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  1. If not Leo then who? (80's toon)
  2. Raph Killed Mikey O.o
  3. Own TMNT comics
  4. What would Splinter do?
  5. Your Top 5 Things About/That Came From/In the OT
  6. Sympathatic portrayals?
  7. Lionsgate's possible 25th Anniversary compilation
  8. lack of ongoing popularity= lack of humans?
  9. have you ever...
  10. If 2009 is the death of TMNT, how long will it be till the next reboot?
  11. Three teens playing TMNT in NY sewers get lost
  12. Interview w/ Murph!
  13. TMNT Movie 1,2 and 3
  14. When will tv shows on dvd...
  15. The Pumpkin Thread
  16. TMNT Movie 2, Casey Jones, ...?
  17. "Shredder" thinks the turtles are amazing
  18. When they're hurt or ill?
  19. Check these cotumes out!
  20. The Complete Next Mutation DVD Boxset
  21. Random Observations: Animated Movie Extended Themes
  22. the tmnt theme in name that toon
  23. Crossovers....
  24. CRT/tanaka...Riiight.
  25. nike tmnt sneakers
  26. Who is Robin Coull?
  27. who personiatly did you like better NT or OT Splinter?
  28. I Won! I Won! I Won! I Won! I Won!
  29. Most Hilariously Out of Context TMNT Moments
  30. Which Movie suits would you like to own?
  31. Hidetsugu Yoshioka's Super Mutant Turtles story pages!
  32. Do We Know The Person That Owns This?
  33. Classic TMNT Season 7 DVD News
  34. Most popular Turtle
  35. TMNT Original Movie Observation Sai Confusion
  36. NT; TNM Costumes
  37. Where do I find a Hoodie?
  38. Were you happy the way the original cartoon ended?
  39. Which episode did Krang turn BeeBop & Rocksteady to heroes?!?
  40. Carter
  41. David Wise Interview - Are you watching, LionsGate?
  42. Sewer Swap.com is UP!!!!
  43. Top 5 Villains
  44. Isnt it obvious?
  45. "Outtakes" from the original TV series
  46. Voice acting in the orginal series
  47. New 25th Anniversary Box Art For Original TMNT Movies
  48. Mirage: OUR 25th Wish List..
  49. All-time Favorite TMNT episodes new and old
  50. question about red sky season
  51. Ninja Turtles #11- most addictive game
  52. TMNT Movie 1 ( things you already know )
  53. Turtles Really Does have staying Power..
  54. TMNT in East Asia
  55. Hypothetical Theory
  56. turtleriffic lingo
  57. TMNT invade WoW
  58. Original Toon RC 2 Release
  59. Subterranean Sewer Hockey wirth anything?
  60. I foundone of the Actual Guitars
  61. Sewer Swap Wish Lists
  62. Coming Out of Their Shells cast?
  63. The Turtle Nut Statue
  64. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie on IGN's best comic-based movie posters list
  65. TMNT (1990) showing at alamo drafthouse tonight.
  66. Tis the season...for sharing pics of my TMNT props!
  67. Fashion Fantasy Game
  68. Irma
  69. TMNT LiveJournal @ CollegeHumor
  70. Secret of the Ooze: #6 WORST comic book movie ever?
  71. Ninja Rap... 2?
  72. what the turtles weapons say about their...masculinity?
  73. Conventions???
  74. A call for Personal Stories
  75. TMNT's Mike Sinterniklaas to appear in L.A on Sunday
  76. New TMNT Australia show
  77. 80's April selfish?
  78. The O'neil Family Portrait
  79. Wrap Rap Karaoke
  80. Conventions, Signings, etc..
  81. How was Splinter made?
  82. Turtles= Bad Guys?!!!
  83. I Want A "Ninja Turtle Babies" Cartoon Show
  84. What are Rock Soldiers?
  85. Santa Turtle
  86. Episode 27 - Enter the rat king
  87. Anyone got a spare $3.5 mil to buy Kevin's house?
  88. TMNT and Money
  89. What episode is this from?
  90. ninja turtles coming out there shell
  91. Back from the Sewer...with a new sig!
  92. getting a tmnt tattoo!!
  93. So...what's left for the big 2-5er?
  94. Does she post here???
  95. Least Loved TMNT Episodes!
  96. TMNT 25 [ D T ] COM up <<
  97. Baxter Stockman
  98. kevin and peter
  99. TMNT at NYCC Question
  100. Superhero Turtle
  101. Original TMNT Series Writer Michael Reeves Diagonosed With Parkinsons
  102. Help!?
  103. Positive Thread...Design your own!
  104. Shirt.woot
  105. TMNT & Motor Vehicles
  106. turtles 1 and wilmington north carolina
  107. tmnt your life and now your kids
  108. Aniversary Promo Video...
  109. Did anyone get anything to do with TMNT for Christmas
  110. The Original Ninja Turtles Movie at the Nuart Theatre, January 23rd @ Midnight!
  111. A Weird time?
  112. New York Comiccon! Need Suggestions!
  113. Got NYCC TMNT Panel Questions?
  114. Dromers meeting up at NYCC?!!
  115. James Avery Interview...
  116. Sculpy...
  117. What are the Foot properly called?
  118. TMNT 2 Raph's Stunt man has Dojo in my hown!
  119. What keeps you a TMNT fan?
  120. NYCC - Coverage...
  121. what are the 25th anniversary plans?
  122. How many 25th anniversaries are there this year?
  123. Shredder's cult?
  124. Don and Mikey's temper
  125. Worth a laugh... TMNT25 press release..
  126. April O'Neil, Ushering Us Into Manhood
  127. tmnt smokers?
  128. Old Toon Homages to the Comics
  129. We Want FANS for the next TMNT DVD SET!
  130. Big pics I scanned
  131. had Mikey ever talked back to his "older" brothers?
  132. Color Correction....
  133. Have you seen every episode of the original cartoon?
  134. Secret Agent Rat
  135. There's Only One Man Who Could Save the Turtles...
  136. IQ ranging!
  137. Pointless Whining (split from the TMNT Documentary thread)
  138. Ninja Turtles and Pizza
  139. Who remembers seeing the first Ninja Turtles movie in theaters?
  140. I talked to KEvin Clash...
  141. Renae Jacobs Interview - Audio Version
  142. you guys seen this?
  143. Don with the purple bandana before purple was assoiciated with being gay?
  144. The Biggest Turtles Fan(Not Ivey)
  145. Check this piece of fan art out..
  146. Who remembers the TMNT Movie Story Book from 1990?
  147. A complete list of the Commercials?
  148. Did Splinter care about the TMNT originally?
  149. wired fans ??
  150. Top 5 All Around Best Episodes
  151. Is any one Ninja Turtle really "older" than another?
  152. the channel six characters in Red Sky
  153. How good did the old toon do?
  154. Do shells have feelings?
  155. Michelangelo having a "surfer voice" in all media
  156. Tmnt: Rebel
  157. TMNT at Grand Central Station
  158. Season 7 News and DVD Discussion
  159. New York Comic Con - Day 1
  160. TMNT On The Simpsons?
  161. Mirage Panel
  162. So far the Comic Con sucks in terms of TMNT news
  163. Did anything good happen at the Mirage Panel at the NYCC?
  164. potential turtles/creator references in other shows
  165. Do you think the franchise would last another 20 years?
  166. TMNT 25 years of Animation - Panel Discussion
  167. Complete movie collection on Blu-Ray in August?
  168. NYCC 09 - Day 2
  169. Fellow fans, DON'T accept 2nd rate releases! Make your voices heard! (TMNT DVDs)
  170. Same old DVD's New artwork?
  171. NYCC 09 - Day 3
  172. Which Turtle would date Venus?
  173. What would happen if the ooze touches a human.
  174. Playmates Classic TMNT Toy Ads!
  175. TMNT III, The Manhattan Project for NES: Soundtrack S-T-E-R-E-O Edition
  176. Any seasons of the OT I should avoid?
  177. TMNT Score Release Petition
  178. Greatest skilled turtle?
  179. See Me in the Frag Dolls Video Montage
  180. Motivating the Fandom
  181. Is Splinter *really* skilled?
  182. Has your Interest in the Turtles Ever Waned?
  183. Turtle Doc Stops, are you near by?
  184. Some insight from inside the TMNT World
  185. Looking for a Turtle picture...
  186. My interview on TMNT25.com
  187. Collaborative TMNT Blog Project
  188. SuperHero Productions?
  189. Lair Layout
  190. Questions for Judith Hoag
  191. Contacting Lionsgate: Resources Here
  192. Ninja Turtles Musical Writers: Contact help!
  193. Go Green Machine.org Official Launch!
  194. Im Getting a Tattoo of raph, need help
  195. Watchmen Director loves Turtles
  196. Good Episode list for young kids?
  197. A bunch of Michelangelo interviews!
  198. The alternate voices in the old toon for the main cast
  199. TMNT rogues gallery expansion
  200. Similarities between Lotus Blossom and Karai
  201. What if Krang from the OT had a robotic body that looks like Shredder?
  202. Rank the TMNT universes from favorite to least favorite
  203. The Technodrome being carried by a missile in Season 3 finale
  204. Go Green Machine Fan Profiles- 1st one up!
  205. My Guest Blog on TMNT25.com
  206. What is your dream animation cell?
  207. TMNT and Usagi Yojimbo discussed on Podcast
  208. 25th Anniversary Releases
  209. Robbie Rist left me a comment on Myspace!
  210. Warning!! Original TMNT (1990) re-packaged NOT yet remastered!
  211. Turtle Doc Updates
  212. TMNT and drugs
  213. Are you upset that any of these characters were not in the cartoon?
  214. ORIGINAL head STILL exists, but we need your help!
  215. Should we have seen more of the war between the Rock soldiers and the Neutrinos?
  216. Unstable Mutations In Other Mutants.
  217. Should Donatello have upgraded from a bo-staff to a naginata?
  218. 25th Anniversary- Dream Projects
  219. Krang's Bailout
  220. Was Shredder A Human In The Original Comics?
  221. Best Shredder Henchmen
  222. Splinter's use of "My Sons" in the original toon
  223. New interview up! - Mak Wilson: puppeteer on TMNT I & II
  224. How would April's death impact the Turtles?
  225. Mirage is on Twitter
  226. OT Alternative Voice Actors
  227. Bugman Vs. Baxter Stockman
  228. Woohoo! New autographs!!!
  229. James Avery to overdub Season 7-10? (Rumor.)
  230. TMNT25 e-mail
  231. My idea for a Planet of the Turtleoids DVD
  232. Turtles in the Shadows Wallpaper
  233. Just Watched the OT Pilot...
  234. First TMNT Movie Screenings in Oakland, April 3-5
  235. Turtles and Splinter reactions to each Turtle's death
  236. Free TMNT Movie Screenings @ Tribeca Film Festival
  237. A Ninja Turtle Hip hop dedication song..
  238. Turtles MOVIE inspired font?
  239. French poodle suits
  240. TMNT25 Press Release
  241. Videos of the TMNT in New York
  242. Fan Commentary for Ninja Turtles (1990)
  243. Who's attending the NYC gallabunga?
  244. TMNT at Tribeca Film Festival
  245. TMNT 2; Turtles In Time Arcade: Soundtrack S-T-E-R-E-O Edition
  246. How you became a fan of the TMNT?
  247. looking for subtitle files for classic tmnt episodes
  248. Will Tupper Released An Unpublished Interview With Peter Laird
  249. TMNT Porn cartoon
  250. VOTE - Favorite TMNT Character!