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  1. Fred Wolf tmnt and # of comics out at the time.
  2. Vacation TMNT
  3. How long have you followed the TMNT franchise?
  4. lyrics to pirate radio
  5. Anyone notice similiarites between 87 TMNT and Power Rangers Ninja Storm?
  6. Anyone thinks the remakes are as good as other 80s toon revivals?
  7. Fred Wolf's take on the turtles.
  8. Are the turtles naturally stronger and durable than normal humans
  9. You think 4Kids should have bought the rights to the anime?
  10. Why does almost everybody have a notion that dark = better
  11. Most Overrated TMNT Character?
  12. Who owns the 1987 series and a few other misc. questions
  13. How is that Leonardo manage to not kill anybody?
  14. What do you predict the next Lionsgate DVD release will be?
  15. Who would win at Chess? Leonardo or Donatello?
  16. Old characters making a comeback in IDW/Nick now that PL is gone
  17. Anyone here reporting from the turtles panel at comic con?
  18. A 5th Turtle!?
  19. You think Lord Dregg is the turtles' most dangerous foe?
  20. Which shredder was the most incompentent at being a boss
  21. How come the turtles don't suffer health problems?
  22. Leonardo The Main Character?
  23. Was the OT theme song ever released on CD etc.?
  24. Do you think we will see the REAL OT turtles in the 2012 toon?
  25. Baxter Stockman The Fly
  26. What is Peter and Kevins relationship these days?
  27. Fugitoid and Triceratons
  28. TMNT Seasons 4 & 5 on iTunes, but...
  29. Judging GFs on a NT scale????
  30. What sort of fears do the turtles have?
  31. Does anybody else hate it when TMNT mention honor
  32. What stuff in The TMNT universe have you called BS on?
  33. What was your first impression for each show design?
  34. The Tempestra episode raises some questions
  35. Have the '87 turtles ever eaten anything other than pizza?
  36. Out of curiosity...
  37. Conan O' Brien is Mikey?!
  38. Anime, Turtles Forever Continuity
  39. Will April/Casey's daughter ever appear in another TMNT universe?
  40. Does anyone hate it when the turtles Look exactly the same
  41. Why does everybody think that OT Casey is more badass then 2k3 Casey
  42. Shredder & Splintered Episode Title Error??
  43. Mirage influences in Fred Wolf
  44. 1987 TMNT meet Star Wars!
  45. Has anyone drawn Irma without her glasses?
  46. The Power Con (Sept. 14 & 15th)
  47. 2k3 raph vs 2k12 Raph
  48. I wonder how many kids were confused about Anthrax and Scumbug?
  49. Where do you get your TMNT news?
  50. I love the guy who voiced the 80's Splinter in TF
  51. Soundtrack Remastering?
  52. Silly TMNT Edits
  53. Which one do you prefer as the better fighter Raph or Leo
  54. Furnished House Comes With Ninja Turtles Goldmine & Other Stuff
  55. which incarnation of the turtles were the best fighters?
  56. TMNT Original Cartoon DVDs - what do you want next?
  57. Unusual movie poster from first movie
  58. Do you think you'll still be a fan of the franchise when you're old?
  59. TMNT shirts 80s tees etc
  60. General Traag
  61. 2003 Mikey V.S 2012 Mikey: Which do you like better?
  62. Funny OT voice
  63. Baxter in OT... the lesser of two evils?
  64. Plan 6 From Outer Space (S04 E01)
  65. Turtle Van DVD Listing Error?
  66. European Vacation Side Season re-ordering
  67. 1990 Movie Photo On "38 Most Unexplainable Images On The Web" list on So Bad So Good
  68. Pros and cons of the original series
  69. Why was it always "another dimension?"
  70. Was David Wise the only OT writer who tried to build a canon universe?
  71. What does Earth look like in Dimension X?
  72. The Third Great TMNT Renaissance
  73. Which TMNT animated series is your favorite?
  74. Thoughts on Fred Wolf's version of the Rat King?
  75. 2003 Utroms vs. 2012 Kraang
  76. Have you guys seen this? Cool but sad
  77. Which TMNT incarnation has your favourite theme song?
  78. Who had the better fight scenes, 2k3 vs 2k12
  79. Would You Like to See Direct to DVD/Animated Films...
  80. Why do a lot of mutant villains always come in pairs?
  81. Channel 6 staffpeople
  82. Teenage mutant ninja turtles complete series repackage
  83. Phelous Top 40 Dumbest TMNT Moments and More
  84. Why frogs?
  85. What animals haven't been turned to mutants yet?
  86. How did Mona Lisa become so popular?
  87. TMNT Nicknames
  88. Michaelangelo not being the forced comedy relief in the OT, sharing it with Raphael
  89. Renaissance Artist Names for other mutants
  90. Why the change in art style in City Fall?
  91. The Shredder
  92. How tall do you like your turtles
  93. Who else like 2k3 and 2k12 turtle shows equally
  94. Say Something Nice About Next Mutation
  95. How do you feel about the turtles wearing clothing, armor, or accessories
  96. What personalities did turtles had before the popularity of Fred Wolf OT
  97. Why did Mikey become "the funny one"?
  98. Why are Bebop and Rocksteady so popular?
  99. Mutants as Monsters
  100. Do you want to see the iron fists in other incarnations
  101. Which character is (are) the most evil (in each incarnation)?
  102. Best and worst Turtle weapons?
  103. Sweden references in TMNT
  104. Purple Dragons rival gangs
  105. What Are The Most Memorable TMNT Episodes To You (From Your Youth)?
  106. Why did the Roadkill Rodney's never return?
  107. Kevin Eastman will attend pax and will show his new Strife comic
  108. Ace Duck question
  109. TMNT action figure photos
  110. tmnt; adaptations and the source material
  111. Who Has Awesome Images of Armaggon?
  112. You people take this show way too seriously. *CONTROVERSIAL*
  113. what episode had Burne and i think Vernon being tickled with feathers?
  114. Favorite Fred Wolf Writer.
  115. Is it time for a gay Ninja Turtle?
  116. DVD Slipcover hunt...
  117. What is it that makes the Turtles work?
  118. Why 50 Foot Irma?
  119. Playmates Toys is going Power-Con!!!!
  120. Favorite Season Finale from Season 1
  121. Perfect song for Shredderville
  122. Anyone have any good Krang quotes?
  123. Miscolored Raphael in OT Ep. "The Case of the Killer Pizzas"
  124. Was there anything from the 87 toon Laird liked?
  125. Krang "borrowed" from Doctor Who?
  126. Fan-Trailer Clips
  127. Krang versus Shredder
  128. TMNT reshelled
  129. Which Shredder do you think is the most evil?
  130. Suprisingly Good Deals on Great TMNT Stuff- at WalMart?
  131. Ninja turtles being 'ninjas'
  132. new tmnt game on xbox cant spell!
  133. Should Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady have been given a better episode?
  134. Which Turtle can best, and least, tolerate loneliness?
  135. Rob Paulsen at Dragon*Con 2013
  136. What is a better show, Nick TMNT or Duck Dynasty?
  137. 1987 TMNT on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video
  138. The Turtles Multiverse
  139. Am I the only one who thinks these were two of the worst episodes of the OT?
  140. When did Leo and Raph become BFF?
  141. Favorite Character of each Incarnation
  142. Meet Raphael at Tate's Comics in South Florida
  143. ** 35 Days of Kevin Eastman **
  144. Would Krang ever find a girl?
  145. Does anyone know what this is ? UK DVD release
  146. Rank each season of Original Series.
  147. Cam Clarke's (OT Leonardo VA) funny interview about the new Nick Turtles
  148. 80's cartoon cliche's that the original series never did?
  149. Does anyone know...
  150. Facts Con Ghent, Belgium
  151. You know what? I think 2012 Nick Mikey looks a lot like...
  152. April O'Neil another plain jane?
  153. When was the Technodrome the most severely damaged?
  154. Which Hand?
  155. Second Generation Turtle fans?
  156. Was Karai a worthy successor to Shredder?
  157. Top 10 Villains (excluding Shredder, Kraang, Foot)
  158. LOL,pretty cool parody
  159. LOL,pretty cool parody
  160. Why no OT section?
  161. New TMNT Shirt At Target
  162. Did OT Raph's sarcasm stick with later incarnations?
  163. Saddest TMNT moments?
  164. The Most Important TMNT Heroes/Good Guys
  165. Am I the only one who is annoyed by the lack of beaks/snouts on the newer turtles?
  166. 1989 Animation Magazine article on the fledging TMNT craze
  167. Anyone gone to see the Coming Out of Our Shells live?
  168. Channel 6 map
  169. TeeFury Typographic TMNT Shirt plus Contest
  170. Pumpkin Carving
  171. Does anyone else think the Turtle Blimp was their best vehicle?
  172. Pinky McFingers/"Pickles Preston gang"
  173. Halloween Costumes
  174. I'm Gonna Meet Kevin Eastman Next Year!
  175. Did anyone here catch the first broadcast of season 1?
  176. TMNT voice cast panel (from Power Con)
  177. Ninja Turtles invading UK waterways?!
  178. UK fans: Did BBC1 broadcast "How It All Began" as the premiere?
  179. tmnt out of their shells preview tape funniest tmnt ever
  180. Good Episodes Marred By Replacement Voices.
  181. What's your opinion on mutant outbreak stories?
  182. TMNT History Book coming summer 2014
  183. OT 80's aside, preference: 4kids 2k3 or Nick 2012?
  184. Differences between Kevin and Peter
  185. Continuity in the European Vacation arc.
  186. Image Section
  187. Constant TMNT rep
  188. Blast from the Past(OT) VS Reflections(2k3) +Would you like a recap episode for Nick?
  189. Pupils or no pupils?
  190. DVD issues
  191. Good Episodes Marred by Glaring Animation Errors
  192. Vote TMNT into the Toy Hall of Fame
  193. the ot tmnt on blu ray in europe
  194. worst tmnt ever
  195. Favorite Iteration of TMNT, All-Time?
  196. TMNT first movie parody
  197. A fan base more divided than Ninja Turtle fans?
  198. Alpha I vs. Turtles Forever Upgraded Foot Soldiers
  199. The turtles skin tones??
  200. What do you think Shredder's father would have been like in the original cartoon?
  201. OT's NYC building architecture/layouts subtly constant throughout the series?
  202. What if the OT was more like Season 1?
  203. PICS!!! from tonights photoshoot BAD@SS
  204. Shredder Triumphant! issue
  205. Planet of the Turtleoids Question
  206. Why were robots always weak against water in the OT?
  207. Why wasn't Karai in the 80 series?
  208. Why should the TMNT act like normal human teenagers?
  209. TMNT Tatoo
  210. Deep down, do you think Shredder and Krang cared for Bebop and Rocksteady?
  211. Should the concept of a fifth Turtle be instituted in newer TMNT adaptions?
  212. "Join the Foot"event in Brooklyn 11/21 MOVIE SCREENING+++
  213. TMNT dream job?
  214. Could The OT Be Brought Back?
  215. How will you celebrate the Turtle's 30th Anniversary next year?
  216. TMNT Pebble Watchface
  217. So apparently there are hundreds of TMNT characters according to Nick
  218. PL just posted another, "Ask PL" blog
  219. Did the Ninja Turtles get anyone else interested in Japan?
  220. TMNT DISCUSSIONs : Mona Lisa and April O Neil
  221. A List of Every Mad Scientist from the OT?
  222. Why isn't the original toon also seen as a 90's cartoon?
  223. The Most UnderRated TMNT Character: Venus
  224. Jared's Epic Party - Dallas 2/22/14
  225. Absent Ninja Turtle(s)
  226. What's Next After Shredder?
  227. Casey Jones
  228. YAY!!! I just won a figure from the NYCC Twitter Contest!!!!
  229. How would you deal with character redundancy in TMNT?
  230. Which are the best episodes from the original TMNT series?
  231. If TMNT Characters were Pokemon, what types would they be?
  232. TMNT at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
  233. So did anybody get any TMNT related stuff today?
  234. Best incarnation of Slash in the TMNT universe?
  235. Best Rahzar design in the TMNT universe?
  236. How old are you? What's the average age of the Technodrome Member?
  237. Did anyone else find Bugman to be the most likeable "TMNT superhero?"
  238. Were Slash and Tokka originally intended to be the same character in concept?
  239. List of TMNT Classic Characters
  240. The Turtle Lair Podcast
  241. List of Ninja Turtles - The Next Mutation Characters
  242. Michelangelo's voices all based on the original?
  243. TMNT Clothing (Mirage Influence/Style)
  244. Would anyone else like Leatherhead to return to his villain roots?
  245. How much medical knowledge does Donatello have?
  246. List of Mutant Turtles Gaiden (Dengeki Comics) Characters
  247. List of Super Turtles/Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen Characters
  248. Ninja Turtles Podcast-Heroes in a Half-Cast
  249. we wish you a turtle christmas vs christmas aliens
  250. If Kevin Eastman were to buy the series...