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  1. Any other "neutral" characters besides RatKing?
  2. Raphael bad with kids
  3. The turtles reliance on Don
  4. Did you make up own TMNT stories as a kid?
  5. True Story!
  6. Did it bug you that the TMNT always sounded like adults?
  7. After 25 years, the turtles' worst enemy is....
  8. Do the TMNT deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  9. TMNT Season 10 DVD question.
  10. Who sings the original TMNT theme song?
  11. How do you feel about the Nick generation of TMNT so far?
  12. What is your favorite episode from Season 9?
  13. Who Wrote "Usagi Yojimbo" and "Usagi Come Home"?
  14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stop Motion Recreation (VIDEO)
  15. Anyone get Comic-Con badges?
  16. My Second-Fave Forum Wants More Turtles!
  17. Unexpected Technodrome theme music.....
  18. The Wealth of Villains
  19. Favorite Michaelangelo-isms
  20. Why do people hate ninja turtles
  21. Chat night?
  22. Do you ever get the feeling we're all a little over-sensetive?
  23. Shout! Factory obtains rights to Next Mutation
  24. TMNT Podcast: What the Shell!
  25. Leonardo was in the anime "Akira".
  26. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van headed to San Jose,Ca!
  27. Who played Mondo Gecko in the classic toon?
  28. Bebop and Rocksteady are rude party guests
  29. Who's wearing TMNT in observance of St. Patrick's Day?
  30. Shell Shock- Guiness world record broken
  31. TMNT Car Spotted In Nashville
  32. Nathan Barnett has Turtle Van visit him
  33. Robbie Rist & Rob Paulsen on KCRW
  34. voice of Tokka on the cartoon
  35. bonkers candy stickers?
  36. Irma looks like Janine from Alvin and The Chipmunks
  37. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle LEGOŽ
  38. TMNT on New episode of MAD..again
  39. Recycled dialogue in the OT
  40. Android TMNT Soundboard
  41. How does Krang stay alive?
  42. How do you pronounce "Raphael"?
  43. If you're in LA... look up!
  44. Laughs and Autographs Q/A
  45. Who remembers the "Coming Out of their Shells" concert?
  46. Shredder was in the 1986 anime "Fist of the North Star".
  47. What is your favorite episode from Season 10?
  48. Favorite Michelangelo impression?
  49. What should the first cartoon be called now?
  50. The Mona Lisa appreciation thread
  51. Raphael Movie 1 Bust WIP
  52. Which foot apartment fight?
  53. TMNT Easter Eggs
  54. Carnival in Stockholm 2011
  55. Leonardo with a baby
  56. Favorite Turtle Music.
  57. The Favorite Turtle of the "Casual" TMNT Fans
  58. Win a Shredder drawing from Hidetsugu Yoshioka
  59. What is your favorite overall episode from the original TMNT cartoon?
  60. Shirt Punch - $10 Casey Jones shirt!
  61. All About General Tragg
  62. Eastman Auctioning off FIRST TMNT drawing!
  63. If you could ask for a consignation Sketch what would it be?
  64. Shredder's Birthday?
  65. Favorite Ninja Turtle Quotes
  66. Anyone have the three missing turtles episodes?
  67. Which TMNT universe has the best Replay value?
  68. Emmy winner Rob Paulsen offers career advice for teens
  69. What do you want to see Lionsgate release?
  70. Is Splinter A Hero?
  71. ? About ot DVDs
  72. Tmnt commercials
  73. The "honorable" Foot Clan
  74. TMNT Van music video parody shoot
  75. TMNT Wallpapers
  76. Japanese tmnt
  77. Happy Earth Day, Dudes and Dudettes!
  78. Watch With The Folks: The Fred Wolf 'Toon
  79. Do you hide your tmnt interest from the real world?
  80. Is remastering the '87 series in HD feasible?
  81. TMNT Van filming new show "Star Cars"for Crave Online
  82. The turtles being called amphibians
  83. Itunes-dvd?!?!?!?
  84. The Splinter Thread
  85. TMNTerminator and I have a secret admirer (A blatant troll thread!)
  86. TMNT Van in Long Beach ,Ca on Sunday!
  87. Take Back The Sewers
  88. 87 Toon
  89. What real-world species of turtle do the Ninja Turtles most resemble?
  90. The Complete Story.
  91. B.B. Hiller Novelizations any good?
  92. Should the reimergence of TMNT mean the return of...
  93. What everyday items remind you of the TMNT?
  94. i wanna kno abt this!
  95. what if hamato=shredder?
  96. TMNT Inspired Jhonen Vasquez (JTHM, Invader ZIM)
  97. turtle cakes!!!!
  98. what shows do u want cross with tmnt?
  99. have you ever thought about orokusaki vs bishop?
  100. why couldn't orokusaki share a room with klunk while the turtles say khan is ugly?
  101. Original TMNT Cartoon Opening HD-Remake.
  102. Worst that could happen... (most likely an idiot question)
  103. The Next Mutation (BLARG!)
  104. I hate My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (MAD skit)
  105. What's the name of that music Rat King plays on his flute?
  106. The many voices of 80's Shredder
  107. Were there more sparring sessions in 1987 episodes?
  108. Ninja Rap Heavy Metal (2012 concert)
  109. TMNT Japanese Wrestling Show
  110. Which Shredder is better: 03 or 87.
  111. hey guys punch me if im repeating but i just found a perfect theme song for mikey!
  112. Do you think Turtles Forever is canon to the OT?
  113. A TMNT fan intro
  114. I was suprised by the TMNT children's fiction books by Dave Morris
  115. so i got this crazy idea abt the origin of the turtles...
  116. Who thinks Shredder cares for Krang deep down inside?
  117. Hero Turtles Books
  118. Why does Shredder say he never bluff?
  119. pizza-crunchabungas
  120. TMNT Costumed Characters Debut at Nick Hotel Memorial Day Weekend
  121. Lionsgate to announce their next TMNT 87 DVD later this month!
  122. Coming Out of Their Shells Music
  123. Ask a Question, Get an Answer: Generally Speaking
  124. How many tmnt-related items do you buy a month.
  125. So I Got a New Tattoo...
  126. Who is Going to Shellback Artworks (Lavigne's New Store)?
  127. What type of TV do the Turtles have in the show?
  128. What if the turtles watched Cannibal Holocaust?
  129. Do you think Lionsgate is done with TMNT DVD releases after this year?
  130. San Diego Comic Con 2012
  131. Question.. First time going to a comic con
  132. Voice Actors Read Through Star Wars (Raphael Makes an Appearance.)
  133. Why not Fugitoid?
  134. Philly Comic Con 2012
  135. What will happen to the turtles?
  136. Tmnt art.
  137. Ep. Guide Question
  138. Does the Rat King's pet rats have names?
  139. Big Break In episode questions
  140. Forgotten Song?
  141. Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation Vol 1 DVD coming 9/4/12
  142. 2012 Technodrome Awards - calling out TMNT fourum regulars!!
  143. Anyone else love how all the old TMNT stuff is finally being re-released for fans?
  144. Well...I'm back...
  145. Do the Turtles know Japanese?
  146. "April O'Neil" was a contestant on Sale of the Century!
  147. 5th Turtle?
  148. which casey is better? OT or NT?
  149. TMNT Earbuds
  150. Best Main TMNT Vehicle
  151. Shellback Artworks Grand Opening & Original Art Pics
  152. odds newscast
  153. What do you think is the worst thing in TMNT history?
  154. Quality of the US old toon DVD's VS German
  155. Shred or Die tee from TeeFury..
  156. IDW TMNT Ultimate Collections SDCC Exclusive
  157. Who is your favorite Turtle?
  158. What theme song has better lyrics?
  159. Lost episode?
  160. OT voice cast reunion on Talkin' Toons
  161. How do you think a Mighty Mutanimals theme song would go?
  162. TMNT: A Love Letter to the Adoptive Family?
  163. OT - Underrated Music
  164. It's amazing the OT got away with some things
  165. Rob Paulsen coming to Dragoncon
  166. OT leatherhead voice
  167. Krang T-shirt on teefury
  168. is anybody around u has tmnt character's name?
  169. turtledoc.com is new and imporoved, HELP spread the word
  170. Why you should hate Lionsgate for their release treatment of TMNT
  171. TMNT meet Ben Grimm
  172. Is it wrong that I have a hard time watching The Next Mutation?
  173. Anyone remember the TMNT comic books with cassette tapes?
  174. Ninja Turtles Tribute by Malcolm Sutherland
  175. The Groundchuck and Dirtbag Thread
  176. OT splinter quotes
  177. 15 Best Movie Superheroes; Raphael got 13
  178. favorite tmnt charcters
  179. Ultrom Shredder Pepakura Files
  180. Opinion on Red Sky Seasons?
  181. Krang is pretty darn evil
  182. Next Mutation To Air On UK Channel KIX!
  183. Who is your LEAST favorite TMNT character and why?
  184. The Official TMNT food thread!
  185. A Top 20 1987 Episodes of hype!
  186. Turtle Power Teaser
  187. original release prices for Lionsgate's 87 turtle DVDs.
  188. Dimension Z
  189. The Hall Of Science
  190. The Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Treasury book
  191. Banzai! The underappreciated catch phrase of the OT
  192. Where would you start someone who's never seen TMNT
  193. Is anyone here upset by "Booyakasha"?
  194. Which TMNT show should I watch? 1987 or 2003?
  195. Remembering the NYC TMNT 25th Tribeca Screening
  196. Shredder Animation Test!
  197. I need to brush up on my OT
  198. Attack of Big MACC Ending
  199. How has TMNT affected your life?
  200. You think the 1987 Shredder was more of a lackey back then
  201. The Official 2012-2013 Technodrome "Favorite Turtle" Poll & Discussion
  202. The Official Technodrome "Favorite Character" Polls & Hub
  203. The Official 2012-2013 Technodrome "Favorite Secondary Character" Poll & Discussion
  204. Is Krang Protected?
  205. Burne Thompson as a boss
  206. New TMNT Shoes?
  207. The Old 'Toon Didnt Have A Christmas Special Did It?
  208. TMNT Season 10 dvd 8/14
  209. Why does Irma have trouble getting men?
  210. Raph in article at Comicbookmovie.com
  211. Turtle killing experiment
  212. Were-Rats from Channel 6
  213. Killer Bee Needlenose Ad
  214. should us tmnt fans be upset compared to mmpr
  215. TMNT Box Set..?
  216. Information on canceled Episodes/Series/Movies etc.
  217. Krang Costume!
  218. Has Donatello ever beaten his brothers in sparring?
  219. Krang's most powerful weapon
  220. The Turtles BEFORE they were teenagers
  221. Cosplay and Costumes Catch-All Thread
  222. The Technodrome featured in cracked.com article
  223. The unofficial 2012-2013 Technodrome "Favorite Universe" poll and discussion
  224. TMNT mistakes
  225. The giant tentacled monster that grabbed the Technodrome
  226. Do the turtles like ice cream?
  227. The Technodrome on a Ghost Busters remake
  228. Which Ninja Turtle Are You? Life's Most Important Question
  229. find similarities between tmnt and the following brothers.
  230. Should they fix mistakes if/when they air the OT on tv again?
  231. What do you guys think of the alternate voices on the OT?
  232. Favorite Shredder insult
  233. Why do you think General Traag is making a huge comeback?
  234. What Is Your Favorite Weapon That The TMNT Use?
  235. Where to buy 1987 Series Turtle DVDs in Canada?
  236. A Raphael cutting board I made
  237. Turtle's Friends
  238. Your favorite version of every character?
  239. Question about Peter Laird
  240. What is this?
  241. casey jones' character design...
  242. The Samurai Tortoises diddle June O'Grady
  243. What did you like least about the red sky episodes?
  244. The "What could've been" thread.
  245. Everyday things that remind you of TMNT
  246. What Is Your Top Ten list of Favorite TMNT characters?
  247. 25 Ways To Telll you're a kid of the 90's with TMNT reference
  248. Canon vs. Fanon
  249. All your base
  250. Technodrome for sale!