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  1. Where do the Punk Frogs stand with the TMNT fandom?
  2. Crazy Custom $1200+ TMNT NES on Ebay
  3. Characters Who You're Amazed Have Only Featured in One Version
  4. Merry Christmas!
  5. How would the OT be different if April was a cop instead of a reporter?
  6. tmnt pilot preview?
  7. Quick Question..
  8. Wait... the TMNT met the Power Rangers?!?!
  9. Expectations for TMNT Franchise In 2014
  10. James Avery has passed away
  11. Favorite James Avery Shredder moments?
  12. Something that's always bothered me about the first episode
  13. What's your favorite incarnation of The Foot?
  14. Quick Next Mutation Question...
  15. All 1987 TMNT episodes on Amazon Instant Video
  16. RIP TMNT VHS cover illustrator Greg Martin
  17. Crossovers that would actually make sense
  18. Teenage mutant ninja turtles season 3 dvd
  19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Series DVD's
  20. Which parts of the various TMNT series are "illustrated radio"?
  21. Ninja Turtles; The next mutation, thoughts on possible ending?
  22. TMNT World Record Attempt + TMNT Convention in Michigan
  23. How could tmnt crossovers been done better?
  24. Which version of shredder was/is your favorite?
  25. Other fictional ninja TMNT could team with?
  26. How to handle the other mutant turtles?
  27. If there was a 'Turtles 'avengers' team, who would be on it?
  28. need help finding this print!!!
  29. re:hi,did the quarry figures have a short run??
  30. How do you feel about how the characters were displayed?
  31. What was the point of the vacation episodes?
  32. Turtles and Splinter's Theology?
  33. PL just turned 60, go wish him happy birthday
  34. Two Group W Productions ads promoting Seasons 3 and 8
  35. Top 30 For 30
  36. Bebop's Mohawk/Ponytail in season 1
  37. What took them so long to make some one like Karai and why add her now of all times?
  38. Some questions about Technodrome features
  39. tokka and rahzar
  40. Lotus vs Karai the debate
  41. The TMNT Podcast!
  42. original ninja turtle movie at midnight in chicago
  43. Casey's and Raphael's first meeting
  44. the next mutation in two vol on dvd
  45. Pretty awesome Valentine's gift
  46. A really off-the-wall question....
  47. Why does Donatello does machines?
  48. NEW - Vanilla Ice Commercial feating TMNT... Kraft Macaroni
  49. The last battle
  50. Hypothetically, TMNT set in Chicago
  51. For those in NC or nearby states, GREAT NEWS!
  52. your favorite line ever you remember as a kid
  53. How will you enjoy the 30th anniversary
  54. Best Of DVD's in the UK (May 2014)
  55. The Murakami in Murakami-Wolf-Swenson has passed away
  56. My sis made me a hat HEHEHE
  57. Need help finding a picture
  58. Positive Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation talkback thread
  59. Obscure TMNT Media Thread
  60. If you had to spend a day with one of the turtles who would it be
  61. Should Viacom produce a series of TMNT animated movies that adapt the comics?
  62. Turtles Playing Turtles!?!?!
  63. Teenage mutant ninja turtles season 1 dvd
  64. teenage mutant ninja turtles original series remastered
  65. So what does a REAL New York City sewer look like, anyway?
  66. Favorite Shredder design?
  67. Dover, New Hampshire house
  68. What's the WORST TMNT theme song?
  69. What's your favorite part(s) of TMNT?
  70. Raise Some Shell: a book about the TMNT
  71. Fresno Grizzlies to host "TMNT Night" in 2014
  72. Meeting Super Shredder
  73. So, Miley Cyrus is now all 4 TMNT?
  74. Which Turtle Are you? Buzzfeed Quiz
  75. 80's Cartoon Nonfans
  76. what happened to the documentary?
  77. Pizza Time!
  78. Turtles Forever: a direct insult to the old 1987 cartoon?
  79. Lean, Mean, In-between?
  80. Attention new england: Eastman, laird, and mirage - jetpack comics, dover nh
  81. trailer leaked?
  82. Are the Turtles real "ninja"?
  83. Favorite 80's Michaelangleo expression/catch phrase?
  84. The Best TMNT Character EVER!
  85. thoughts on tmnt movie 1 and why we are obsessed wth it?
  86. TMNT and Hit Girl
  87. What would the Heartless of TMNT characters be like?
  88. TMNT metabolism
  89. Someone selling Coming out of their Shells Leonardo Head up on ebay check it out.
  90. New book on the cultural significance of TMNT
  91. Which ones would you choose...
  92. Does Michelangelo Get Dumber and Dumber Each Major Incarnation?
  93. TMNT Party Wagon as a Transformer
  94. Question about Krang
  95. Who is the best fighter between Raph and Leo?
  96. Why is Raph so angry?
  97. Least Favorite Turtle?
  98. Turtle Quiz
  99. Not sure if this is where this belongs on the forums but on TV tonight...
  100. Does anyone else say...
  101. Donatello does game shows!
  102. Pete and Kevin public appearance.
  103. If there could be only one...
  104. The Next Mutation Thread
  105. TMNT at Emerald City Comic Con
  106. What if April stays as a teenager
  107. TMNT CG Pilot
  108. Do you like all 3 TMNT cartoons, 2 of the 3, one, or none of them?
  109. If you found out the turtles themselves were real...
  110. The original series is on itunes, why is it not also on Netflix?
  111. Shredder died
  112. Made / Remixed My Own TMNT Trailer...
  113. original toon on blu-ray
  114. Ninja Turtle Kids?
  115. Who Can Identify These Non TMNT Figures??
  116. Why do you like the TMNT?
  117. Your favorite Karai
  118. You're Favorite Version of the turtles?
  119. Fluctuation in OT episode numbers
  120. Has April and Casey relationship became flawless in current interpretations?
  121. TMNT OT Bebop & Rocksteady, Good Guys?
  122. Non-music edits to the Next Mutation DVDs from Shout!
  123. Age Survey for TMNT paper (please help)
  124. Ninja Turtles Expo at SF Cartoon Art Museum
  125. TMNT at WonderCon 2014?
  126. TMNT Incarnation with the Best Portrayal of Women/Female Characters?
  127. What If Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge had a TMNT Inspired Episode?
  128. Rob Paulsen Interview/Mondo Gecko Voicing Campaign
  129. When did TMNT hit its peak? or has it not happened yet?
  130. Dog characters in TMNT universe
  131. Amazing vid of guys sparring with the turtles' weapons
  132. TMNT Logic
  133. Is Ace Duck one of the most hated TMNT characters by people who work in the industry?
  134. Turtles Singing OT Theme Song
  135. Top 5 TMNT Villians
  136. Happy 30th Anniversary TMNT !
  137. Does Kronos remind anyone else of the riddler?
  138. Celebrating the 30th anniversary
  139. Turtles Forever Question
  140. What incarnation had the best time travel?
  141. New animals for mutations
  142. What if One Turtle had to be sold?
  143. Armoured Savagery shirt at Qwertee.com
  144. Next Mutation Vol. 2 DVD question
  145. What is this artwork from??
  146. No turtle / human mating
  147. What villains have been in every iteration?
  148. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Slow Jam
  149. TMNT meet Oprah
  150. Music that makes you think on ninja turtles?
  151. TMNT characters that were only in one incarnation
  152. Does Eastman and/or Laird visit here?
  153. Should Splinter die?
  154. Rat King Question.....
  155. What if Shredder got replaced with a new villain?
  156. Leonardo is Mr. Bogus!
  157. Original Turtles Team Up for 10 Best 'Cowabunga Classics'
  158. Interview with Voice Actor Greg Berg
  159. What happened to Hamato Yoshi?
  160. Which version of a character trumps?
  161. Was Fred Wolf Leonardo insecure?
  162. OT Animation Quality
  163. Weird TMNT stories
  164. krang mannnn video
  165. What species of turtle would you choose to depict the ninja turtles as?
  166. Which series did Shredder the most Justice?
  167. What are some examples of Krang doing something very stupid?
  168. Krang was Baloo's mechanic in Disney's Talespin!
  169. did the ot ever use the turtles shortened names? raph/leo/don/mike/donny/mikey
  170. TMNT: The Ultimate Visual History
  171. Dallas Comic-Con Ninja Rap
  172. Sometimes I want turtles other than Donatello to have more specific skills
  173. Posters on the wall of OT Lair?
  174. How do you want Shredder?
  175. Cartoon Art Museum Reception and Book Launch
  176. The same episode name used in more than one TMNT Cartoon
  177. the "teenage" in Ninja Turtles
  178. Toxie Ripoff from the OT?
  179. Video of the TMNT 30th Anniversary Panel from Indy Pop Con 2014
  180. cartoon exhibit tmnt in cali is anyone going or been there yet
  181. Could a b&w Mirage-styled TMNT Netflix show work?
  182. first night foot fight
  183. Favorite Design Of TMNT
  184. Summer of Shell at Nick Hotel in Orlando, FL.
  185. For UK fans, I Love 1988 on BBC 2 tonight
  186. Need tattoo pic help
  187. anyone get photos videos or blogs from last night
  188. What Characters Do You Want To Meet Each Other?
  189. the book is the greatest book ever
  190. why couldn't they have kept the original animation
  191. Favorite TMNT Design 2.0
  192. who won a free prize for the movie with crush
  193. UK DVD's
  194. TMNT 30th Anniversary Panel to be at SDCC 2014
  195. Which Type of Turtles Story Do You Prefer?
  196. Lionsgate rereleasing complete series set
  197. Iconic TMNT logo for tattoo - help
  198. KEvin Eastman HeroesCon panel 6/22/2014. Origin of Ice Cream Kitty!
  199. Saki 咲希
  200. Trying to compile a list..
  201. Is there a good site for TMNT costume building?
  202. Has anyone ever told you you're too old to like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  203. Tmnt anime info?
  204. Do you think its interesting that TMNT has been in all types of media?
  205. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV": the NT:TNM re-edit
  206. Is the Teenage in the title holding the Turtle back in non comic versions?
  207. If Tone Had NOT Changed Would Fandom Be What It Is Today?
  208. If TMNT never existed, what would be your #1 fandom?
  209. 4 Year Old Kid kicked out of restaurant for wearing TMNT shirt!
  210. How much can a character be altered and still be the same character?
  211. Peter Laird LIKES The Coming Out of Their Shells Tour?!
  212. Sewer Sirens Podcast
  213. What was your favorite TMNT incarnation as a Kid?
  214. What’s with the lame Rocksteady and Bebop designs?
  215. As a TMNT fan do you feel compelled to try out and experience every series?
  216. Where do the nearest turtles live from your home?
  217. Heroes Con 2014
  218. Fred Wolf Cartoon: Seasons 1-7 vs Seasons 8-10 (Red Sky)
  219. London Film and Comic Con
  220. Black April
  221. My interview with Kevin Eastman
  222. Disembodied brain Krang or Utrom Krang?
  223. The Why of the Weapons
  224. Reddit tmnt gift exchange
  225. Has anyone collected any of the OT on laser disc?
  226. judas priest ninja turtles teamup
  227. Artists vs Turtles. Epic Rap Battles of History
  228. 30th Ann: Should There Be More?
  229. You might be obsessed with the TMNT if...
  230. So the user Mortu was 4kids writer Lloyd Goldfine back in 2003
  231. Favorite TMNT Charecter WEEK 1(Villians)
  232. If you're in or near Philadelphia you should come to this TONIGHT!
  233. If you were above the age of the target audience when you first saw it...
  234. TMNT Animated Atrocities
  235. I can't post in buy and sell
  236. If you could create your own incarnation of the TMNT
  237. TMNT Tattoo idea ?
  238. power rangers ninja turtles stop motion
  239. Casey Jones in Super Power Beat Down
  240. Mirage Turtle personalities compared to the other mediums?
  241. The 1st ever TMNT Drawing to go on Sale for 2 million
  242. 1990 movie music video question
  243. What's The Surprise?
  244. Everything Wrong with Everything Wrong With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990
  245. 30th anniversary buddy chat?
  246. So is this a Complete Series Set?
  247. Favorite TMNT Charecter WEEK 2(Allies)
  248. Guest Characters
  249. Noticing a formulaic pattern in the OT which is quite annoying
  250. Favorite alien race in TMNT history?