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  1. Turtles Kassetten on youtube!
  2. TMNT Actors in The Sopranos
  3. teenage mutant hardcore turtles- explicit language
  4. Is this legit?
  5. The "Turtle Tips" PSAs
  6. Shattered Glass Jar/Fish Bowl
  7. Is Krang a Utrom?
  8. Best prank call EVER!!! (TMNT related)
  9. Eastman or Laird?
  10. Donatello a 'talented cook'?
  11. Save up to 62% on TMNT (Deep Discounts)
  12. First peice of TMNT merchandise
  13. Vintage Mirage Photos
  14. First Nickelodeon Branding on TMNT Merch!!
  15. GGM Giveaway - RETURN TO JIM LAWSON!
  16. Gaguing your preferance
  17. New TMNT shirts at HT
  18. Who owns this fansite
  19. What Turtle Do You Want Dead?
  20. A-Team & TMNT
  21. TMNT Anime
  22. Turtle cameo in today's Dennis the Menace strip
  23. Have the writers of TNM ever weighed in on the continuity issues?
  24. Foreign TMNT Movie?
  25. Why I'm prepared to drop the Turtles SHOULD...
  26. Where is the best place to buy TMNT...
  27. Super Cute Heroes - Christopher Uminga
  28. Splinter's origin
  29. Pizza box prints from Michael Dooney for sale!
  30. Ninjaturtles website
  31. TMNT Storybooks?
  32. TMNT fan map
  33. Lets Talk Next Mutation.
  34. How old were you when the original cartoon started in 1987?
  35. Something is wrong here...
  36. The Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird appreciation thread
  37. It could have possibly came to an end...
  38. How did the TurtleCom predate cell phones?
  39. Is Peter Laird going through a mid-life crisis?
  40. Breaking the 4th wall in other universes
  41. This guy is an idiot...
  42. What the heck is going on??
  43. Does the TMNT franchise deserve to continue without the comic?
  44. Turtles Forever poster
  45. So PL actually designed mutated-fly Baxter
  46. Reason Eastman and Laird split?
  47. Where did the turtles get their stuff? And the money for pizza?
  48. teenage mutant ninja turtles on oprah? anyone have this on youtube?
  49. Is Baxter even a good villain?
  50. tmntmoviesite: Some Good News (And Some Bad News)
  51. Playmates Head Office
  52. What was the idea behind Groundchuck and Dirtbag?
  53. Favorite concept art
  54. got some animation cels today!
  55. OT Q: Who was the most consistent voice in the series?
  56. Can someone help me find these pictures?
  57. Who is your least favorite Ninja Turtle and why? VOTE
  58. Tetris sound in The Showdown
  59. Church Picketing Comic Con
  60. Best TMNT villian (except shreeder)
  61. TMNT DVDs?
  62. SDCC2010 Photo Dump etc.
  63. TMNT at Comic-Con?
  64. Okay, I need some help with something..........
  65. "We wish you a Turtle Christmas" & "Coming Out of their Shells" Tapes
  66. TMNT Drinking game?
  67. Honor sense.
  68. Teenage Mutant Ninja.....Something?
  69. Was Carter a pointless character?
  70. TMNT dubbing.
  71. 10 Best Supporting Characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  72. Trying to find an episode...
  73. gobo's NEW lofty goal
  74. Interesting TMNT Poll Results
  75. Why Nick?
  76. Why couldn't the whole show be like Season 1?
  77. Why were there two different alien Turtle planets in the original show?
  78. How tall is the SHREDDER? and how tall are the turtles?
  79. Why didn't they ever show a flashback of how Shredder and Krang met?
  80. Why didn't Krang ever try Rogaine?
  81. Classic Episode Discussion: Mr. Nice Guy
  82. What if SHREDDER killed KARAIs parents?
  83. I found this....
  84. Now Wouldn't This Be Something!
  85. Cam Clarke's voice
  86. Best turtles shirt ever
  87. If you could only watch a few TV episodes, what series would they be from?
  88. First sculpt pics of my raphael movie 1 head commission.
  89. You don't like the OT.You only like it because of nostalga.
  90. OT Rapahel is awsome thread
  91. One Turtle has to die... you choose which
  92. Do you think Nick will buy the OT?
  93. I like Twertles!
  94. The legacy of the TMNT...
  95. The Epic Begins shirt
  96. Amazing story!! A must read :)
  97. Final Raphael Head Sculpt pics before casting. LOOK
  98. Conflicts between each Turtle and Splinter
  99. Anybody want to buy a house?
  100. Check our all of my MOC turtles.
  101. Bronze statues from 25th Anniversary shellabration?
  102. What OT characters did you dislike/hate the most?
  103. Updated Raphael Head pics, with first stage of paint
  104. Slash and Tokka, why isn't one seen as the, "evil Turtle?"
  105. Ancient fossil ninja turtles
  106. I need help
  107. Enemy TMNT cannot fight?
  108. Where everybody at?
  109. What was the reason the original cartoon was canceled in 1996?
  110. April O'Neil Halloween Costume - Tips and Costume Offer
  111. The "Official" Site
  112. Why was Mikey's Nunchucks replaced in the Classic Cartoon?
  113. Its been almost a year since Lionsgate released a season of the old cartoon
  114. SOAD'S John Dolmayan Drum kit
  115. Your one favorite aspect of the OT
  116. Project Old Toon Selects
  117. wow, this is pretty cool
  118. Why do you think Krang is such a popular character?
  119. Hot Topic TMNT Stuff
  120. Why did April become a red head in all media outside of the comics?
  121. TMNT > Everything else?
  122. Help: Raphael Picture?
  123. When we were younger, Movie 1 was our first taste of the Mirage universe
  124. Donatello Hero head from TMNT 3 in horrible condition on ebay. Look
  125. The ingratitude of humans
  126. I'm having XTREME DESIGN FX make a Donatello..
  127. Did anyone else like the way Dregg blasted Hi-tech off into space?
  128. Do you ever get flak for TMNT swaag?
  129. Classic Ep Talk: Blast From the Past
  130. Michaelangelo Head sold back in 97 for 3,250 check this out.
  131. Finished Pics of my Raphael Head in all its glory. :-)
  132. Don Turtelli/Big Louie VA?
  133. Rock soldiers: mutants?
  134. I found 100% dead on Casey Jones ELIAS KOTIAS lookalike!
  135. Favorite mob boss/gang leader from the original series?
  136. "Sexy" Donatello Halloween Costume!!
  137. New TMNT Article (Flashback)
  138. NYCC & Why You Should Be There!
  139. Cake Wrecks on the Halfshell
  140. On a scale of 1-10, what is your level of confidence with Nick with the TMNT IP?
  141. Kevin's Involvement In My Wedding
  142. Anyone From NYC? Need help on Turtle Doc
  143. Stuff that look like something out of old toon
  144. TMNT Voice Comparisons
  145. "The secret of the turtles" a new song....
  146. Coming Out of Their Shells 20th Anniversary
  147. Nice little article for the dudes here
  148. Classic Ep Talkback: Planet of the Turtleoids
  149. OT Shredder pours the ooze into the water supply...
  150. The Dover House
  151. Turtle Reminiscing
  152. Michelangelo in 'Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue'?
  153. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles future dvd's
  154. TMNT Motivational Posters
  155. Name all OT episodes in 20 minutes
  156. How many times did April almost die in the original series?
  157. Custom Party Wagon...
  158. Classic Ep Talkback: Raphael Meets His Match
  159. #5 Turtles form a Boy Band, via Cracked.
  160. Rob Paulsen in Spaceballs
  161. NT; TNM's Triskadekaphobia Anniversary
  162. 'Sweet Homemade Krang Costume'
  163. Random Shirt I found
  164. Red Sky???
  165. Custom TMNT shirts
  166. Uh, what? Is this from a game?
  167. TMNT 3D Project: Original Series Intro - 2D to 3D
  168. Is it accurate to call the TMNT "Turtles"?
  169. Rock Solid Images
  170. My Girlfriend and Myself as Casey Jones and April O'Neil for Halloween
  171. My Donatello Tribute Video!
  172. Comparing fads with others [including tmnt]
  173. All videos related to the 25th Galabunga shellabration
  174. New Twitter - TMNT Quotes!
  175. How much does Viacom actually own?
  176. Kevin Eastman TMNT Co-Creator Selling Tons of Turtle Treasures
  177. Vigilante Identities for Leo/Don?
  178. "I still love the TMNT" - Vanilla Ice
  179. who has the theme park rights ?
  180. 1987 cartoon mistakes
  181. Anyone have contact info of the people who create the movie costumes for the Movies?
  182. Venus@Viacom
  183. Baxter Stockman get's dumb...
  184. Technodrome Eyeball Tattoo
  185. Rob Paulsen's Voice in Tron?
  186. Shredder Fan Thread
  187. The Next Mutation...
  188. Goongala?
  189. Has TMNT helped anyone through depression?
  190. AVGN+TMNT+Xmas= This review
  191. Cinemassacre does "Turles does Christmas"
  192. TMNT Weapons
  193. Am I the only person who doesn't really like the OT any more?
  194. TMNT tattoo
  195. Yet another awesome video at geekologie...
  196. A flesh and blood Mouser?
  197. Weird TMNT Fliers
  198. Time Travel Episodes
  199. Missing episodes after Divide and conquer...
  200. Super Turtles OAV
  201. What kind of Keyboard was used for the original toon?
  202. Character appearances??
  203. so i got these stickers with my comics??
  204. Technodorme - CGI scene
  205. Red-sky in asia
  206. Watch episodes from 87 series
  207. OAV Canonocity?
  208. Eric Talbot Commission
  209. Original foot clan symbol, anyone have a high resolution image?
  210. favorite episodes
  211. The Nostalgia Critic reviews the first few episodes of the TMNT 1987 cartoon
  212. To See Or Not To See?
  213. April's Escape in Turtle Tracks
  214. Steve Ho on being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  215. New TMNT intro found!
  216. Sneaky Saban
  217. TMNT News sites.
  218. Turtly, or turtley?
  219. memories...
  220. Uh I have a question about Rocksteady...
  221. which version of each character do you like the best?
  222. Ways friends/family have supported your interest in TMNT?
  223. Why didn't the OT incorporate more of the playmates mutants into the OT?
  224. Best/Favorite OT episodes?
  225. Ninjaturtles.com
  226. April from So-Cal??
  227. Cool TMNT Print
  228. Rutgers TMNT Autograph contest!!!
  229. "Interview with Leonardo"
  230. Fight The Foot
  231. Best & Worst of the Old Toon
  232. mondo TMNT poster...
  233. Old Toon + New Toon Various Sound Rips
  234. Michaelangelo Movie Bust Prop Replica, LOOK.
  235. Interview with TMNT autograph collector Rutger
  236. How regularly did you watch the original series back when it was new?
  237. Possibly No Pilot In April
  238. LionsGate, What's The hold Up?
  239. If Peter hated Venus so much
  240. Carter? Dregg? What is this crap?
  241. Favorite Turtle?
  242. Favorite Mighty Mutanimal?
  243. new show in april?
  244. TMNT References/Easter Eggs in Pop Culture
  245. TMNT 1990 Movie Poster?
  246. Suggest other good TMNT Forums for Buying/Selling
  247. Mutant Ninja Turtles now experiencing mid-life crisis
  248. Raphael movie 1 Bust Head Sneek Peek
  249. Which is your favorites incarnation of Baxter Stockman.?
  250. Anime Turtles Superman Legend Soundtrack