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  1. Story ideas that somehow find their way into every TMNT universe
  2. Best teen sidekick
  3. Turtle Power Or Ninja Rap?
  4. "Comic relief"?
  5. David Wise or Steve Murphy?
  6. Marathon watching- I've just watched all 193 episodes of the OT in just 12 days
  7. How many non-filler OT eps?
  8. Why didn't Shredder reunite with the human Foot Clan at any point?
  9. TMNT IRL - How would the Turtles look in real life?
  10. Casey Jones Mask
  11. Why were so many episodes produced in Season 4?
  12. What retooling more critically affected each series? Red Sky or Fast Forward?
  13. The sexual orientation of the TMNT
  14. The World Trade Center as the TMNT Saw It
  15. Why was the term, "shellbacks" used as an insult toward the turtles?
  16. TMNT sweet cakes and candies....
  17. Hebrew themes themes
  18. Why did so many of the original villains come in pairs?
  19. Why did they animate Wyrm only for a toy commercial?
  20. which ot turtle did april have the best reationship with?
  21. Is it possible to have Blu-Ray versions of the OT and NT in the future?
  22. Saban Brands regains rights to the Next Mutation
  23. Are there any TMNT novels?
  24. Why do people act like TMNT hasn't had an almost continuous presence?
  25. What year had the best stuff over the course of the franchise?
  26. My first Youtube video- TMNT OT credits, nearly every version
  27. The Skipper was Casey Jones?
  28. Pat Fraley's Krang Audition and Youtube Channel
  29. Classic ep talk: Shreeka's Revenge
  30. Other voices done by James Avery, Renae Jacobs, Jennifer Darling listed by episode #
  31. Stuff would have been awesome if there was a second season...
  32. Would Next Mutation have been better received if there simply was no Venus?
  33. St. Louis Blues Goalie Hockey Mask
  34. times shredder and krang gain a victory
  35. Baxter, Rat King and Leatherhead
  36. The Rat King's appeal as a villian
  37. Characters you'd like to see in a story together
  38. Pictures of the Fred Wolf building and buildings used for recording dialogue/voices
  39. Heavymetal.com Hacked?
  40. I guess Shredder must love turkey
  41. Were the Turtles still trained for 15 years in the original cartoon?
  42. Would you guys be able to help me track down an episode?
  43. What episode is this?
  44. Partaaay Van
  45. An old newspaper clipping...
  46. volume 4 questions
  47. Do you feel most of the villains in the OT were wrapped up?
  48. Was Titanus almost a preview to Lord Dregg?
  49. TMNT Party Wagon Coin-op Ride
  50. New Tmnt T-Shirt at Target!
  51. Which mutation do you prefer, humans to animals or animals mutated?
  52. New online exclusive Hot Topic shirt
  53. TMNT and tears
  54. Krang tattoo
  55. Did anyone else like how Splinter wasn't "action oriented" in the show?
  56. Was Agent Bishop based on concept from Next Mutation.?
  57. TMNT at NYC Comic Con?
  58. "What the heck were they thinking" Officially Licensed Merchandise
  59. Exactly how Large/Tall is the Technodrome
  60. The Police/Cops being shown in Original Series
  61. The "What Episode was That From?" Thread
  62. Splinter Disciplining the Turtles
  63. Female Fans
  64. Have You Ever Been In A Sewer?
  65. Is Krang male or female
  66. So where is the NYPD
  67. Ever wish you could mutate your pets?
  68. What was the TMNT fandom like in the "dead period?"
  69. What exactly is Dimension X?
  70. What episode was the last time Michelangelo used his Nunchucks?
  71. Favorite episodes
  72. List of which episodes focus on which turtles/characters
  73. This Occupy Movement Is Really Catching On
  74. Thoughts on the European Vacation episodes
  75. Are we really this bad?
  76. Episodes of the 1987 series that would fit in 4kids
  77. TMNT 1987 Mistake YouTube Videos
  78. The Technodrome wasn't completely doomed
  79. What is your favorite theme associated with Shredder?
  80. Most annoying plothole from the 1987's cartoon and the 80's comic: The Streetgang!
  82. i hear that people didnt like new tmnt movie and tv and why?
  83. Martial Arts
  84. How To: Make Your Own Bebop wall mount.From TMNT
  85. Should I Watch Next Mutation?
  86. Why is there more fighting in some eps than others?
  87. What if the original pilot was released as an animated feature film around Xmas 1987?
  88. Happy Anniversary To ME!
  89. The accuracy of portraying New York in the many versions
  90. Ninja Turtles Personality Test
  91. Vote for your favorite episode of Season 3 (DVD Volume 3)
  92. my tmnt random thoughts
  93. Bebop and Rocksteady costumes
  94. Leo In Yellow/Venus In Pink (Next Mutation)
  95. My TMNT Halloween Costume
  96. New Interviews with 1987 TMNT Voices
  97. 80s cartoon drinking games?
  98. Does anyone else think the music in the OT was the best for a cartoon?
  99. What's your favorite episode of Season 3 (DVD Vol. 4)?
  100. whats the deal with baxter & alien robot se4
  101. opening theme song
  102. OT Talkback: My brother, the bad guy
  103. HiTech killed off in reference to Paulsen leaving the show?
  104. After David Wise, who was the best writer of the original series?
  105. Do children of today know who the Ninja Turtles are?
  106. TMNT Tree!
  107. Mobster From Dimension X Question
  108. Question about michaelangelo.
  109. ninja turtles stopmotion?
  110. Cool Wallpapers?
  111. Original Series Turtles Animation Studio List
  112. Netflix?
  113. Michaelangelos birthday episode
  114. What is your favorite TMNT logo?
  115. Characters in the old toon that re-appeared for a sequel ep
  116. teenage mutant ninja turtles stand up?
  117. TMNT at Emerald City Comic Con.
  118. What is your favorite episode from the end of Season 3 (Volume 6)?
  119. Hollywood Christmas Parade
  120. Bebop and Rocksteady went a 15 year gap between animated appearances
  121. Rap Video featuring ninja turtle stuff
  122. Matt Hill (Raphael) Interview thursday night.
  123. Sci-fi in the old toon more accepted than other universes?
  124. If you could b a charactor from tmnt what would u b and ?
  125. Proper Endings
  126. TMNT on Teletoon Retro!
  127. Nerdist: The Mutant Season
  128. 35 days of Kevin Eastman event 11-30-11 with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van
  129. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation - Now on Netflix!
  130. What is your favorite Syndicated Season 4 episode?
  131. TMNT cosplaying and such on Dorkly
  132. Tons of Laughs and Autographs..
  133. Obscurus Lupa's hilarious review of We Wish You a Turtles Christmas
  134. Applying TVTropes.org's voice acting tropes to TMNT
  135. greetings from Pinky
  136. Second Favorite Turtle?
  137. Dirk Savage/Seasons 8 and 9.
  138. Ninja Pizza coloring contest!
  139. The Boardman's new animation!
  140. Saved/escaped at the last moment occurances
  141. Next Mutation with different audio
  142. What is your favorite CBS episode with Shredder from Season 4?
  143. Ninja Turtle sightings in other movies,shows,etc.
  144. TMNT inspired pizzerias in Finland!
  145. TMNT character guides & profiles
  146. Original series listed on IGN's top 25 comic book shows list
  147. Action figure cardback artwork?
  148. Has Anyone Ever Made a Map of the Technodrome?
  149. Hamato Yoshi Series
  150. Not Krang Krang..
  151. Rat King ('87 series)
  152. Which TMNT universe had the best ending?
  153. Why, oh Why the Shell is There So Much TMNT Yaoi?!
  154. I'm looking for an image of Raphael and Michelangelo
  155. My Christmas gift to the forum- rare pictures of the voice actors when in high school
  156. Which character from next mutation might work in your favorite universe.
  157. What is your favorite non-Shredder CBS episode from Season 4?
  158. Watching through the OT completely for the first time
  159. TMNT Woot Shirt in the Derby!!
  160. Punk Frogs question
  161. Facebook TMNT Pages
  162. Favorite TMNT ally
  163. College FOotball superstar wears ninja turtles socks!
  164. Splinter question.
  165. Check out this custom Splinter blanket I got as a gift!
  166. Ninja Turtles (1987) Missing Episode 76?
  167. Your predictions for TMNT in 2012
  168. Anyone know if the LaserDisc eps are better than the DVD?
  169. Green With Jealousy
  170. Misty Taggart = a writer who had no fight scenes in the old toon?
  171. Hot Head & Warrior Dragon question
  172. Scratch question
  173. Invasion of the Krangazoids question
  174. What is the "bare minimum" amount of TMNT experience required to truly be a fan?
  175. TMNT cartoons in DVD for dummies
  176. Claymation Comedy of Horrors?
  177. Baxter Stockman as a Fly or a Cyborg?
  178. If the OT lasted another season, or 2
  179. What is your favorite episode from Season 5 with Shredder in it?
  180. Season 10?
  181. Ninja turtles nails tutorial!!
  182. Where Should The Technodrome Been Located That It Wasn't?
  183. Original Turtles images for shirt
  184. Places you'd like to have seen in the old toon
  185. Holidays & Observances
  186. I need a new computer wallpaper
  187. Playing Favorites: Favorite Turtles Then and Now
  188. Why did the TMNT kick the butt of Shredder so often in the 1987 cartoon?
  189. What's with not connecting shell to plastron?
  190. The Pac-Man-Conspiracy: Parallels between the TMNT and the Pac-Man-Game
  191. Do you think "white" Baxter Stockman will ever be used again?
  192. Favorite Version of Each Turtle
  193. How much have you watched/read of each TMNT universe?
  194. if toon Shredder dressed as the toy
  195. Anti TMNT video.
  196. Does Eastman like Michelangelo?
  197. Does Michelangelo Like Eastman?
  198. Anyone Got These Pictures?
  199. iTunes art for OT season one?
  200. What is your favorite episode from Season 5 without Shredder in it?
  201. What color is Mutagen?
  202. Of All the Fictional Movies Mentioned in TMNT, Which Would You Most Like to See?
  203. Why didn't the Triceratons show up earlier in the old toon?
  204. Top 27 most wonderfully alternative families
  205. TMNT Mutagen Pies (Can anyone here bake?)
  206. Toy Placement in the FW series?
  207. Irma or April
  208. Favourite "Technodrome-moving" episode
  209. Should I go back and re-watch the original series or...
  210. Game rumor thing
  211. Vernon season1 to season 2
  212. What would a Season 0 "Prequel" be like?
  213. An Unofficial Look at the TMNT Including the Characters, Comics, TV Series, Video Gam
  214. "Tried to destroy Yoshi with that Mutagen!" And Other Random Fred Wolf Conundrums
  215. The UK TMNT Treatment
  216. Got Better Pics of these Posters?
  217. Toon Tunes: 50 Favorite Classic Cartoon Songs
  218. Good TMNT/Toy locations in texas?
  219. How to build a TMNT sewer.
  220. A funny from a few years back
  221. What changed in season 7?
  222. Anybody remember these?
  223. What is your favorite CBS Season 7 episode?
  225. Next Mutation
  226. update to original site (false alarm)
  227. My blog article on the TMNT throughout the years
  228. Totally Random Turtle Media
  229. TMNT Memories
  230. Irma gets a 10 out of 15 Jew Score
  231. Season 9 Mutations
  232. pic question
  233. Defining Series Episodes
  234. Sewer heads?!
  235. Shredder's influence on Baxter ot
  236. Ask PL Vol. 6
  237. Real Ghostbusters "Mean Green Teen Machine"
  238. A World Without the TMNT
  239. Venus: The Unwanted "Child" that ruined the "marriage" of Eastman and Laird?
  240. Could the Turtles take down Batman?
  241. What did you know about TMNT when you came here?
  242. Whould you want Bloodsucker in a future TMNT adaptation
  243. did you guys ever find your fred wolf series episode order?
  244. Are the mutant allies more popular than the mutant villains?
  245. What is your favorite episode from Season 8?
  246. Unexplained solutions to villains' problems
  247. Are you here because of nostalgia?
  248. Could Peter's bitterness toward Fred Wolf be about more than just content?
  249. April O'Neil's character design
  250. If there was a fifth turtle...