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  1. Looking for some TMNT pics/sprite edits
  2. If you made a TMNT movie.
  3. Hi-res OT logo?
  4. How to meet real TMNT
  5. Revision3 - TMNT Death Battle!
  6. Bebop and Rocksteady Wiki Page
  7. New TMNT show to air in April?
  8. Voice Actor Emails?
  9. Finally..the real Hebrew 2nd intro
  10. Let's delve a little deeper...
  11. Was April made into a reporter so she would be like Lois Lane?
  12. Random Turtle Facts!
  13. TMNT Fan Commentaries: An Ongoing Series...we hope.
  14. Kids who grew up with TMNT in the 2000's as opposed to the 80's/90's
  15. Why was he replaced?
  16. Battletoads vs TMNT in Death Battle
  17. OT Raphael to Movie 1 Raphael
  18. FINISHED Pics of the Raphael Movie 1 Bust
  19. VOTE Which head strikes the most likeness to movie 1 Raphael?
  20. What Happened?
  21. If you have kids, will you introduce TMNT to them?
  22. Who is your LEASt Favorite Turtle and why?
  23. Could this be an homage?
  24. Received Raphael Bust today my final thoughts with my own pics.
  25. CGI TMNT internet flash game thing
  26. Was that who I think it is...The Old Toon Voice Actors Thread.
  27. Worst Ninja Turtles Creation
  28. Leonardo part 1 Bust Sculpt
  29. If the OT had a DTV what would you like to have seen?
  30. What plots were left unresolved or forgotten in the OT?
  31. First "SNEAK PEEK" at the Nick TMNT show.
  32. New CG TMNT animated series to premiere 2012 on Nickelodeon
  33. Turtles in new Cinema Snob Video
  34. Cowabunga: Shred-Head
  35. Official "TMNT Fan Commentaries" Thread
  36. Seasons 9 and 10 theory
  37. TMNT Equations
  38. Favorite Turtle Duo
  39. Plan 6 From Outer Space and Rogue in the House
  40. Most movie accurate leo bust to date. Look this is amazing :-)
  41. Uncle Phil as Shredder
  42. Partners in KRYME
  43. VOTE which Bust do you like best? Leo, Mikey, and Raph
  44. Quartets
  45. Leonardo Mask from Xtreme Design FX
  46. GoGreenMachine.Org Now on Facebook (woo!)
  47. Wanna get a new tattoo... would like help with ideas
  48. Possible answer to the question: Why is Planet of the Turtleoids not on DVD
  49. Amazing new lifelike fan images
  50. Peter Laird's new TMNT blog.
  51. Which Medium Portrayed Him Best?
  52. Lyrics to Brian O'Sullivan TMNT song?
  53. So...what exactly did Carter mutate into?
  54. New toon in Fall 2012, no toys until then, film in 2013 - such a long wait!
  55. The Raphael Thread
  56. The Donatello Thread
  57. Michelangelo's Secret Identity
  58. The Leonardo Thread
  59. The Michelangelo Thread
  60. Steven Ho " I was a Ninja Turtle " Video
  61. TMNT Documentary, The fan involvement thread
  62. Donny tat
  63. Cuts in The Epic Begins.
  64. Kevin Eastman on fb??
  65. He was like J. Jonah Jameson, only not as nice.
  66. Bachelor about TMNT!
  67. Got some new animation cels! Need a Hand
  68. Your Own Personal... "Deal Breakers"
  69. 4Kids cartoon or the Fred Wolf cartoon,Which series had the better rogues galleries.?
  70. Should the Nick era be considered, "the third generation?"
  71. Cowabunga UDF
  72. Old Toon on DVD
  73. Dear Nick
  74. TMZ exposes TMNT! (from MadTV)
  75. What Happened 08-31-2009 at 08:55 PM?
  76. Turtle Tuesdays by James Rolfe (AVGN)
  77. James Avery - Interview...
  78. Mutant Ninja Turtles
  79. Shredder on a Scary Kids Scaring Kids Shirt?
  80. Favorite TMNT T-Shirts
  81. Similarities in 2 John Du Perez scores
  82. Which Ninja Turtle Are you?
  83. David Wise - No Job for the "Turtle Guy"
  84. TMNT Cartoon Screen Shot Help
  85. Angry Birds PSA (featuring Bebop)
  86. Is it Sarnath or Zarnov?
  87. TMNT History Timeline
  88. This SHOULD remind all of you of something!
  89. Ch'rell or Krang
  90. Turtle-rific Pizza!!
  91. Cool Shirt Design...
  92. Why exactly is Slash so popular?
  93. What was with all the mad scientists in the old toon?
  94. Missing Episodes from DVDs
  95. Can I get some help please?
  96. How many times was King Kong mentioned in the old toon?
  97. TMNT, The Early Years
  98. OT Question: Why didn't the Turtles shorten their names?
  99. MAD kids TMNT Parody
  100. green with jeolous
  101. What level of enjoyment do you get out of each aspect of the TMNT franchise?
  102. 25th anniversary of the TMNT 87
  103. A window into a TMNT Tribute.
  104. Ninja Crime on the rise in Pittsburgh?
  105. Does your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife also enjoy TMNT?
  106. Full episodes of Next Mutation on DVD
  107. Fight the Foot Costume
  108. What was the point?
  109. Just a Few Questions...
  110. Elias Koteas Movies.
  111. Other Strangeness
  112. Coming Back to OT TMNT
  113. TMNT classic series question (Toei)
  114. Turtles 2 Society ( Gangsta Turtle Voice-Overs )
  115. Little Ernie Reyes Jr. on Circus of the Stars!
  116. Top Comic Book Heroes -IGN
  117. Pets from the 87 cartoon
  118. Michelangelo's Pizza Taste Test
  119. OT: Anyone know what episode this cel is from?
  120. TMNT Convention
  121. Painted Leonardo Farley Bust
  122. Possible Interview with the man behind the TMNT Fan Documentary
  123. Chronologically Confused About TMNT DVDs
  124. Freakin' Mutagen: how does it work?
  125. TMNT 1987 Season 9 scheduled for DVD release on August 16th!
  126. Interview with TMNT Fan Documentary Creator Isaac Elliott Fisher Now Up
  127. My Son's Ninja Turtle Birthday
  128. Epic Meal Time: Ninja Turtle Soup
  129. Nostalgia Critic's new video will make TMNT fans laugh hard...
  130. Secondary Characters in OS and 2k3 series
  131. Who is da Baddest Ninja Turtles Character ever ?
  132. Interesting Ninja Turtle-ish article from 1991
  133. Why didn't CBS allow the show to hit 200 total episodes?
  134. Turtle Mistakes and Voice List - Master File
  135. Favorite TMNT Theme Song
  136. Getting Down in Your Town
  137. Things about the OT you didn't like
  138. How long was the in-universe span of the show?
  139. Let's Kick Shell: A Totally Tubular Tumblr
  140. favorite April
  141. Rob Paulsen Starting a Voice Coaching Service
  142. DVDs with 25th anniversary toys
  143. Cheddar Power T-Shirt
  144. So is this place going to explode?
  145. Are there any gay characters in the TMNT franchise?
  146. TMNT Movie site down?
  147. Should "The Shredder" be a mantle that is passed down from person to person?
  148. Yahoo! New TMNT T-shirts
  149. Red Sky or first 7 seasons?
  150. Turtle line - Michelangelo's Grappling Hook‏
  151. Teenage Mutant Ninja Fashion Divas?
  152. Question About OT...
  153. OT- Season 9 on DVD this autumn
  154. Respect Among the TMNT Brothers
  155. There's more to the TMNT than just pizza and corny catchphrases!
  156. Picture of Renae Jacobs?
  157. Purple Dragon Book Mention
  158. Poor Baxter Stockman
  159. Would you ever want Shredder to be an Utrom again?
  160. Kevin Eastman at Detroit Fanfare
  161. TMNT DVD cartoon list
  162. What Should Teenage Turtles and/or Rats Look Like?
  163. Turtle Smarts
  164. Favorite often used line
  165. Tmnt Bus Scumbag Style
  166. Multiverse count!
  167. The Turtles Brainwashed Us into Accepting 9/11!!!
  168. TMNT Art Show in Philly
  169. Pizzaria DONATTELLO, apparently a place.
  170. TMNT fans going to SDCC 2011
  171. Video question
  172. Movie Bob's The Big Picture looks at the TMNT Anime
  173. Krang was an evil Utrom...
  174. Taturday?
  175. Stan Sakai JANM Exhibit Opening Day
  176. Mona Lisa or Ninjara, who was the better love interest for Raph?
  177. Make Your Dream Shirts
  178. why no tmnt podcast?
  179. Ninja Turtles and Their Elements of Nature
  180. Original Series VHS Tapes
  181. Why only seasons 1,6,7 on iTunes?
  182. "Let me go, you pube"?
  183. If You Were a TMNT Character....
  184. Why does the TMNT have "secret" events?
  185. TMNT Robot Chicken
  186. Top 10 Raphael One-Liners
  187. Why are they heroes in a half shell?
  188. Kevin Eastman new Website
  189. which series brought you here
  190. Favorite TMNT season and why?
  191. Sexy Turtles
  192. Earlier Drafts of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" on Collegehumor.com
  193. Were David Wise's 1st season scripts ever released?
  194. What TMNT vhs did you watch the most?
  195. Would you say Nick buying TMNT from Mirage was the best move for the series?
  196. any character for one day
  197. Which underused villains from the 90's deserve a comeback or reimagining?
  198. Illegall TMNT in Poland :D
  199. was splinter psychic?
  200. Giving away copies of the TMNT ash can signed by Kevin
  201. When did each series Jump The Shark?
  202. Why no Animated feature film?
  203. TMNT #1 on Cracked's 6 Movie and TV Universes That Overlap in Mind-blowing Ways
  204. The Technodrome or The Dreggnaut
  205. TMNT as been around in four different decades. Correspond each decade to a turtle.
  206. The original TMNT board- flashback to 1996
  207. Strange error I found in Farewell, Lotus Blossom
  208. Rip-off TMNT cartoon?
  209. Voice actors of foreign versions in the OT
  210. TMNT cold blood or warm blooded discussed in the strangest place.
  211. The most used piece of art in TMNT products.
  212. ninja turtle robs fast food restaurant!!!
  213. Was Carter a Keno analogue for the FW series?
  214. Could Krang and Dregg be the same race?
  215. If the Turtles all had to change rolls for a day...
  216. When do you think we'll get the Season 10 DVD?
  217. IGN Review of the Season 9 DVD Boxset
  218. Turtle Costume Evolution
  219. TMNT Event at The Melt - Cleveland, OH 8/20
  220. Has anyone ever read Tod Langen's Starlog interviews?
  221. Hamish and Andy.
  222. Pepperoni and Marshmallow Pizza Anyone?
  223. Have the TMNT ever met one of the four Renaissance-artists?
  224. There were some CBS affiliates that pulled TMNT during the Red Sky era for local
  225. All reds? or various colors?
  226. The Gang's All Here Ot
  227. Which turtle would you AVOID?
  228. TMNT in TUSCANY (Italy)
  229. Is Donatello too smart?
  230. Finally, season completed!
  231. Why didn't Sleezebug (season 9) ever return?
  232. Carter The Enforcer / Turtle Teminator
  233. Does Carter know about Shredder and Krang?
  234. Outdated technology in the OT from today's perspective
  235. The best 100 Toys...
  236. Lost interviews from Ninja Turtles Network- James Avery & more
  237. Help me choose my tattoo.
  238. Do you think the villains were as important to the original cartoons success?
  239. Casey Jones, high on cocaine?
  240. Which OT Villains would you like to see in the new series?
  241. What if there was a Season 11?
  242. Which TMNT universe didn't get a proper ending? List inside
  243. The Oroku Saki/Shredder Thread
  244. Yes, there are moments when April saves the turtles as damsels!
  245. Were April and Irma roommates in the OT?
  246. Would it had made more sense during Red Sky if the Earth was in Dimension X?
  247. Random TMNT recolors.
  248. The Official Hub for Individual TMNT Character Threads
  249. Channel 6 building layout
  250. The most popular TMNT characters according to an automated online study