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  1. QUESTIONS: Bebop & Rocksteadys real names & Krangs original body = robot?
  2. Have you ever taken a break from the TMNT?
  3. Why do some people refer to Splinter as an old rat?
  4. Was Mr. Ogg based on Superman's Mxyzptlk?
  5. Ch'rell or Venus
  6. OT ep: Donatello's Duplicate
  7. I wonder how many male fans would groan if OT April gets a bf?
  8. TMNT Dream Team
  9. Is Next Mutation in the same universe as the movies?
  10. Turtle themed fun in New York?
  11. The TMNT workout
  12. The definitive version of splinter
  13. What kind of food would you like to see the TMNT in?
  14. Three Silly Questiona
  15. What started your love for Ninja Turtles?
  16. VOTE Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle?
  17. Did anyone else like it when the OT made fun of itself?
  18. TMNT vs the Hulk
  19. What do you guys think of the human villains(non-shredder related)?
  20. Power Con 2013
  21. You think the Mousers and/or Roadkill Rodneys should've been in more than 1 episode?
  22. TMNT Snow Cone truck (no pics)
  23. Favorite Rat King design
  24. What should Rat King's origin in the OT been?
  25. Bebop and Rocksteady Conquer the Universe
  26. Sky Turtles
  27. Rocksteady's Helmet/Evolution Of Rocksteady
  28. Favorite Incarnation of the Turtles
  29. will we get a new ninja turtles cereal?
  30. ninja turtles on oprah
  31. must see of old toon?
  32. Pizza Hut TMNT Promotion 1990
  33. Older characters from TMNT lore that you think will fade away into obscurity?
  34. Who is Ralph?
  35. DJ Soul - #FILAxTMNT Mixtape (stupidDOPE.com)
  36. Was Mondo Gecko created to be a parallel to Michelangelo?
  37. Who is your favorite Donatello voice actor of all time?
  38. Is anyone else glad that there's little to no romance/shipping in the TMNT franchise?
  39. OT ep: Landlord of the Flies
  40. NEW TMNTgames from Activision????
  41. How Far Below in the Earth's Core is the Technodrome during season 3 of the 1987 show
  42. All The TV Series',
  43. Ya Da Turtle
  44. What if the turtles were cockroaches?
  45. What if the turtles were silverfish?
  46. Shredder battle (not shredder wars)
  47. Teenage mutant hero turtles?
  48. TMNT brotherhood relationship you look forward to the most?
  49. What is your least favorite TMNT animated series?
  50. shirtPunch!
  51. Pulverizer VS Doomquest
  52. Technodrome Location
  53. How Many News Vans?
  54. TMNT Theme Song Slowed Down..
  55. TMNT/Koopa Troopa Teefury Shirt
  56. Idea for Universal Studios themepark attraction!
  57. Which Tmnt 1987 series dvds have slipcovers etc.?
  58. 1987 series returns to TV in Australia
  59. Why do you think the TMNT franchise had so few bombs?
  60. TMNT Tattoo half arm sleeve
  61. Awkward pictured thread
  62. The Potential of Tempestra
  63. Any NYC fans want to be interviewed for the doc?
  64. Which was Darker: 2K3 or Red Sky?
  65. Classic Ep Talkback: Son of Return of the Fly II
  66. Great ninja turtle trivia question
  67. Bye Bye Fly
  68. You think Krang is the real antagonist of the show?
  69. Did you like the episodic approach of the original toon?
  70. The dinosaurs in Season 6 evolved from the ones in Season 3?
  71. Why are the Turtles never shown unmasked on screen?
  72. wwe undertaker and shredder
  73. How much can those belts hold?
  74. Were the Transport Modules based on the Technodrome Drill Elevators?
  75. Slash VS Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  76. A Mystery From "Green With Jealousy"
  77. Who is your favorite Raphael voice actor of all time?
  78. TMNT '87 Easter Episode
  79. What is this? (Animation, artwork, cel)
  80. What is it about Turtle Tot Episodes that you either love/hate
  81. TMNT 87 season 7 complete season question.
  82. Official Reason for the Turtles' assigned Bandana Colors & Weapons?
  83. Chrome Dome VS E-123 Omega (Sonic)
  84. Question that interests me to ask about the OT
  85. Favorite Turtle superhero persona?
  86. Zombies and Turtles
  87. The soundtrack for Red Sky started in Season 7?
  88. What is your TMNT watching timeline?
  89. Is that sting ray mutant anywhere in the show?
  90. Some characters seem like they don't belong in the OT
  91. If you could be any character in the Fred Wolf cartoon...
  92. Does anyone else prefer the OT mutants over the 4kids/Nick ones?
  93. Favorite cockroach mutant in TMNT history?
  94. Krang's extensive backstory in the original series is explained through episodes
  95. Well-Written Kid Characters
  96. so...possible second Power Rangers crossover?
  97. TMNT In Power Rangers 20th Anniversary?
  98. Possible Casey Jones tee for 3/21
  99. The current Splinter from the Nick show is the best looking, imo.
  100. Another Cool TMNT Shirt on Teefury
  101. What's with Tempestra having her own theme music?
  102. Turtles vs Leatherhead this time for real ;)
  103. To Anyone Who Likes Venus: Why?
  104. Ninja Turtles in Korea! (Pictures!)
  105. Where do you guys go for TMNT artwork?
  106. Something I've always wondered about the Turtle vehicles...
  107. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Series DVD
  108. Don't you just love how clean sewer water is in the OT?
  109. "Shredder Triumphant" episode thread, Season 7 finale
  110. Oh, Vernon!
  111. How do you feel that the Turtles rarely jumped across rooftops in the old toon?
  112. Which is your favorite TMNT show SO FAR?
  113. The Peter Laird situation
  114. Slash VS Shadow VS Silver
  115. What if the TMNT Brotherhood premise was changed?
  116. Name some TMNT characters you never want to see again
  117. Power rangers and next mutation tmnt
  118. Have you ever met or heard about another couple named John & Marsha?
  119. Red Bandanas
  120. Darkest TMNT incarnation?
  121. Hamato Yoshi's Sensei?
  122. OT ep: Season 8 finale, "Turtle Trek" (Bebop/Rocksteady's finale)
  123. TMNT cosplyers at wondercon.
  124. Which TMNT Villain Are You Most Like?
  125. Favorite Incarnation of April
  126. Episodes where the Turtles are hunted by humans as fugitives
  127. Turtles alive and well in South Korea
  128. Classic Episode Talkback: Snakes Alive
  129. 1987 TMNT never before seen episodes and Blu Ray
  130. Favorite robot character in the TMNT universe?
  131. Anyone ship.TMNT characters with non-tmmt characters?
  132. Favorite Female TMNT Character
  133. Project: TMNT Essentials
  134. OT criticized too much for having stereotypical Turtles?
  135. What is April's nationality supposed to be?
  136. OT ep: The Sword of Yurikawa
  137. Teenage Normal Average Turtles
  138. Was every alien villain in the OT more competent than Krang and Shredder?
  139. Question on the Foot Mobile
  140. MARVEL City
  141. Cover, details for TMNT ADV. Vol. 5
  142. Classic Episode Talkback: Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter
  143. The designs on the first season
  144. Any place to watch all the Turtle Tip shorts?
  145. Looking for more information on this drawing.
  146. What was with the turtles voices???
  147. Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation revisited
  148. Note Worthy TMNT Music?
  149. Killer Pizza Renders/Scans/Screencaps?
  150. TMNT Children's Books
  151. What makes a TMNT villain more popular and memorable than others?
  152. TMNT Art School Statues
  153. It's all about perspective
  154. Pulverizer or Jar Jar Binks: who is more annoying
  155. Shredder Gets You Drunk! The Oroku Saki-Bomber
  156. Anyone remember that "love music" that plays sometimes in the OT?
  157. Could a person really live in the sewer?
  158. Would you like to see the Dragons return?
  159. The turtles transforming into monsters in the red sky era
  160. Were most of the female voices performed by 2 women
  161. Joe Pesci
  162. What if they were Cyber Turtles until the end?
  163. Anyone notice "the lost queen of atlantis" is a bit shaky?
  164. I think the turtle should had love interest
  165. Have There Been TMNT Novels?
  166. Japanese spelling of TMNT?
  167. What if Red Sky...
  168. Have any of you become real life ninjas?
  169. What if TMNT was an Anime?
  170. Remember the Punk Frogs?
  171. Have you seen every episode of the original cartoon?
  172. Lionsgate Announces a 'Season 3: Complete Set'
  173. scientifically accurate ninja turtles
  174. NinjaTurtlesNetwork.com
  175. What happen between Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird?
  176. Were the Neutrinos only really in 5-6 episodes?
  177. Which TMNT opening theme song is your favorite?
  178. Were Bebop and Rocksteady named after songs?
  179. Who do like more?
  180. Favorite Ninja Turtles Voice Actors?
  181. Best Shredder Replacement villian
  182. A way to salvage Venus de Milo
  183. Ninja Turtles at the Louvre
  184. Are Karai and Krang new ever-present figures in TMNT?
  185. Lego Technodrome
  186. Did Townsend Coleman really regret voicing Krang?
  187. Anyone going to the Phoneix Comicon this weekend?
  188. Humans who actually like being mutants in the franchise?
  189. Passed on to the next generation
  190. PIZZA food recipes only
  191. Introduction
  192. Classic vs 2003 TMNT youtube reviews
  193. 1987 tmnt edited on film?
  194. They need a holographic cloaking device
  195. turtle costumes
  196. Awesome TMNT Posters
  197. Going to be in/around the Pittsburgh, PA area on the 5/31?
  198. What made the OT so popular during its run?
  199. Happy Turtle Day
  200. Turtles @ UMass Amherst
  201. Turtles cosplay
  202. OT ep: Your opinion on Gadgetman
  203. Band putting out TMNT themed album
  204. What will it take for the TMNT rogues gallery to be as good as Batman's or Spiderman?
  205. Disturbing Moments In TMNT Media (Various Spoilers)
  206. Is it time for the TMNT to update their look?
  207. Who is your favorite Turtle and why?
  208. Which TMNT had the best lair
  209. For fans of the cartoons/movies who don't read or follow the comics, why not?
  210. Who is your Favorite Shredders Henchman/men and why
  211. Was 1997-2001 the darkest time for the TMNT franchise?
  212. thoughts on lord dregg
  213. What is Titanus?
  214. White Lotus or 2003 Karai or 2012 Karai
  215. TMNT Seasons 2 and 3 on Itunes
  216. Which moments did the OT subtly deal/discuss about ACTUAL death?
  217. rob paulsens live 80s tmnt talkin toons podcast
  218. Who is the worse character? Spiderbites vs Garbageman vs Mad Dog McMutt
  219. What are your favorite significant character developments for each Turtle?
  220. Favorite parody shirts?
  221. What would the OT have been like if it was more plot-driven?
  222. my TMNT pet.
  223. TMNT fans born in '86
  224. more than one 80's version?
  225. TMNT characters you would love to see again, but most likely won't?
  226. Which TMNT Animated Series is your Favorite?
  227. Your weapon of choice
  228. What if Hamato Yoshi had a scorned ex-lover in a reinterpretation?
  229. Turtle Team-ups
  230. Does Krang use his thoughts to control his robot body?
  231. If Power Rangers never came to the U.S., would TMNT have lasted longer?
  232. why do you think TMNT became a cult phenomenon?
  233. Choose a director to make a TMNT movie.
  234. Keno aka Ernie Reyes Jr meet and greet
  235. Why did the OT air some episodes out-of-order?
  236. TMNT 1990 music
  237. Carter, the forgotten sidekick
  238. I hate it when the turtles and people actually refer to them as TMNT
  239. Heat Seeking Turtle Cycles?
  240. Help with TMNT quote, ideas please.
  241. Did anyone save.... Ninjaturtlesnetwork.com
  242. Which do you prefer
  243. Which was your preferred Turtle romance?
  244. How many times have the turtles died? and Which turtle would die first?
  245. Do you think the next turtle crossover should be at least 8 episodes
  246. What's Your Stance On Other Mutants
  247. The 'you learn something new everyday' thread
  248. TMNT-OT Season 3 is at Wal-Mart
  249. OT "Fight" Theme Song
  250. TMNT t-shirt with some Mutanimals