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  1. Need help finding brother/team work scenes
  2. TMNT on The View
  3. Songs that fit the characters.
  4. anyone in IL area? TMNT NIGHT THIS WED!
  5. successful Spin-Offs?
  6. Most Obscure TMNT Character Ever?
  7. This conspiracy theorist may have actually had a point about the OT
  8. Who wants a new hoodie??
  9. Anyone ever made a TMNT character in a class..
  10. Did You Know Voice Acting? TMNT
  11. Ninja Turtles couple gets engaged
  12. Does anyone really know the name of Krang's android body from the 80's TMNT cartoon?
  13. Turns Out David Wise Created the TMNT
  14. this is just weird
  15. Should Mikey be voiced by a woman?
  16. Vote for your favorite Turtle at IGN
  17. EW runs article trashing the franchise; gets ripped by every commenter
  18. Your honest opinion of the 1987 cartoon - Then and Now
  19. Of all the various incarnations, which is the most Teenage? Mutant? Ninja? Turtles?
  20. Best second in command of the Foot
  21. Top 10 Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episodes
  22. Grey Morality / Indifference to Laws in TMNT
  23. Favorite TMNT Charecter WEEK 3(Ninja Turtles))
  24. Eye of Sarnath (VHS
  25. 80's Intro Remade For The 21st Century
  26. Favorite TMNT Songs?
  27. Favourite Evil Mutant?
  28. Kevin Eastman is going to give an AMA on Reddit today.
  29. New Web Series featuring April and Master Splinter
  30. Usagi Yojimbo Short Film
  31. Casey Jones Movie
  32. The turtles weapons
  33. OT scripts?
  34. Starburst
  35. New Kevin Eastman interview
  36. Ultimate Visual History
  37. The Turtles' Tastes and Opinions?
  38. Favorite Arc
  39. My Brand Electric Zombie, releases TMNT inspired line
  40. You can have one of the turtles try to protect you while....
  41. TMNT Antagonists - Personal History or Out of Their League?
  42. "The turtles had no individual personalities before the cartoon"
  43. Bebop And Rocksteady
  44. The Final Week(who is the most popular charecter on the drome)
  45. dvd releases?
  46. Where did Shredder meet Krang?
  47. What is Earth's dimension called?
  48. If YOU had a Techodrome
  49. Boy’s benefit aims to break TMNT world record
  50. Is pure human April falling out of favor?
  51. Episode/Movie/Comics Gripes
  52. Influences the 1987 Toon adopted from Star Wars?
  53. I guess I'm not much of a TMNT fan since
  54. Pizza obsession?
  55. turtles forever
  56. Am I the only one who doesn't love the classic show
  57. Who would win in chess, Leo or Donny?
  58. Enduring Uncoolness?
  59. TMNT vs........ (Fantasy Match Ups)
  60. Are you a bigger TMNT fan now, than when you were a kid?
  61. Is there a webpage or site that can tell me all the upcoming figures/statues etc?
  62. Neca real or fake
  63. Today's xkcd...
  64. Multicolored masks and heroic ninjas? HA!
  65. The old NinjaTurtles.com Website
  66. What kung fu movies influenced the TMNT?
  67. Have you ever disliked any of the turtles for a brief or prolonged period of time?
  68. Do you think that the episodic nature of OT is a small part of what makes it popular?
  69. OT Continuity errors?
  70. Your Interests Before And After TMNT
  71. Former wwe superstar playing Casey Jones in Casey Vs Kick Ass by BatInTheSun.
  72. Cowabunga Classic DVD to be released in the UK
  73. DVD versions of Season 1?
  74. C4-Central Coast Comic Con
  75. Cartoon Art Museum
  76. Which April is best? Scientist or Reporter?
  77. Why are the turtles so important to us? How have they managed to turn our heads?
  78. No Ninja Turtle Dies is a TMNT theme game...
  79. Do you use TMNT as a source of inspiration?
  80. Bebop vs Rocksteady
  81. Generational gaps
  82. TMNT Screen Captions
  83. Turtle Van at Ventura Comic Con
  84. Other places where the Technodrome could have ended: the key of the ot survival?
  85. Possible rejected OT episode
  86. Things some version of TMNT reminds you of that is not TMNT
  87. COoTS Leo?
  88. Electric Villains
  89. Is it Donnie or Donny?
  90. Are the Turtles improperly designed?
  91. CG 3D TMNT OT intro remake
  92. OT Season 7 phasing out characters
  93. Reincarnation and origin of TMNT souls
  94. Why is that we don't have a lot of character driven TMNT?
  95. Why does David Wise lie?
  96. What a Surprise!!!
  97. TMNT Music
  98. Raphael's attitude
  99. Help with Season 5
  100. Which animation errors in the 80s show bother you the most?
  101. UK DVD's
  102. Next Mutation DVD
  103. Do you want more out of TMNT animated?
  104. ninja turtle rober
  105. Coming Out of Our Shells now on iTunes
  106. Who is really the one who has the Hots for April?
  107. Any Raphael fans who dislike Casey Jones? Or their friendship?
  108. Notable References made throughout Turtles History
  109. How would your life be different if the TMNT had never been created?
  110. If one of the turtles had to die in each iteration, which would you choose?
  111. Artist spotlight
  112. Why are so many women into the turtles
  113. Who do you consider the breakout characters of each series?
  114. Halloween Turtles
  115. dominos dollar pizza tmnt chicago
  116. TMNT A Contender In Radio Times "Best Kids TV Show" Poll
  117. 'Coming Out of Our Shells' soundtrack available digitally
  118. 1988 Model sheets!
  119. TMNT Hypothetical Stats
  120. Oh no, how clumsy...you went and got mutated
  121. Who knows Japanese kanji?
  122. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
  123. TMNT Classic cartoon bluray
  124. OT episodes with good characterization
  125. TMNT pumpkins!!!!!!!!!
  126. Were the production errors actually accceptable?
  127. Super Hero Hype Removed TMNT threads.
  128. Kevin Eastman on Comic Book Men
  129. Who created which characters?
  130. TMNT Smash-Up Soundtrack
  131. Usagi Yojimbo stage play
  132. The most iconic version in the future?
  133. I don't get "The Missing Map" episode
  134. Are the Turtles named improperly?
  135. Art Theft Thread
  136. super funny moment in 50foot irma
  137. Rogues gallery
  138. Baxter's Mutation
  139. Kevin Eastman Will Be on Rob Paulsen's Talkin Toons next month
  140. Turtle T-Shirts
  141. tmnt nes workout and drive
  142. Which series had the best mutants?
  143. Why is "The Lost Queen of Atlantis" episode so shaky?
  144. Characters you are surprised are still being used
  145. Stan Sakai's wife has passed away...
  146. next mutation correct episode order
  147. Can someone list all of the Rat King's episodes from the OT?
  148. Darker aspects of TMNT
  149. So how much of TMNT does Viacom/Nickelodeon/Paramount actually have control over?
  150. If you were granted any Turtles-related wish...
  151. What's your opinion on the Next Mutation villains?
  152. Usagi Live
  153. Los Turtugas Ninjas (for the wrestling fans)
  154. Comic Cataloging
  155. Will this place see a huge influx of new posters...
  156. Need help for a TMNT tattoo
  157. Does it matter whether the turtles are brothers or not?
  158. We Wish You A Turtle Christmas DVD?
  159. Would the OT still have taken off if the turtles had different coloured bandanas?
  160. Which turtle is the most dispensable?
  161. home made tmnt jacket
  162. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Invade Famous Movie Posters"
  163. Who else is a fan of Next Mutation?
  164. Has the "it's for kids' mentality been holding TMNT back?
  165. Turtle Vs Cat
  166. If the TMNT franchise ever dies...
  167. Shredder vs Splinter
  168. If you had control over the TMNT franchise, what would you do with it?
  169. Do you think the character April is overhype by the franchise?
  170. When April does not need the turtles for a rescue.
  171. How much did a ticket cost to "Coming Out of Their Shells"?
  172. Shredder
  173. New Mutants You Want to See
  174. Incorporating Anime Turtles
  175. Injuries the Turtles had in each Incarnation
  176. Does the old toon episode Carter The Enforcer take place in 2015?
  177. People talk about characters which have been created & have gained iconic status, but
  178. The Nickelodeon cartoon compared to the IDW comics.
  179. The japanese TMNT anime!
  180. Ways to improve the Red Sky seasons?
  181. TMNT movie arm?
  182. tmnttoys.com still down
  183. Fact-Checking: TMNT 1987 Pilot?
  184. Best Version of Baxter Stockman?
  185. TMNT on Zero Issues Comic Podcast
  186. Most Important Supporting Characters
  187. Do you think the TMNT Nicktoon will spawn an animated movie?
  188. Does your favorite turtle match your personality?
  189. Who's your favorite villian and what does that say about you?
  190. Favorite TMNT vehicles you would love to drive / pilot IRL.
  191. What's the geekiest thing you've ever done as a TMNT fan?
  192. Next Mutation Storybooks
  193. Plotholes
  194. In the latter years, did the OT ever have its own official website?
  195. Are Your Children Captured by Ninja Turtles? Feb 1991
  196. How do you pronounce "Rahzar?"
  197. Scientists and patrons! Write your ideas of how mutagen should act.
  198. Who's in your Top 10 TMNT Villains
  199. Sac-Con 2015
  200. Am I the only one who does not like 80's Leo?
  201. Your favorite voice actor from the 1987
  202. Does anybody have any interviews with jennifer darling
  203. Anybody have any of the 1987 autographed pic of the voice cast
  204. Create your own mutant (animals)
  205. Pat Fraley: TMNT Voice God (Pat Fraley Appreciation Thread)
  206. Rate each animated version of Splinter in terms of fighting prowess
  207. Ain't it strange that there are three TV shows called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  208. Does anybody have any jennifer darling or pat fraley autos or cels collection pic
  209. If you made your TMNT series...?
  210. Is the OT over going to be remastered?
  211. So what was the Turtle Lair originally intended for?
  212. Did anyone like The Next Mutation?
  213. Science of TMNT
  214. So what's the big deal about not depicting Shredder as a normal human?
  215. Compromised Lairs
  216. Why did Shredder and Krang remain allies?
  217. How would you feel is the next TMNT .......
  218. Are the TMMT really superheroes?
  219. Guest Appearance on our TMNT Podcast
  220. What Turtle would you want to be with during the Apocalypse?
  221. Be a dollar store Foot Ninja!
  222. Has it ever been stated anywhere that Tang Shen is Chinese?
  223. Kids Choice Awards 2015
  224. The Best Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Episodes & Why
  225. TMNT: Next Mutation Season Two Ideas?
  226. Which was the worst of all? The Next Mutation, the 2014 movie, TMNT 3, or TMNT 2K7?
  227. online shop
  228. Bebop and Rocksteady Discussion Thread
  229. Could TMNT do a TV Drama?
  230. Future Adaptation idea: Mutanimals = Suicide Squad
  231. Usagi Yojimbo Discussion Thread.
  232. Are you bothered by those crazy fangirls/boys?
  233. Anyone else dislike the original turtle designs?
  234. 5 years after Viacom buys the turtles, thoughts?
  235. Seth Green Interview on Talkin Toons
  236. "Ralph"
  237. Reimagine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as drastically as you can.
  238. Krang before he turned into a brain?
  239. What if the Turtles had Japanese names instead of Italian names? Would it be popular?
  240. Looking for Spanish-speakers on the forum
  241. New TMNT Tattoo
  242. TMNT To Appear On Teen Titans Go!
  243. Do you prefer to not know who the voice actors are?
  244. Toonseum exhibit, should I go?
  245. How do you feel about Casey/April being depicted younger and younger?
  246. If you could make your own "Mutanimals" team
  247. Reimage Venus de Milo!
  248. Any First-Time Adult TMNT Fans?
  249. TMNT @ WonderCon 2015
  250. Favorite Version of Each Turtle?