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  1. Shredder and Krang
  2. Does anyone know if the old toon coming back? (re-airing) on any networks?
  3. FINAL Finished Pics of Raphael head bust. LOOK
  4. Making your kids turtle fans...
  5. Best Leonardo centric episode from season five?
  6. Best Donatello episode of season five?
  7. Best Raphael Centric episode in season five?
  8. Best Michaelangelo centric episode in season five?
  9. tmnt original cartoon dvd 4 and 5?
  10. Corey Feldman talks TMNT 3 on Stern (Today on Mastertape theater)
  11. what crossed your mind of this
  12. Question on Original Toon
  13. Whouldn't it be awesome!
  14. Have you ever thought April O'neil was hot?
  15. What extras do you hope for on the Season 6 DVD?
  16. Power Rangers vs. TMNT
  17. Episode Title Request.
  18. Weird kid on TMNT
  19. Kevin Eastman Interview
  20. TMNT Artobiography
  21. This Kid Said It Best!
  22. this Turtles episode
  23. Voice Change
  24. worries of DVD episodes
  25. Hostess Ninja Turtle Pies
  26. Any Word On Season 6 Of The Ot For Dvd Yet?
  27. Good Halloween or Horror?
  28. Background Music from TMNT (1990)
  29. Another new sig from Renae Jacobs
  30. Robbie Rist is a registered trademark?
  31. Teenage Mutant Kung-Fu Chickens?
  32. The TMNT are top 10 ninjas (Scew Attack)
  33. The Foot by any other name still stink.
  34. TMNT...to wishy washy?
  35. odd settings in the series
  36. who was your fav and least fav reoccuring character
  37. a plot they never had in the series
  38. List of Every incompetent Things Bebop and Rocksteady have done
  39. er...i have a junior question to ask?
  40. Theatrical Trailer for TMNT 1
  41. The Pizza Thing
  42. funny TMNT story
  43. Tatsu
  44. Why it's good too never let...
  45. baxter inconsistencies and inconsistencies in SEason 4
  46. When the TEchnodrome sank and others
  47. Which ARchie comic book characters
  48. tmnt in commissioned again
  49. in Turtle Trek
  50. Old or new Turtles?
  51. Like robot birds with big jaws
  52. Original Turtles
  53. Lets compile a list of good Splinter quotes
  54. The original voice of Vernon...
  55. TMNT Voice Panel
  56. Two most similar characters
  57. turtle vs steamroller
  58. can i ask a serious Q...?
  59. Tmnt 1 On Abc Family
  60. Address by name
  61. Funniest character (OT only)
  62. sad about
  63. TMNT Checks?
  64. Getting ready to do a fan commentary for TMNT 2 and 3
  65. THE Top Five OT Series Episodes
  66. "The Never Pay Full Price for Late Pants" Thread
  67. Don totally pwned the old series
  68. The TMNT's Rooms
  69. height of and downfall
  70. these two should have appeared in another episode
  71. Just called Lionsgate Re:TMNT Classic Season 6 DVDs...
  72. Autograph from Tim Parati (Turtles II)
  73. 25th Anniversary 'celebrations'
  74. TMNT Daily Comic Strip
  75. Does it feel like TMNT is taking a dive?
  76. Fun connections with random old comics
  77. Leonardoodle
  78. One brother angry at the others?
  79. The Lost Ninja Turtls Commetary?
  80. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 Review by the Angry Video Game Nerd
  81. TMNT Begins
  82. Episode help
  83. Did You Like Splinter's Origin Better in the Comics or in the Old Cartoon Series?
  84. TMNT related character names
  85. Original Cartoon Soundtrack
  86. South Park, starring TMNT
  87. Did the absence of Kevin Eastman effect the Turtles franchise?
  88. A random TMNT rant
  89. Cowabanga!
  90. TMNT at the fairground
  91. First movie score
  92. Splinters capture in the first movie
  93. Venus on Robot Chicken
  94. Krangenstein lives!
  95. Shredder deafiting leonardo?
  96. Never Re-Ran
  97. Why isn't Eastman involved?
  98. Turtle Tips?
  99. Rob Paulsen, Thank you!
  100. Is there a TMNT Podcast?
  101. TMNT ages?
  102. Question about this poster
  103. This came to my Mind...
  104. Hero Turtles: The Next Mutation - Vol.2 UK DVD set
  105. this time i really made a big discovery!hoohoo!
  106. Trilogy of season 10!
  107. turtle pair-ups: Other cartoon villians?
  108. Ideas for a new turtle cartoon
  109. If the TMNT lived in the 1950's
  110. Michelangelo and Bart Simpsons!
  111. Why There's No "Once Upon A Time Machine"
  112. the turtles are on abc now
  113. Middle finger in OT!
  114. Real quick... Walker pics
  115. Stupid/Random/Funny Things that Happened to you as a result of being a TMNT fan
  116. Your Favorite Thing About TMNT
  117. Your chance too meet David Wise...
  118. Raphael's additional voice?
  119. TMNT Dreaming
  120. interveiw with steve barron
  121. Best version of Splinter?
  122. OT TMNT Transcripts
  123. Bode's TMNT
  124. Keeping up with voice actors
  125. It's a TMNT Christmas!
  126. Ninja Turtle myspace
  127. about meditation
  128. Create Your Own Bad Guy Contest-Runner Up
  129. So no more OT DVD's then?
  130. I fail
  131. What if the OT was revived and aimed at adults?
  132. TMNT and Personal Grooming?
  133. Donatello Dr.....
  134. Etchstar and TMNT
  135. whats wrong with TMNT movie site
  136. Steve Barron's TMNT; More than a good comic book movie, but a good movie.
  137. Turtle van!!
  138. Official takeout pizza of the turtles
  139. favorite universe
  140. Old cartoon/Archie mutagen question
  141. TMNT Classic - I wish it had happened sooner..
  142. Which turtle would cause the most damage to the team if one of them became evil?
  143. TMNT Engine V0.6: Download
  144. Some British thing?
  145. TMNT Movie Idea
  146. Amazing TMNT Mask
  147. Most demanding Turtle
  148. Ideas for a T-Shirt
  149. Turtles Rap About Drugs
  150. Turtles Magazine
  151. My "Ninja Turtles Need a Special Edition" video
  152. "My TMNT Fandom" video
  153. Happy 20th Birthday 1987 TMNT Cartoon!
  154. My TMNT Dream
  155. Coming Out of Their Shells Tour Video Review
  156. Siskel and Ebert's TMNT reviews.
  157. What do you think about a live action TMNT HBO Show?
  158. Me as Shredder!
  159. Ever notice the winking?
  160. Happy Holidays
  161. Who Else Got a Card from Mirage?
  162. Remember the Rumored Live-Action Hallmark Movie?
  163. New Year Kudo To Krang // They Could Not Go Back The Sewer
  164. Bushido
  165. Where can I find this awesome head?!
  166. TMNT 2K3 series season 2 part 1
  167. TMNT RPG writer Erick Wujcik diagnosed with cancer
  168. Papercraft Ninja Turtles
  169. TMNT old school board game???
  170. TMNT Classic Season 6 DVD ANNOUNCED!!
  171. Donatello Trashes Slash
  172. Pat Fraley, thank you.
  173. Turtle Ring Tones
  174. TMNT politics
  175. A question about Leonardo
  176. TMNT doujinshi! (Japanese fan comics)
  177. Rank the universes
  178. Which Turtle Should Be My Favorite?
  179. 2nd Next Mutation DVD set, released Feb 11th in the UK
  180. If season 3 was re-released...
  181. TMNT popularity in various nations
  182. That OTHER Ninja Turtle...
  183. Leonardo the Artist
  184. What the hell?!?!!?
  185. How about a new TMNT cartoon with a different animation studio ?
  186. Question to Fans, About New Line and Warner Bros.
  187. Interesting Ebay find:
  188. The "non-Shredder and Krang" episodes of Season 4
  189. season 6 - episode order on DVD
  190. Shredder's Alternative Voice Actor
  191. Season 7 DVD
  192. Favorite Bandana Style...It's about time
  193. Beast and worst season (not includind Red Sky)
  194. UK TM'H'T Pizzas from last decade.
  195. Who would you be?
  196. Check this TMNT in top 20 FX suits!
  197. What would they do?
  198. TMNT "partners" to shut up Steve "Murph" Murphy
  199. TMNT sound track on LP
  200. Best incarnation of Donatello?
  201. Mirage Crew at New York ComicCon '08
  202. Light 'n' Lively TMNT campaign
  203. Leatherhead Meets the Rat King!
  204. Something we can all agree on
  205. What if Rhino had gotten the DVD license?
  206. Manhole Cover Rugs/Mats
  207. So Nike will be releasing a shoe inspired by Donatello sometime this year
  208. Way cool CGI Raph pic
  209. what episode? help
  210. cool cgi Don pic
  211. Utroms
  212. Which OT pizza place would you go to?
  213. Need suggestions to improve ShreddersDojo browsing experience..
  214. Turtles Episode order question.
  215. Any reason why Raph kept the red?
  216. idea for a new turtle cartoon with a different network
  217. Heros in a half shell?
  218. Red Sky Intro...
  219. Europe vacation!
  220. Classic Season DVD to ever get Uk Release???Doe
  221. Warner Bros. acquires New Line Cinema
  222. Best Cover Gift ever?
  223. Intros and Closing Credits
  224. Question about Raph in an NM episode
  225. You're favorite Neutrino
  226. episode order of season 3 in the UK
  227. What Will Happen to the TMNT When Peter Dies?
  228. Metalhead Help
  229. What's the best incarnation of Leonardo?
  230. My 3D Turtle animation - Did anyone save it?
  231. Your favorite version of Mikey
  232. Looking for Pictures of the OT lair?
  233. Getting Off to a Great Birthday Start!
  234. Why Did They Make Three Turtle Suits for Each Movie?
  235. thanks guys
  236. TMNT card games
  237. cool super-market
  238. Elias
  239. What do hope for in TMNT's future?
  240. my wearable raph suit.
  241. Laird buys out Eastman
  242. Anyone Know Hebrew?
  243. Adventure of turtle sitting
  244. ABC Snatching The Shredder?
  245. Would anybody like to see a anime turtle cartoon ?
  246. What else could they have called it?
  247. My CGI Mouser
  248. charity gig turtle.
  249. Who's the best voice actor for the shredder?
  250. Leonardo Movie 1 costume restoration. LOOK