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  2. Was TMNT1 really pefect?
  3. San Diego!?
  4. Splinter
  5. what went wrong with Oroku Saki?
  6. What is your most favorite season?
  7. Who the F is Carter?
  8. Which turtle would die first?
  9. I love ninja turtles!
  10. something interesting...
  11. I've now seen it all. a drunk guy dressed as Shredder
  12. Looking for Mike pics for a tattoo... any Help?
  13. The Trading Card Game
  14. my vacation weekend was good!
  15. Halfshell Heroes forums
  16. Looking for episode!
  17. TMNT in Online Encyclopedia
  18. We Wish You A Turtle Christmas!
  19. Humorous Mistakes
  20. Future Turtles
  21. Four different sites cover the four Turtles...
  22. Classic Episode Discussion: Return of the Technodrome
  23. good thing that Dvds are released and turtle fan generation
  24. turtles christmas
  25. TMNT Pudding Pies! Petition their return!
  26. Super shredder idea for red sky
  27. If the movies came to back theaters...
  28. Box Art for the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation DVD
  29. Problems with Original TMNT Show?
  30. Wallpaper character??
  31. How do u play the TMNT card game??
  32. Childhood memories invovling TMNT
  33. How did Rat King differ in red sky ep than in pre red sky ep
  34. Is the next mutation dvd...
  35. turtles favorite songs?
  36. Peter Laird is a hypocrit.
  37. Questions about the Federation.
  38. Things you would have liked to see.
  39. Looking for moderators now
  40. sound effects used after 1992 season
  41. Anything new on Season 2?
  42. Something I have Always Wondered
  43. Good old toon Raph episodes
  44. questions for season 4 and 5, dimension x story
  45. Does Rat King have a real name??
  46. Can anyone name all of the vehicles from the original show?
  47. Nostalgia hits a new high this happy day
  48. Got my Ninja Turtle tattoo!
  49. Episode Needed
  50. price guide
  51. Does Anyone Know A Good Site With Old TMNT Wallpaper?
  52. TMNT type logo on Transformer toy
  53. comments about the 6 eps I rented
  54. Which Foot Is Better: Real Or Robot?
  55. Check this out!!!
  56. I feel bad about asking this but....
  57. Coming Out Of Their Shells
  58. MP3 to the Face
  59. TMNT Cosplay! Check out this guy!
  60. which ep are these 2 shredder/krang pictures from?
  61. A Celebration of Turtle Power!
  62. planet of the turtleoids question and interest question.
  63. turtles on the USA cartoon express
  64. where can i
  65. Wow, we got us a problem
  66. A Ninja Turtles Father's Day
  67. A TMNT quote...
  68. Got some vintage TMNT cartoon tapes yesterday
  69. The DVD from England
  70. 'Improved' Next Mutation DVD Boxart Released
  71. Could TMNT beat any other Super Hero Team?
  72. graplin hook donatello make time,don sewr hero com,one comen
  73. If You Directed TMNT 4
  74. Apology
  75. Hilarious TMNT photoshopped spoof
  76. Episode(s) where the bad guys win
  77. Today's Younguns and the Turtles
  78. Second Time Around store spotted!
  79. About the original toon's five-part pilot.
  80. should have done in last ep and beboprocksteady red skyeps
  81. Characterizations in each series
  82. Beetleborgs (nothing to do with ninja turtles)
  83. TMNT quotes in your everyday lives.
  84. Dear. Mr Laird.
  85. Funny captions
  86. Favorite character and why?
  87. robotic unicycles and t-drome/stuff related questios.
  88. Any Good TMNT Posters From the First Movie?
  89. ace duck, ray fellet, sarganet bananas
  90. "A Celebration of Turtle Power" Part 2.
  91. My TMNT Tattoo ideas
  92. TMNT New TV-Movie-Miniseries???
  93. Anybody got a lair?
  94. Why did Donatello have a diffirent voice in some episodes?
  95. Warner Bros TMNT song.
  96. Coming out of their Shells lyrics
  97. What is everybodys favourite season ?
  98. Questions about the bonus episodes on the season 1 dvd
  99. A real Turtle Party Wagon! Sweet, I want to ride it!
  100. Why was the Uk version changed from Ninja to Hero?
  101. a little off topic but......
  102. Sick TMNT Yahoo Group...
  103. Which Movie April Was The Better-looking One?
  104. my preacher's "robes"
  105. Buried treasure
  106. Why Is Lord Dregg An Unpopular Villain?
  107. The Australian Ninja Turtle on Australian Idol
  108. Utroms In the Old Show?!?!
  109. I have the script for Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles TheMovie
  110. TMNT Movie Three-Pack DVD
  111. A Mikey's weapons question
  112. Found something cool + Kids today
  113. Which are your best TMNT movie moments?
  114. The Sims
  115. Could "The Technodrome" Be A Stolen Idea?
  116. Website Preference
  117. Krang/Baxter Stockman
  118. Behind the Shells
  119. Screw Up in TMNT 1
  120. Little know-it-alls.
  121. Rotton TMNT Movie Critique!
  122. job for the kuncklehead one
  123. rocksteady's helmet
  124. How often has the Turtles killed someone?
  125. Why did Jarrah get banned?
  126. Would you have liked the Next Mutation if Venus hadn't been?
  127. OldSchool Toon Images Now With Leatherhead,RatKing,Slash
  128. What a find!
  130. northampton turtles
  131. Best Splinter Voice-over?
  132. Best TMNT Movie Soundtrack? Best Songs?
  133. BBC2 turtles
  134. The Laser Guns
  135. Mikey VS. Donnie--In The Movies
  136. Questions on the Next Mutation dvd
  137. in the first ninja turtle movie
  138. Krang in Combat with the Turtles, a COOL Moment!!
  139. Favorite TMNT Stories ever.
  140. who drew my avatar?
  141. Best 88 Season episode?
  142. Splinter in Next Mutation
  143. Why was next mutation cancelled?
  144. Krang = Emperor of the Dark Side?
  145. Why wasnt Krang in the Movie?
  146. air dates for season issues
  147. questions for michelangelo's birthday
  148. Movie 3 Donatello costume for $4,000 on Ebay
  149. Favorite and least Favorite TMNT characters ever.
  150. TMNT Movie DVDs
  151. Venegance
  152. The Teeange Mutant Ninja Turtles featured in the CBUB TOC!
  153. what is your most favorite shredder quote.
  154. Has anyone here seen...
  155. What the Shell happened to Dregg
  156. Best 89 Season Episode?
  157. Bebop or Rocksteady?
  158. Alright...whos the wise guy?
  159. BUSHIDO
  160. Little gems in TMNT 3???
  161. T-U-R-T-L-E Power!
  162. T-shirt question
  163. Need a scan. Please!
  164. TMNT Movie DVD in Kids Section. Insult or Understandable?
  165. Saki's age
  166. I love the 80's and I love the 80's strikes back.....
  167. Movie screenshots...
  168. Did all the mutant toys made it to the toon?
  169. help me find this pic?
  170. when did you first know about a tmnt movie?
  171. TMNT pie? who tasted it
  172. swift as wind boster packs
  173. TMNT screensaver problems
  174. Most Emotional Moments In TMNT Universe?
  175. Uncut version of the movie?
  176. Wizard World Chicago
  177. Australian/New Zealand forums have changed location
  178. When is the Dragon Lord series gonna start
  179. TMNT sheet music
  180. Raphs injuries/recovery in TMNT1
  181. Did anyone buy it?
  182. I might be the only one who shares this view, but I think...
  183. What TMNT Movie/Prop Would You Love To Have?
  184. If Laird and Eastman let you choose......
  185. TMNT Spelling Mistakes
  186. VHS Covers
  187. The Turtles Super Mutations(Some pics anyone?)
  188. Just to be sure...
  189. Is there plans for Orig. Season Two DVD?
  190. 1st Movie Filming Locations
  191. Does Dan Still send out the TMNT Newsletter?
  192. TMNT personality tests, any good ones?
  193. background music for certain scene
  194. Leonardo Vs. Raphael
  195. "Immaturity"
  196. ACME Heart Maker
  197. leo's voice
  198. This guy looks like Shredder!
  199. Raph Sandler!
  200. movie picture
  201. Charles and Danny
  202. Splinter Vs. Yoda
  203. Tickling
  204. Raph in car commersial
  205. Half Shell Heroes
  206. turtles in comics scene
  207. Turtles on Vh1
  208. TMNT and Curb Your Enthusiam
  209. Vote for the Ninja Turtles/Power Rangers Team up
  210. I apologize in advance.... X-Men VS. TMNT
  211. Action figures in the old show
  212. Favorite Turtles Movie? .. 1, 2, or 3?
  213. Raphael's old voice actor
  214. What happened to...?
  215. Need someone with reporter instincts...
  216. Something funny on IGN.com
  217. Why blue, orange, and purple???
  218. Turtle fantatics on t.v. vh1?
  219. You guys are gonna kill me.. but... Shredder VS. Darth Vader
  220. The Turtles vs...
  221. Crazy !
  222. Song association
  223. TMNT and Swat Kats....
  224. Does someone...
  225. TMNT and Splinter vs. Batman
  226. Little joke in "Fallen Angel"
  227. The Cutest Turtle?
  228. About Mikey....
  229. quick picture request
  230. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pies
  231. Worst TMNT Cartoon Blooper?
  232. questions for get Shredder
  233. Fox Kids UK airing the Power Rangers Crossover tonight
  234. Who is your favorite Friend and Villain of The TMNT
  235. Wouldnt it be cool ...
  236. two things to notice from DOn's sewer hero ep tape,comment
  237. Bo Staff
  238. Splinter in the old show
  240. TMNT License Plate
  241. TMNT II
  242. Leo's pizza
  243. Movie Quote
  244. Argh!
  245. Cheap dvds
  246. Books and DVD-ROM....
  247. Kinda funny turtle sighting.
  248. Is there a checklist for the TMNT unleashed card game?
  249. turtles in tinytoons
  250. Quick Question