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12-10-2002, 02:05 PM
I am new, and a rejuvinated(Is that how you spell it) turtle fan.

12-10-2002, 02:38 PM
Whew, another new member! :)

**Welcomes the new member and leaves a mango and manga behind as he runs away**

12-10-2002, 02:52 PM
:D thank you

12-10-2002, 02:55 PM
Welcome to the forums where no one can hear you Scream! :evilgrin:

I hope you enjoy your stay :D

12-10-2002, 03:04 PM
:lol: I am sure i will, i have been visiting the board for the past month i just finally took the time to register.

12-10-2002, 03:12 PM
Welcome to paradise island! <hands tmntpower a rock> Its great rediscovering the fandom, isnt it ;)

12-10-2002, 03:16 PM
It's almost a year to the day I rediscovered my fandom :D

Oooo another one *Grabs the rock and runs off into the distance* :P

12-10-2002, 03:20 PM
My god! <does the Longsword la Gothic Great Fireball combo and retrieves the stone>

12-10-2002, 03:33 PM
*Anticipates Deepflame's Longsword la Gothic Great Fireball combo move*

*Gets out water pistol*

Neeheheeheeh! :lol:

12-10-2002, 03:35 PM
Unlucky, man. ITS GREEK FIRE!

12-10-2002, 03:37 PM
MAN!?! MAN!?!

I really think I should get a name tag :|

12-10-2002, 03:38 PM
Chuck? Chucky?Nunchucky :D

Ehh... yeah.

12-10-2002, 03:40 PM
You may call me Nun or Your Highness, of course Master has a nice ring to it :evilgrin: :lol:

12-10-2002, 03:49 PM
Your 'Highness'

Pah ;)

azure turtle
12-10-2002, 08:04 PM
LOL! Poor Nun... I remember when Nturtle called her a guy. :lol:

Anywho, welcome aboard the Technodrome!

12-10-2002, 08:29 PM
Here is a Mango Seed so you too can join the Mango Contest!
Reckon we should put the newbies in a Mango filled room see who comes out alive. Only the strongest newbie will get the Mango Gun and he shall one day become Mango king and eat lotsa Mangos!!!! Then throw many Mangos!!! *squirtes Mango juice in his eye* ow!!!! deer god that hurt! I'm gonna need to lay down a bit...

12-10-2002, 08:43 PM
Welcome to the forum TMNTPower03 *hands tmntpower a marklar*

12-11-2002, 02:36 PM
hey slash whats a marklar

12-11-2002, 02:50 PM
A marklar can take the place of noun Ex: Will you take me to the marklar so I can pick some marklar up. Trans: will you take me to the storeso I can pick some food up. simple

12-11-2002, 03:43 PM
So what exactly did you give him when you gave him a marklar? :-?

12-11-2002, 03:46 PM
What ever the *marklar he wanted

Storm Wolf
12-11-2002, 05:06 PM
Sorry for the late welcome.....but WELCOME!
*hands tmntpower2003 a carmel apple of welcome*
you'll like it here....ohhh...looke at the time
*dissapears in a puff of smoke*