakes
  158. How did Eastman and Laird feel?
  159. Your favourite character traits
  160. RPGs?
  161. Renae Jacobs
  162. Anime Next TMNT Video Panels are up!
  163. X-entertainment TMNT
  164. If Shredder had Raised the Turtles
  165. Redsky Episodes on VHS?
  166. Favorite Villain
  167. The street gang
  168. Shades of Grey
  169. The Case of the Killer Pizzas
  170. New 2k3 logo shirts at Kohl's
  171. A General Question to Steve Murphy - 25th Anniversary..
  172. Leonardo's katana???
  173. I wonder....
  174. Stockholm Technodrome Arena
  175. Tmnt OVA (them crazy japanese^^)
  176. I've been looking for a TMNT picture...
  177. Turtles' Full Names
  178. Klunk
  179. PICS of my almost finished Raphael Commisioned head by a professional FX artist.
  180. Optimus Prime is the voice of a ninja?
  181. Original Toon Cells.
  182. Who would win in a fight to the end?
  183. Your Turtles Collection
  184. FINAL pics of the finished Raphael Commission. You must see this
  185. Three Alternate Universe Scenarios
  186. Raymond Serra's autograph
  187. Season 7 is great!
  188. "Biggest Fan" Contest
  189. City at War in the classic cartoon
  190. Bootleg Shirt?
  191. Mirage Staff's Favourite Turtle
  192. Night of the Dark Turtle
  193. Which Turtle got the most attention and the shaft in each universe?
  194. Slash
  195. TMNT 3 Alternate Opening
  196. youtube
  197. red sky
  198. Who watched the original 1990 movie in theaters?
  199. What is this screen from?
  200. T. Coleman or Fraley?
  201. Question about Splinter
  202. The Next Mutation - Vol.1, "Turtles Night Out" UK DVD
  203. Howie Hardy
  204. rumors of missing red sky eps
  205. TMNT cereal
  206. If Ninja Turtles ever ended?
  207. Question and something I always wondered
  208. YAY ME!! WOOHOO! I meet Kevin!
  209. Fans on one turtle genrally dislike another turtle?
  210. solo turtle adventures
  211. divide and conquer thought
  212. It's a rollercoaster ride
  213. best worst seasons, comments on them
  214. gobo's Turtles Around The World project thread (Classic 'Toon Edition)
  215. Cory Feldman and Secret of the Ooze...
  216. What type of fan are you?
  217. Kevin Eastman. The basketball assitant coach?!
  218. roger ebert and the TMNT
  219. Movie DVDs
  220. New turtle songs on iTunes
  221. Any Phillies fans here?
  222. how characters did you think got unresolved in the series
  223. Who would make a perfect turtle?
  224. The Most Amazing News Ever!!! Thank You Murphy!!!!
  225. Wow @ season 5 box.
  226. Krang's exile
  227. TMNT I and II on ABC Family again this Sunday
  228. Question on the Original Series DVDs
  229. Voice Actors - help please
  230. this quote I love from curse of the evil eye and comments and theories on it
  231. fav alternate voice of shredder
  232. Could OT Raph work in other mediums?
  233. What season is this in...
  234. fave TMNT episode-
  235. Another who would win in a fight to the end?
  236. the TMNT and computers
  237. Any word on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1st movie Special Edition?
  238. Raph on his own
  239. about this repeated quote
  240. Least Favorite TMNT Universe?
  241. The definitive OT season
  242. Best lair
  243. Animation Question: Turtles on Trial
  244. IGN's review of Season 5
  245. ever notice different background musics
  246. Score
  247. Want to play a game?
  248. Cold Cast Statues...
  249. Look at What I Found! (Pics!)
  250. gobo's definitive TOURtoiseshell collection project