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  1. Were the Turtles hidden from society or publicly known?
  2. So, I told my friend I loved TMNT...
  3. Interview with Voice Actor Pat Fraley
  4. Form Your Own Villain Team
  5. What if Ace Duck had his own episode in the original toon?
  6. What characters would have been like if they were in the Fred Wolf Cartoon
  7. Palblog's lack of activity
  8. The color of Splinter's kimono in the OT
  9. What's your age? Age survey of your average TMNT fan
  10. Are too many mutants a problem?
  11. Pictures of babies dressed as superheroes, including TMNT
  12. An orchestrated Ninja Turtles theme!!!
  13. Kevin Eastman At London Film And Comic Con
  14. why didnt francis moss and ted pedersen write more episodes
  15. Was this intentional?
  16. Rob Paulsen podcast 1 on 1 with Townsend Coleman
  17. What moments have made you laugh?
  18. Window Washers dressed up as the TMNT at a Children's Hospital
  19. Better Muckman episode: Muckman Messes Up vs. The Noxious Avenger
  20. Getting the 80's TMNT Soundtrack Released
  21. Is Playmates ruining the series?
  22. Kraang-April: Should we have seen it coming?
  23. Hurts my eyes....
  24. At what point did the Technodrome not seem like a threat anymore?
  25. Simpsons Episode Featuring TMNT
  26. Happy 31st anniversary TMNT!
  27. How would kids today feel about the 1987 cartoon?
  28. Let's throw in a fifth turtle... and make her a salamader! :)
  29. How do people display their old tmnt vhs tapes?
  30. can i ask for subtitle download here?
  31. which ninja tribunal is which turtle?
  32. Ever noticed something about the FW characters that have been brought back recently?
  33. Tumblr TMNT blogs
  34. Are there people who actually like Mung?
  35. a different take on Yoshi, Saki, and the TMNT...
  36. Did the Fred Wolf Turtles ever use the nicknames?
  37. Favorite Mondo Gecko design from 4 series?
  38. Why did Krang's body have a human skin tone?
  39. Does anyone hide their love for TMNT?
  40. So how old WAS Zach?
  41. Cute TMNT story
  42. Shredder T-Shirt
  43. Why would a reporter wear a jumpsuit?
  44. In-universe explanations for season 8-10
  45. Anyone who loved one turtle the first time you saw tmnt and?
  46. 5/16/2015 25th Anniversary since Jim Henson Passed
  47. What version did worse?
  48. Thoughts on a second chance for “the female ninja turtle”?
  49. LFCC comic guest. Any TMNT?
  50. Alternate Universes and Dimension X
  51. Krang Questions
  52. Your views on the co-creators
  53. Can the Super Turtles work as villains?
  54. Who owns the Technodrome in the original cartoon, Krang or Shredder?
  55. Red Sky Season: Good and bad
  56. Is Raph Really a Loner?
  57. If Krang and Shredder fought together.
  58. Was there any parts of the OT as well animated as the intro?
  59. Turtle Wedding
  60. Shouldn't Leonardo pair up with Mona Lisa?
  61. Kevin Eastman Interview from Comicpalooza 2015
  62. Which Version of Hun Do You Prefer?
  63. What if they crossed with the X-Men?
  64. garbage man and Muckman- natural enemies?
  65. Which episode was Winston Fripp's first appearance?
  66. similar characters in other cartoons
  67. Facebook Group - TMNT
  68. Krang's Origins And explanation of mine
  69. Who would win? Krang & Army vs Utroms?
  70. Characters that changed their appearance.
  71. Ernie Reyes Jr - Needs Kidney Transplant
  72. Is Nick Mikey really the dumbest of all Mikeys?
  73. Which version of turtle is better?
  74. Android body or bubble walker
  75. April should be with Casey? Or Donatello?
  76. Who would have thought?
  77. List your favorite incarnation characters
  78. Signatures from Eastman and Laird
  79. Carmelo Anthony partners with Nickelodeon for a line of TMNT Products
  80. Turtles Forever Questions
  81. Most well animated episodes
  82. Why do most people think Renet is a bimbo?
  83. Which plan is better? Shredder's or Krang's?
  84. Do Humans become Animals themselves after contact with Mutagen and Animals?
  85. Turtles Forever Turtle incarnations
  86. Heroes Con this weekend!
  87. Does each iteration have their own 80's dimension?
  88. Background Recognition
  89. List your LEAST favorite incarnation of each character
  90. TMNT tattoo!! but which scene??
  91. Chill Out Home Boy and episode 1 + music + theme song opening and growing pains
  92. # of times they hit each other
  93. why was bebop and idiot in metalhead and why they get screwed
  94. anyone shopping at kohls for fun for the 4th
  95. Saki, Yoshi, and Shen... the confusion of names
  96. Was the FW cartoon the least flawed of the three shows?
  97. Scariest/Grossest Mutant Designs
  98. how does krang himself become giant in "shredded and splinted"?
  99. Why does Krang need scientists?
  100. Turtles fighting bebop and rocksteady video i made
  101. funniest turtles thing ever is the out of their shells preview-
  102. what it out of their shells turtles were in tmnt 1
  103. Let the Hate Flow Through You...
  104. Death of Donatello gift I received
  105. the true meaning of skipping stones and petey renaday
  106. Disney/ Don Bluth quality animation?
  107. Do you think it's possible to have a dead Splinter ?in a TMNT show?
  108. Bring Back the Original Ninjaturtles website!
  109. Fans will get a kick out of this!
  110. Tmnt vs batman - who wins?
  111. Would the turtles still be as popular if they were females?
  112. Casey Jones' Personalities
  113. Cowabunga! TMNT book gets Harvey nomination!
  114. If rewritten and a different animal, could Venus be a better character?
  115. Why didnt episode 5 take place in the dark
  116. How old were you when each major series of TMNT came out?
  117. A somewhat weird request
  118. Interview with Bill Martin, Shredder's voice actor from Season 8-10
  119. Worst Version of Bebop and Rocksteady
  120. Replacement characters for April?
  121. How many times was an anti-mutagen invented?
  122. Former Pet Turtle Rediscovered 25 Years Later
  123. Is anyone else bothered by the Fred Wolf designs for the same reason as I am?
  124. TMNT has been parodied on Uncle Grandpa
  125. Could Viacom tell Playmates no?
  126. INFO on LITHO that was #/60???
  127. TMNT: Blood Brothers or Family by Adoption?
  128. What TMNT cartoon has the best filler?
  129. If you could bring an unused character from the toyline to a show...
  130. Should Krang have fought more often?
  131. Watching the Next Mutation for the first time
  132. Who would be the greatest allies to the Turtles?
  133. Why do you think Renet and Savanti Romero were never in the original cartoon?
  134. Shredder not being voiced by a Japanese actor in all 3 cartoons, thoughts?
  135. About Carter, the kid from seasons 9 and 10
  136. nicknamed splinter for "obvious reasons"?
  137. TMNT DVD Check List (all series)
  138. If you redesigned the Turtles, how would you want them to look?
  139. TMNT vs. Gargoyles
  140. If "Night of the Rogues" was done differently
  141. Just Krang questions
  142. Original theme MP3?
  143. My small rant
  144. Should Beserko have been the main villain in the Red Sky season?
  145. Which 1987 cartoon villain would you want to see as the main villain?
  146. TMNT vs Ninjago
  147. 1987 cartoon movie?
  148. Ninja turtles special VHS tapes
  149. I found pics from "Our Friend Power 5"
  150. Krang's robot body made out of Adamantium
  151. Krang's hypnotizing powers
  152. Why is 'Donatello Makes Time' not available on I-Tunes?
  153. If you made a tmnt toon, which voices would you have?
  154. A few questions for people who grew up with the Next Mutation
  155. What Would Happen After Divide And Conquer?
  156. Lord Dregg and O3 Shredder
  157. Does Dregg not get enough credit?
  158. Krang's body is "practically indestructible".
  159. Atlantis contradictions
  160. Would you like to see Raphael as the wise guy again in a future incarnation?
  161. A Shredder/Krang-like relationship in other cartoons?
  162. If the Red Sky style came first.
  163. Should there be an OST?
  164. Teenage Mutant... martial arts turtles?
  165. Krang vs. Lord Dregg
  166. Top 10 TMNT Allies
  167. Rank The Next Mutation Villians
  168. Dregg questions
  169. Did you make different kinds of pizza? :3
  170. Your view of a different interpretations
  171. Secrets of the Sewer: Indianapolis Children's Museum
  172. Michelangelo Alone
  173. Favorite Krang/Utrom Version?
  174. How Red Sky could have been improved.
  175. Steve Lavigne / Robbie Rist to appear at ChaseCon Upstate NY
  176. Are the Turtles super strong?
  177. A real life Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang crimewave
  178. Why did PL stop blogging?
  179. Silver Anniversary COOTS!
  180. 1990 Trailer/Fred Wolf TMNT VHS?
  181. Ninja Turtles in Animaniacs
  182. Turtle Power Documentary removed from Ultraviolet
  183. PA TMNT Fan group!
  184. Ninja Turtles are among finalists forToy Hall Of Fame
  185. Ninja Turtles Themed Dance on "Dancing With The Stars."
  186. UK TMNT Collectors Club
  187. Ace Duck
  188. I know this is an old subject but...
  189. OT TMNT DVD's: Episodes Out of Order
  190. Lord Dregg vs. 2003 Shredder
  191. The Mirage Turtles Are Better Fighters
  192. Should there be a Super Shredder?
  193. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/James Rolf & Doug Walker - Playlist
  194. So how do you feel that the IDW and Nick series hit TMNT milestones?
  195. Were there ever a series set in the future of TMNT...
  196. Ticket Premiere TMNT 1990 help
  197. How much of the series does Viacom own?
  198. Do you like "Turtles in Space" stories in the comics/cartoons?
  199. Movies equal Money
  200. It's been 20 years since Carter The Enforcer
  201. Time travel question
  202. Should we divide TMNT gens up like Pokemon gens?
  203. Are we ever going to get a TV show that isn't mainly a toy commercial?
  204. Target's "The Holiday Odyssey"
  205. What if Kevin and Peter wrote episode 6-193?
  206. April called Burne Thompson Glen?!
  207. Tmntpedia, Zera wasn't the only one...
  208. TMNT (87) dvd double features
  209. King Kong/Godzilla size problem?
  210. Shen/Yoshi/saki-what if no murder?
  211. Invader attacks NYC: Pizza Time!
  212. Gimmick Gangsters in the 80s Show.
  213. Shredder's Mutant Masher Ride
  214. "You were the one who tried to destroy Yoshi with that mutagen"
  215. Am I the only one who doesn't like it when the turtles meet dinosaurs in the cartoons
  216. You Peeps seen this yet?
  217. Hollywood Reporter interviews Rob Paulsen
  218. New Kevin Eastman Interview on Turtle Power Podcast
  219. Thoughts on Pete's Status/Hiatus
  220. Nostalgia Critic we wish you a turtle christmas
  221. How did Dregg survive?
  222. anyone have fun w/ the batman tmnt comic
  223. Could Dregg absorb the Turtles?
  224. Rank the smartest in the 1987 TMNT
  225. Technodrome vs. Doomquest.
  226. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles classic complete series collection
  227. The Toast and the TMNT
  228. Where is this animation-cel from?
  229. Do you think the TMNT franchise has deep lore?
  230. One of Townsend Coleman's lesser known projects
  231. The Wrath of Krang crossover
  232. When "fan" videos use the entire theme song
  233. Does Mikey really say "ingrates" in Season 1?
  234. Fred Wolf Debuts 28 years ago today
  235. better than the real christmas special
  236. 10th Anniversary! New TMNT autograph site is LIVE!
  237. How it all began
  238. Baxter Stockman As Shredder's Assistant
  239. Who won that fight in the 87 toon?
  240. What's up with boxart on some of the DVDs?
  241. Totally Tubular Tax Fraud
  242. Good music in the 1987 toon
  243. Worst Season of the FW TMNT Cartoon?
  244. Comic..
  245. what do you think is a "pizza hug"?
  246. looking for a ninja turtles book that came out in the 90s
  247. Enemies or allies?
  248. Netflix/Hulu
  249. Random cute TMNT story
  250. Why are the Turtles Teenagers?