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  1. Did you enjoy the 2 part anime tmnt OVA from the 90s?
  2. Shredder inspired Coola from DBZ
  3. Could season 1 have been a rejected Superman story?
  4. Will there ever be an entirely original incarnation of TMNT?
  5. Food TMNT
  6. Why won't any Teenage Muntant Njinja Turtles series do the Dark Leo arc?
  7. That voice in the original Turtles mid-bumper commercial breaks.
  8. About April and Don's relationship in stories and art
  9. In Name Only or Never Seen Again?
  10. Arctic location of the Technodrome
  11. How Krang controlled his body.
  12. 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' exhibit
  13. Anyone know all of the songs parodied in the OT Howie episodes?
  14. Which era of animated Michelangelo is your favourite?
  15. Irma and Vernon
  16. Team Ups You Want to See
  17. TMNT: Complete Classic Series
  18. What Happened to the band who remade tmnt snes music
  19. TMNT: Shadows of the Past General Release
  20. Help with my autograph collection
  21. So "Fresh prince of Bel-air" returned to poland
  22. The Next TMNT Series
  23. Sped-Up Voices in Funny, I Shrunk Michelangelo a good idea?
  24. Did you like Krang's retcon?
  25. Turtle's Christmas VS Alpha's Magical Christmas
  26. Does anyone here love the OT but not OOTS?
  27. Another possible Krang origin
  28. Saban The Next Mutation resurrection
  29. If they were on your gift list...
  30. has anyone been getting the tmnt box
  31. anyone ever do a podcast with tish rabe
  32. Hair color preference for 87 Baxter?
  33. How Krang could be more of a threat
  34. TMNT Fred Wolf Series is 29 Years Old
  35. Favourite season of the original cartoon?
  36. Joan Gerber
  37. Cake Wars January 2 on Food Network
  38. The Turtles' Species
  39. Verson said what in shredderville??
  40. The TMNT OS Music catalogue project..
  41. TMNT 2007 is on Netflix Streaming
  42. Episode where the Turtles fight food?
  43. Has anybody ever seen your love for TMNT as a shortcoming?
  44. OT tmnt cartoon ?
  45. Question regarding OT Donatello's Degree
  46. WatchMojo: Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comics You Should Read
  47. Which comedian cast as a Krang gave the best performance?
  48. LGBT in TMNT
  49. John du prez tmnt ii fan made album cover
  50. Would you want to see The Foot use firearms
  51. These kids are badass
  52. Looking for an image. Any help is appreciated
  53. Old TMNT article in Comics Scene
  54. How did you first leave and then rediscover your TMNT interest?
  55. Favourite fictional planet or natural satellite in TMNT
  56. Do you prefer Casey Jones hanging out with the turtles in almost every story?
  57. Usagi Yojimbo cartoons or films?
  58. Favourite TMNT future setting
  59. Splinter as a rat or as Hamato Yoshi?
  60. Ok, Who Stole Season 7???
  61. RIP Jack Mendelsohn (TMNT '87 Writer/Story Editor)
  62. Happy 63rd birthday to Peter Laird!
  63. Favourite Technodrome location?
  64. If Nickelodeon never bought TMNT
  65. My first TMNT episode
  66. best place to find tmnt shirts for an affordable price
  67. Favourite TMNT road vehicle?
  68. Favourite TMNT signature music?
  69. Favourite April O'Neil occupation
  70. TMNT Trivia Book.
  71. hey violence sells
  72. Favourite Leatherhead origin
  73. Favourite Mondo Gecko origin
  74. Which TMNT version has the most interesting off-Earth outer space setting?
  75. What's your favourite method of time travel within TMNT?
  76. Whose signature on TMNT 2 CD?
  77. Classic Episode Talkback Thread:'Convicts from Dimension X'
  78. Why do most people hate the next mutation?
  79. Do you think there will ever be a new cartoon that bombs or gets canceled quick?
  80. Was Brenda from "Adventures in Babysitting" the inspiration for Irma?
  81. Official TMNT Pizza Cookbook
  82. Why have TMNT DVDs been neglected in the U.K.?
  83. movie don and raph shove and random guy for leo raph fight
  84. IDW Games Launching Kevin Eastman April O'Neil Variant Cover Special Offer
  85. CBR lists 15 deadliest TMNT villains
  86. Favourite Next Mutation Villain?
  87. How many 80's movie homages did the original cartoon do?
  88. Rob Paulsen is going to retrocon 2017
  89. A TMNT philosophy/theory of life span
  90. So...the 2018 show...
  91. Leatherhead as a gang boss?
  92. If you had total control over the rights to TMNT...
  93. Kevin Eastman started his own Youtube Channel
  94. Christian Lanz on Talkin Toons
  95. What's the worst TMNT you can imagine?
  96. Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook
  97. Favorite TMNT Music
  98. Favorite TMNT pet they keep in their lair from the various series?
  99. Would you like a turtles show in the fantasy genre?
  100. Favorite cat-family mutant?
  101. TMNT Landmark map (WIP)
  102. Is April kind of a loser?
  103. Divide and Conquer (1987) vs Wedding Bells and Bytes (2003)
  104. Putting TMNT franchise history in context
  105. How would you want the character to appear in animation?
  106. Zach and the Neutrinos
  107. Titanus and HAVOC
  108. Most powerful character in the tmnt multiverse?
  109. How Is It Best to Utilize The Punk Frogs?
  110. The Technodrome's size
  111. Help Immortalize The TMNT On Reddits 2017 April Fools Project!
  112. Channel Six's crew members and their roles
  113. Thoughts on season 2 of the Fred Wolf series?
  114. Favourite Girlfriend of Raphael?
  115. Help finding Jim Lawsen Poster
  116. Most out of character moments in TMNT
  117. Kevin Eastman Live Video Q&A today at 3pm EST
  118. Are Razhar and Tokka underused?
  119. Kevin Eastman Interview on German podcast "TMNT - Der Talk"
  120. Tentacles in the Irish Jig is Up
  121. Why didn't April become famous?
  122. TMNT #1 rooftop pose collection (missing Image TPB)
  123. Krang with rewritten origin?
  124. Kevin Eastman Con Appearance & Live Commentary of First Film in Kansas City...
  125. ASMR 'head orgasms' TMNT. Kind of weird??
  126. 1790 or 1890?
  127. Boston
  128. How do you prefer Shredder's borhter?
  129. How do you prefer Shredder's brother?
  130. Metal is easier to slice
  131. tmnt challange: Remember as many OT episodes as possible.
  132. Tmnt done in the style of Metal Gear Solid, good idea?
  133. John & Marsha
  134. Favourite TMNT spacecraft
  135. The Turtles killed bebop
  136. Are (Your) Turtles Killers?
  137. What Would People Call the Turtles in the Real World?
  138. Map of Dimension X
  139. One static Shredder (FW) vs different Shredders (2k3) vs One changing Shredder (2k12)
  140. OT- A UK TMNT Lost episode exclusive Michaelangelo loses nunchucks gets grappler hook
  141. Grappling hook in games
  142. Turtle tails
  143. Pet Shop Turtles
  144. Favourite mafia depictions
  145. Where did TMNT succeed while Heman failed?
  146. Happy 33nd anniversary, Turtles!
  147. Potentional for Turtle Warriors?
  148. Did the FW cartoon have good humour?
  149. Baxter's Alien Computer Friend
  150. Why did Alpha One want to rule just Earth?
  151. Stan Saki San Deigo Comic Art Gallery
  152. Stan Saki San Deigo Comic Art Gallery
  153. OT MacGuffin of the Episode
  154. Where did ERK Go?
  155. Let me introduce you "Donald Taylor" LOL
  156. Did you like Carter?
  157. Meet Rob Paulsen & Dwight Schultz at Retro Con 2017!
  158. Triceratons breathing oxygen or nitrogen?
  159. Nascar and Nickelodeon teamed up again for the Tales of the Turtles 400
  160. Alternate TMNT-franchise history timelines
  161. Tmnt meeting My Little Pony?
  162. 87 Spin-Off(s)
  163. What are the TMNT's favorite Sports Teams?
  164. Should the Firestar return?
  165. Marvel Comics buying the TMNT-franchise?
  166. Mutanimals films
  167. Japanese or English?
  168. Scientists never have Dr. title in OT?
  169. who voicedbuffy in tmnt old episode
  170. TMNT Old School Off Model Designs
  171. Average age of a general TMNT fan in 2017?
  172. TMNT Among Top Ten License for Kids
  173. When did Krang first come to Earth?
  174. Did you believe the ideas were original as a child?
  175. What makes TMNT's fanbase so tribal?
  176. 10 Best 80s Episodes
  177. Does Hokum Hare count as a TMNT character?
  178. Would TMNT novels be a good idea?
  179. What if Donnie didn't do machines at first?
  180. A second chance for Venus de Milo?
  181. Favorite Dragon character in TMNT history? (Pics inside)
  182. Who is the best hunter in the Turtle-verse?
  183. What would the TMNT Universe drink?
  184. You gotta fight to be free.....
  185. A.C. Farley in the hospital
  186. TMNT characters as literary figures
  187. Where do TMNT get money?
  188. New mutants serving Shredder in future shows
  189. What's your favourite feline mutant of TMNT
  190. What if Krang had been the first Shredder?
  191. OT Krang, Dimension X, banishment and other stuff
  192. fun places to find tmnt t-shirts?
  193. Slash in future TMNTs
  194. Terrible Things
  195. Michaelangelo more maturity
  196. April & Casey in the future
  197. Yet another favourite character thread
  198. How would you rank(best to worst) the different TMNT incarnations?
  199. Talkin' Toons with the original cast.
  200. Does Nickelodeon hate us?
  201. Which Turtle would you like to see have their own animated TV show?
  202. 87 series Things we never noticed as kids
  203. Best Usagi crossover
  204. Why must Baxter Stockman always end up mutated or mutilated?
  205. Shredder vs. Splinter Dynamic
  206. Any good ideas from the Red Sky era?
  207. Best Version of Master Splinter
  208. Which incarntion first drew you in?
  209. Shredder announced for Death Battle!
  210. 1987–1996 series continuity timeline
  211. Could TMNT Support a theme park all its own
  212. The Fred Wolf Appreciation Thread
  213. FW/Mirage Parallels
  214. What (non-TMNT) crossovers could or should the 1987-1996 series do?
  215. surf ninjas tmnt 3 grandfather in both movies
  216. Best Shredder and Krang moment(s)?
  217. What could IDW TMNT give to furure incarnations?
  218. What is the one incarnation of the tmnt you could never get into?
  219. A "Turtles Forever"-Related Timeline Theory
  220. Freshly formed opinion of Next Mutation
  221. Turtles In your Car
  222. What wrong with ninja 'magic' for the TMNT?
  223. 87 Series music categorization
  224. Do you enjoy the Turtles fighting traditional monsters?
  225. Do you think that Nickelodeon should continue to own/produce TMNT shows?
  226. FW character arcs
  227. Turtles Forever vs the Nick crossovers
  228. In a new version what can't be changed?
  229. Fitting the FW crossovers onto the Original Toon's Timeline.
  230. Bebop and Rocksteady as heroes
  231. The BEST and WORST versions of all the English and International TMNT 1987-1996 Intro
  232. Dooney print auction for Flood Relief
  233. my mikey suit
  234. Most well-written episodes of the 1987-1996 series
  235. Best series finale
  236. Trouble with Triceratons
  237. SaiNW vs MA vs D: BAD DAY, BAD DAY
  238. So now what?
  239. Has David Wise's unedited scripts ever been uncovered?
  240. Kevin Micheal Richardson as 80s Shredder
  241. Irma's last name: Langinstein or Margrat?
  242. How do you feel about the origins of Splinter in the FW series?
  243. Batman/TMNT crossover to possibly received animated DVD movie adaption?
  244. Theory on normal rat learning martial arts: the battle nexus
  245. Why do you think some mutants gain the ability to talk and others do not?
  246. Do you have any favourite place in Japan for the TMNT origin story to begin?
  247. Does Casey Jones lose his luster in most incarnations after he calms down?
  248. Somethings to think about
  249. Old villains/mutants/aliens who get very little to no screentime in TMNT media
  250. Ninja Turtles are still a thing, right?