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04-24-2005, 07:40 AM
Sorry about the recent news deficit, its been a tough few weeks. But without further ado:

Peter Laird has posted his first Blast From the Past (http://www.planetracers.com/blast/prblast0089.html) update in quite awhile. This time its a preview of the cover of the newest limited edition (3000 copies, just like the original!) reprint of the first TMNT issue. It will be available at the Portsmouth, NH comic con on May 22nd.

Some news concerning the wood turtle conservation effort from ol' tOkKa over at mikeystmnt: (http://www.mikeystmnt.com)
..as reported in TALES of TMNT # 8:: Congrats to Melinda (KAZ) on naming the F-104 Wood Turtle !!

..the Turtle girl is named : Akemi (bright and beautiful in Japanese ..) ..the name the turtle contest is over (well maybe she needs a middle name..) but the Wood Turtle project still goes on.Donations can be made to :

The University of Massachusetts and sent to ::

Paul Sievert,Assistant Unit Leader- Wildlife.USGS,Massachusetts Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Department of of Natural Resources Conservation

319 Holdsworth Hall.University of Massachusetts Amherst

Amherst,MA 01003-4220