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  1. Why are the Turtles Teenagers?
  2. Coping with the tough times - TMNT collecting downturn
  3. Things that happened in the franchise that surprised or shocked you
  4. Confused about Krang's Origin
  5. is there a ninja turtles podcast anywhere on itunes?
  6. mutating radical
  7. Who's your favourite Channel Six Member?
  8. theme song video 2nd edition
  9. howard cossell in mr nice guy episode
  10. What do you think Viacom will do with the TMNT franchise ...
  11. What made Baxter evil?
  12. Different kind of voice, same actor?
  13. If the OT had a Mutanimals team
  14. if george lucas owned the turtles
  15. what is the name of the kid who was the original owner of the turtles?
  16. Happy 62nd Birthday Peter Laird
  17. Mutagen Men...
  18. How would you make a good Master Splinter Story?
  19. is therere a youtube video of all master splintere sayings?
  20. what ot character would you haved liked to see in red sky episodes?
  21. Each Series' Contribution to TMNT as a Whole?
  22. Help with list of appearances by Baxter and Slash in OT
  23. What happened to the pizza?
  24. indaiana con.. panda parking and more
  25. How the 1987 TMNT could have ended
  26. If you created an anime of TMNT after 2012....?
  27. why didnt splinter have a mutation power or mikey get an upgrade and raph crankier
  28. casey jones, charles pennington and danny
  29. was tmnt always "hero" in uk?
  30. Tragg is more powerful than Krang and Shredder?
  31. why did jim cummings not voice leatherhead in season 7
  32. anyone ever get photos of the ninja turtles museum exhitibt from 2014
  33. The divide in the TMNT Fanbase...
  34. Is Shredder psychic?
  35. has shredder ever killed anyone?
  36. Does the Fred Wolf show get unfairly blamed?
  37. English subtitles for Our Friend Power 5 on DVD?
  38. Shifting power levels
  39. tmnt skyping buddies
  40. Can anyone identify where this pic is from?
  41. Master Roshi Fights with TMNT music
  42. Shredder Sprite = Child Abuse?
  43. the shell is this?
  44. Beau Weaver episode?
  45. Anyone notice this error?
  46. System of a down in ninja turtles movie?
  47. Kerma as a villain
  48. Best TMNT Fight scene location.
  49. A Krang origin movie?
  50. batman vs superman or idw tmnt vs batman.. what makes for a better movie?
  51. High tolerance for treason?
  52. Cake Wrecks - TMNT
  53. Any voice actor you want to voice a Turtle that hasn't before?
  54. Next Mutation Theme Replaced
  55. what episode is Wyrm featured in?
  56. If 1987 Shredder comes back in 2016, who do you want to voice him?
  57. Who's the big bad in which series?
  58. Happy 60th Birthday Rob Paulsen
  59. What scared you as a kid?
  60. Cancelled '87 episodes?
  61. better easter present
  62. Donatello's Scientific Scope
  63. Win a poster signed by 80's voice cast
  64. thsi episode today was the best easter present ever
  65. 1980's cartoons lost art?
  66. Make the connection (Turtles edition)
  67. Crossovers with the OT
  68. Meeting Eastman and Nieli
  69. Which was better: 'Turtles Forever' or Trans-dimensional Turtles
  70. Alternate Routes to Nostalgia
  71. Does anyone here still enjoy the 80s series?
  72. Favourite Tmnt version?
  73. what your Favourite tmnt episode?
  74. Usagi from the Aniverse
  75. I'm Sick of My Boy Bellybomb getting screwed
  76. Don dies in the 1987 cartoon?!
  77. DVD help
  78. How were you introduced to tmnt?
  79. Kevin Eastman on Storage Wars (A&E)
  80. What was better? Red Sky or Fastforward/Btts?
  81. All The Podcasts
  82. Tracking Down Original Series music....
  83. TMNT: Odyssey Print Run?
  84. Do you think we'll ever have a Mikey who doesn't speak with a surfer/laid back accent
  85. Pizza brutality
  86. Whos your Favorite?
  87. TMNT themed Nascar race coming
  88. My TMNT Tattoo
  89. The Mystery of William E Martin
  90. Thoughts on the Channel Six Crew?
  91. Original Singer of the OT Theme
  92. Kraang, Utroms and vulnerability
  93. TMNT are official NYC ambassadors for 2016
  94. Do you prefer a flying/hovering Technodrome or ground-based
  95. How would you reintroduce Venus de Milo?
  96. Pat Fraley is going to RetroCon
  97. Happy 32nd Anniversary TMNT!
  98. Are the TMNT biologically related?
  99. Do the TMNT have finger/toe nails?
  100. The Next Mutation Complete Series DVD
  101. Most hilarious animation errors of all time in tmnt?
  102. The Federation and General Blanque, ignored by both IDW and Nick?
  103. How do you feel about TMNT having few incarnations? Do you prefer it?
  104. Where on the Manhattan Island is the Channel 6 News building located?
  105. NSFW Ninja Turtles Parody - TIMNT starring April O'Neil
  106. Better use for the Firestar
  107. ninja turtles xmen legends magneto and lord dregg
  108. Real-life TMNT lair available for rent
  109. Do you prefer Shredder running an empire of crime or just the Foot Clan?
  110. Technodrome Forums, 1999 - 2016
  111. anyone wanna team up in the new ninja turtles game tomrorrow for ps4
  112. What if the multi-colored Foot Soldiers from the games appeared in the OT?
  113. why does patti howeth never get credit
  114. IGN article: Visual history of the TMNT
  115. mind control and ninja turtles exposed?
  116. Turtle Tunes and Coming Out of Our Shells: Same universe?
  117. Has TMNT help you find love?
  118. The Film Theorist Attempts To Prove TMNT Could Actually Exist
  119. Thoughts on 80's Leonardo
  120. Can you imagine the TMNT living at other places than the sewers?
  121. "F**k you Shredder" by The BCASA
  122. Any good Ninja Turtles food out there right now?
  123. OT April: Redhead?
  124. Trouble finding TMNT music video
  125. What do children of today know about TMNT history?
  126. Turtles At The Earth's Core
  127. Can someone pinpoint when Raphael became the muscle?
  128. Hamato Yoshi as a ghost?
  129. What exactly did Venus do to Shredder in Next Mutation?
  130. More 87 tmnt double feature dvds
  131. TMNT and Me
  132. Would another Live Action TMNT Series work?
  133. Krang reminds me of Invaders from Mars 1986
  134. What is Rocksteady's nationality in the original cartoon?
  135. Dvd questions?
  136. In-universe, do you think someone created Tempestra?
  137. WatchMojo TMNT Top Ten Countdowns
  138. Has anyone asked David Wise about Krang's original body?
  139. When does Mikey get his traumatic beatdown?
  140. Take Me To Your Leader
  141. Meet Cam Clarke & Pat Fraley at Retro Con 2016!
  142. why didnt jim cummings voice leatherhead in season 7 but he did dirk savage
  143. Don't the citizens know about Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady?
  144. Ot Rat King's Motivation
  145. The voice cast in the OT credits
  146. Bebop and Rocksteady: Competent now?
  147. the maltese hamster
  148. was planet of the turtleoids aired in primetime
  149. commercial animation for characters vs toon animation
  150. Lost/Banned TMNT episodes?
  151. Bonesteel, Dirk, or Marlin?
  152. Turtle Power Pod
  153. more mystical origin of the ooze?
  154. Donatello could be a cyborg
  155. Hero Turtles Censorship Makes "Top Ten Most Ludicrous Censorship" List
  156. Main story arcs that are re-used in almost every TMNT incarnation?
  157. how uncool is the technodrome without the eye
  158. The Ninja Sword of Nowhere
  159. The Foot vs the Hand (Daredevil) vs the Arashikage (GI Joe)
  160. Watching the OT in X-Files "Mythology" style
  161. How much has Viacom/Nickelodeon made off of the TMNT so far?
  162. Differences between Bebop and Rocksteady
  163. Timeline arcade in PA (both TMNT arcade games!)
  164. Create a new character
  165. A "leader" besides Leonardo?
  166. The Icon?
  167. When you think of the OT lair, what took do you think of most?
  168. IRL Escape Rooms
  169. Rat King minions
  170. Was there ever an episode of the 87 series where a turtle sat out the whole episode?
  171. Is this what you expected a Kevin Eastman cartoon to be like?
  172. Turtles in Time done right!
  173. How many alternate Turtles are there now?
  174. Does The Next Mutation deserve a final episode?
  175. Does anyone have screens of all the Donald Trump characters in the original cartoon?
  176. What are the 3 real major incarnations of TMNT
  177. Does anyone else prefer tmnt to be lighthearted?
  178. An episode of the next mutation where Bonesteel fights Silver
  179. TMNT series bible?
  180. TMNT meets WWE on the way
  181. Ninja Turtles Inspired Recipes
  182. How is TMNT looked on in Japan?
  183. Best James Avery replacement in the classic TMNT cartoon
  184. How do you prefer the turtles to get between buildings
  185. Let's Talk About Master Splinter and Shredder's Ages During the OT
  186. If there was a definitive end
  187. Would Krang have become a ninja master?
  188. Should there be a Sinister Six esque group?
  189. Rat King mythos
  190. what is your favorite shredder OT diss and would it have been allowed in this PC era
  191. Super strenght?
  192. Pick one "good guy" to turn
  193. [Amazing] Fanmade TMNT movie
  194. Michelangelo In Watchmojo's Most Memorable Cartoon Characters
  195. How do people see the movies, TNM and 2007 continuity?
  196. Hamato Yoshi's time in NYC sewers
  197. Doomquest vs. Ch'rell
  198. TV Show VS Toys
  199. My TMNT article is up on Cracked!
  200. The Next Mutation Fox Kids Web Site
  201. What are the laws/rules on TMNT fan films?
  202. If the 2003 series had the Red Sky theme
  203. The 1st EVER TMNT UK Fans Meet-Up!
  204. New future mutants in the Foot clan of Shredder?
  205. The "villain" in Unidentified Flying Leonardo
  206. Who's the better ally and the better villain?
  207. Tell me about the Palladium RPG books
  208. The best Bebop & Rocksteady?
  209. Did people not like the change?
  210. How the Red Sky Season could have been introduced
  211. What are your thoughts on Fred Wolf Pigeon Pete?
  212. So how did the TurtleCom pre-date cellphones?
  213. The other 3 turtles weren't cool:Character Bios
  214. Reebok announced a new line of TMNT Shoes
  215. Turtles wear red masks again
  216. Favorite Figures In TMNT History
  217. Which are the best animated episodes?
  218. What's your TMNT-style Pizzas?
  219. Does it seem like a lot of secondary mutants have so few appearances?
  220. How long does Viacom own the rights for?
  221. Did Zach originally own the OT turtles?
  222. Do you think Bugman can take on Shredder, Krang, Dregg, and Rat King?
  223. Tmnt pies
  224. Splinter and April's ages from version to version.
  225. Would you guys want a Bullseye like character in the TMNT verse
  226. Remixed Red Sky theme
  227. Your ideal Turtles Show..
  228. The 2020's TMNT incarnation
  229. Turtles wear no masks!
  230. If Krang fought Batman and Goliath
  231. Why were so many action-figures and vehicles never in any comics, TV-series or films
  232. TMNT Anime - Next Reincarnation?
  233. General TMNT Discussion
  234. What animals relate to ninjas?
  235. A challenge - Finding a Technodrome animation cell
  236. I love the TMNT franchise
  237. Little Reminders
  238. Familiar Poses from a Sales Flyer?
  239. Netflix could do a fairly good TMNT live-action show
  240. Original TMNT Cartoon Season 3 DVD cover request
  241. (Mutant) Pirate vs. Ninja
  242. 80's Shredder vs Dr Robotnik, who is better and who would win in a fight?
  243. Splinter the amazing rat!
  244. Favorite Hot Head design?
  245. Watch Mojo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Power Rangers
  246. Harlan Ellison On TMNT
  247. Jim Cornette On "Kowabunga The Ninja Turtle" Wrestler
  248. Real Life TMNT Related locations in Northampton, MA
  249. What was the story with the Words & Pictures Museum?
  250. Tmnt museum??