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  1. Did anyone else think Rahzar/Tokka were handled better in the cartoon?
  2. Identify Artist
  3. TMNT Season 10 DVD review thread
  4. Which design for Shredder is your favourite?
  5. Why Super Shredder wasn´t included in the 1987 cartoon?
  6. The Foot Clan In The 1987 Series
  7. TMNT Anime.
  8. OT season 10 shout out
  9. You think "Night of the Dark Turtle" was pretty dark?
  10. Having the same villains in almost every episode....
  11. Ninja Turtles Original Toon Complete Series
  12. What if Red Sky was more awesome?
  13. Supporting characters thread.
  14. Eastman and Laird not considered the creators of TMNT?!??
  15. What's the name of that Rat King music?
  16. hilarious photo in season 10
  17. Raph's alternate voice in Season 10 sounds like the OT Raph from Turtles Forever
  18. Kevin Eastman in ATL @ Dragon Con
  19. Do you love Pizza because of the 1987 Ninja Turtles cartoon?
  20. Ron English's Bizarre Artistic Take on TMNT
  21. Did Splinter ever fight in 1987 series?
  22. Ninja Turtle wedding gifts
  23. Halfcourt's cameo?
  24. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 7 DVD Set
  25. Putting each absent mutant from the original toy line in the 1987 cartoon.
  26. Season 1 Parallels to Mirage
  27. Who can help us
  28. So What About Sushi?
  29. Obscene tmnt screen caps (not safe for work or school.)
  30. Does it bug you the new yorkers in season 9 are idiots?
  31. Crap past the radar in The OT.
  32. am I the only one getting fed up with this
  33. Where Does Kevin Eastman Draw the Line?
  34. Was the final episode meant to be the last one?
  35. Are you an Eastmancratic, a Lairdian, or in between?
  36. FW 87 TMNT complete series dvd in turtle van box.
  37. old toon really has 3 hours of extra footage?
  38. Why Do People Hate Venus So Much?
  39. TMNT supporting characters lament
  40. teenage mutant ninja turtles monopoly?
  41. Shredder and the turtles being well known in their world....bad thing?
  42. VHS Cover Artworks?
  43. tmnt script leaked? can we find this/
  44. TMNT crossovers
  45. Obscure eps of the original toon you really like
  46. April being re-imagined as younger and younger in new incarnations
  47. Favorite versions of the TMNT and others
  48. Ninja Turtle Product dissapointment/letdown?
  49. All secret sewer maps, high res artwork
  50. How Would You Adapt Rat King Into IDW/Nick?
  51. Why isn't the original TMNT cartoon on TV anymore?
  52. Random ways in which TMNT show up in your life
  53. TMNT on Latest ep. of Collection Intervention
  54. Your biggest disappointment being a fan
  55. You think the OT was in the same world as Toxic Crusaders?
  56. How do you feel about the Turtles learning about humans from watching TV?
  57. Best Artisan/Lionsgate bonus features
  58. Worst Lionsgate bonus features
  59. Future Shark Trilogy: The Divergant Thread in the Fred Wolf/Archie Universe.
  60. Is it possible to live in a sewer in real life?
  61. Why do the turtles have a poster of Shredder in their lair?
  62. How have the Ninja Turtles brought out the good in you?
  63. Complete TMNT Toon on DVD BOX SET!!!
  64. How would you improve the Next Mutation?
  65. Make your own glowing Ooze with cannister!
  66. Totally Looks Like...
  67. Why is Baxter Stockman Black in comics and White in cartoon?
  68. Favourite TMNT design/style
  69. You ever find it funny that Shredder treats his mask as if it's his real face?
  70. Krang 2012
  71. Until Season 10...
  72. Why didn't Next Mutation use any TMNT villains...?
  73. When it just gets too absurd...
  74. Rob Paulsen's European Vacation
  75. How old is Krang?
  76. Tony Stewart is a fan of the TMNT/ Racetrack promotion in OCT
  77. how to create ninja turtle eye mask KNOT?
  78. The Worst/Most Annoying Things About the TMNT Fanbase
  79. Me singing the TMNT song
  80. If You Were To Reboot The Franchise
  81. 24-hour t-shirt sale, but...
  82. Borderlands 2 tmnt easter egg
  83. Technogangsters or Batmen.
  84. Canadians: Cheap 87 Complete Series on Amazon
  85. Something I spotted in the Dark Knight Returns Part 1...
  86. 80s TMNT DVD promotional artwork....
  87. Bebop and Rocksteady, what happened to the animals?
  88. What if Buffy had appeared in more episodes?
  89. Anyone think the future in "Once Upon a Time Machine" a possible one?
  90. Tmnt nm dvd
  91. Who do you think was the most powerful foe the turtles ever faced?
  92. Hi-tech or Mung.
  93. OT has the type of things you don't see in new cartoons
  94. Lord Dregg vs Shredder
  95. Speculate: Would Fred Wolf Sue Nickelodeon?
  96. Night of The Rogues
  97. The criticims of the OT you often hear
  98. Best first episode of a TMNT cartoon?
  99. Which Is Your Favorite TMNT Series Premiere?
  100. This explains so much
  101. Kevin Eastman signing in London
  102. Vote for Comics Alliance TMNT reviews
  103. Cracked.com discussion. What you think?
  104. Payback time for Mikey
  105. Interquels
  106. Malicuria & Vadeem
  107. Best Season of the original series?
  108. TMNT @ New York Comic Con
  109. Who is your LEAST favorite turtle and why?
  110. Splinter's human origin is now used in more incarnations than his rat origin
  111. Help me identify these accessories, are they TMNT
  112. What Were The Worst Episodes of The '87 Cartoon?
  113. In Which Adaptions can Splinter whoop the Turtles?
  114. What, If Any, Basic TMNT Knowledge Were You Ignorant Of?
  115. Splinter being half rat half turtle?
  116. Where did the Don/April crush thing have its start?
  117. What if Shredder never took off his helmet?
  118. What are your favorite pizzas flavours turtle dorks?
  119. Classic TMNT Season 4 + 5 DVD Guide
  120. Kevin Eastman in London.
  121. TMNT cameo in Wreck-It Ralph
  122. TMNT @ Power-Con 2013
  123. Who Are The Fan Favorite Characters?
  124. Interesing youtube tribute
  125. What is one thing about the OT that you don't know that you'd still like to see?
  126. TMNT OT considered Anime????
  127. Donatello's Dust Machine OT Theme Song
  128. Clockwork Orange TMNT Parody T-Shirt @ Gimmicktees.com
  129. New tee!
  130. Season 10 Question
  131. Question to anyone with TMNT 1987 DVDs
  132. Religions of TMNT Characters
  133. Equate each TMNT Character to a playing card
  134. Ninja Turtles Episodes where PIZZA was the topic either way..
  135. When you were a kid, did you think Usagi Yojimbo was a TMNT character?
  136. The Making of Metalhead vs. Metalhead (2012): Which episode do you like better?
  137. I met the voice of Raph
  138. Talkback: Episode#53 "The Making Of Metalhead"
  139. 90's pizza hut prank
  140. The Shows TMNT Inspired
  141. Rewatching Season 2, anyone notice the lair design wasn't finalized yet?
  142. Halloween Costumes!
  143. Tang Shen
  144. Krang's Android Pumpkin?
  145. What was the reason they hired William E. Martin to voice Shredder in season 8?
  146. Sky Turtles
  147. TMNT on Cupcake Wars
  148. Favorite name for the Turtles communicators in all 3 cartoons?
  149. Who are the five greatest villains?
  150. To watch in production order. How important is it?
  151. Rapahel Punching Animation test (Cacani)
  152. Which Turtle Would Make The Best President?
  153. The Ninja Sword of Nowhere
  154. The best, worst, most popular, and least popular OT episodes according to TV.com
  155. "Shellshocked," the new TMNT podcast
  156. 4 Disturbing question about Krang
  157. A Couple of Thoughts About TMNT
  158. The turtles don't seem to remember certain things
  159. Leo and shredder in karate kid
  160. 3D Ninja Turtles street art
  161. Ript Apparel "The Don" tshirt.
  162. OT Questions for my RPG
  163. Why can't TMNT cartoons last as long as Power Rangers?
  164. Foot Soldier shirt on Teefury today 11/18/2012
  165. Bebop and Rocksteady As Individuals
  166. Venus' kai mi balls
  167. Warthog and Rhino
  168. Why were the writers afraid to change status quo with the villains in the Technodrome
  169. Kevin Clash AKA (SPLINTER) Likes The Boys
  170. Question about Cam Clarke
  171. TMNT New York City Sightseeing Ideas
  172. is there a stigma in calling them "ninja turtles"?
  173. Is Next Mutation Vol. 2 DVD still coming out in December?
  174. Looking for things related to the TMNT series before 1987
  175. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Volume 2 Bonus Features
  176. What's The Best First Encounter With The Shredder?
  177. michaelangelos birthday
  178. The Shellshocked Podcast!
  179. Pat 'Krang' Fraley on Rob Paulsen's "Talkin' Toons"
  180. Kirby?
  181. Phelous reviews Gettin Down in your Town
  182. The more cartoony art style of certain Season 3 episodes
  183. Does anybody think that...
  184. Who's older? Donatello or Raphael?
  185. Internet Archive's TV News Ninja Turtles references!
  186. Character Cage Match: The Avengers vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  187. Where did the rumors start of an OT revival/film?
  188. IDW vs. 2012 Nickelodeon cartoon: What is your favorite "Generation 3 TMNT Universe?"
  189. Peter Chung did the original show
  190. Were the Mousers popularized by the videogames?
  191. First Bugman episode vs. first Turtle Titan episode
  192. Favorite Fred Wolf Raphael Lines
  193. TMNT Baby Clothes
  194. fathead
  195. OT ep: Planet of the Turtles
  196. Robot Chicken TMNT/Street Sharks parody
  197. "Hanging Hollow"- What do you think it REALLY means?
  198. Which 2 turtle combo is the real 'A' Team?
  199. When did OT premiere ?
  200. Best Leatherhead debut episode?
  201. Difference between original toon boxsets/party van collection?
  202. Oh the irony!
  203. best dream
  204. Casey Jones fan film from YouTube
  205. My turtle fandom
  206. is we wish you a turtles christmas the worst tmnt thing ever
  207. Rate the TMNT scene above you
  208. What do you considered the most trusted outside news sources for TMNT information?
  209. Mr Stink
  210. The Leatherhead Thread
  211. A Cool Turtles Find!
  212. How much freedom did the OT writers have from Playmates toy promotion?
  213. Fugi-relics
  214. What is your favorite Leonardo voice actor of all time?
  215. OT DVDs - 2 Questions (Dregg eps and cover art)
  216. Retrospectives for 1980s TMNT Toon
  217. Classic Commercials
  218. Fred Wolf Cartoon turns 25 today!
  219. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation airing on the Hub starting January 12
  220. TMNT (Parody to Katy Perry "Teenage Dream")
  221. Planet of the Turtleoids cut?
  222. Characters you would like to see meet
  223. Do you think the Channel 6 building was rebuilt?
  224. Happy new year!!!
  225. OT ep: What's Michaelangelo good for? (Pigeon Pete's cameo)
  226. Splinter vanishes!
  227. tmnt and japan?
  228. When did the original toon wind up on itunes?
  229. Origins of Cowabunga!
  230. Turtle Magazine
  231. I found some old 1989 and 1990 TMNT Christmas gift boxes...
  232. Has "Turtlemania" reached its height yet?
  233. tmnt songs
  234. Which Lair do you like best?
  235. TMNT 87 dvds $5 at Walmarts. $4.99 bin at Best Buy
  236. Entertainment Earth Buyers
  237. tmnt 2 best season
  238. If TMNT were a new franchise today...?
  239. No VA replacements for Leonardo or Michaelangelo in the OT
  240. OT only series with breaking the 4th wall humor? Do you miss this humor?
  241. TMNT Memories
  242. Can a fire hydrant really spray back your enemies?
  243. Was Turtlemania becoming detrimentally too humorous over time?
  244. Splinter-Centered Episodes???
  245. What is your favorite Michelangelo voice actor of all time?
  246. What is your overall favorite look of the Ninja Turtles?
  247. OT ep: Farwell, Lotus Blossom
  248. Dangerous mutagen ooze in glass containers?
  249. Does anyone actually know the total amount of eps Shredder/Krang were actually in?
  250. What is your favorite weapon from the 4 Turtles?