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Hello, I have as project,i create a mini Web site on this adventure, or a fan comics of rpg tmnt Gaya advent.


Years ago...

Thunder was a pupil in the same school as splinter and shredder.
She quickly left the school, finally the school had returned this ninja, thunder were cruel towards the others.
its passage to the life adutle she has joined the yakuzas
She was boss of a group of female ninja,their title was the" petals of sakura."

Its life was limited to the crime and the murder, at the time of a voyage, she was had to learn handle the katars a weapon of assasin without fault, and very frightening. Hacher was a rival at the thunder, he had the title the "shadow tiger."

One days thunder gave up the yakuza , because she had was a child of the name of saber.
the yakusa had sent Hacher killed thunder.

Splinter was the father of saber, it was to educate she, with arts of the school ninja
but, the" petals sakura" group had kidnapped Saber.

The five years passed..

The katana, the nunchaku, and others weapons ninja as well as the art of the combat was not unknown any more for saber...
but also the art of the crime ..
because the girls ninja was had fact to him undergoes studies ninja very strict.

When she was organized missions, she was killed out of the families to have a house or to sleep.
at the bottom of its heart she was orphan, Saber hated happy people.

Splinter sought she, saber crossed its road. father of saber proposed to him to help she given up the yakusa. But saber answered him simply
“I hate you, father”
" why? "
"because thunder ... my mother... is died" "and you had given up us"
It is the last time, which it had seen it saber. the sentences of her child had to wound it.
the school of art had returned it, because they believed that splinter wanted to kill the schoolmaster.
It had lost the ninja school and saber,it took refuge in the sewers.

little time after, saber escaped from the laboratory of the bloody crow(An army of mercenary to the service of the governement.)
She forgot are true name and these, two friends tortoises called she fafa.

During its escape they met shredder, and its army. fafa and friends worked for the shredder.
she fell in love with him , Fafa he did not want to weaken with this feeling. " the love had killed her mother. "
never, she said to him that she was in love for him, and at the time of a mission its group and it fled.

After they escape. they had found the book of thunder.
on a page, the writings was speak of legendary weapons
"the katars of fire, the spear of the ground,the katanas of water, the arc of the wind."

one year later.

In a hiding-place, they found the katars of saber mother , the katars of fire, the writings was speak if a person has the quatres then no force cannot fight this person.

Fafa created a CURSED group towards the human ones, and need with these legendary weapons, the destroy human so that there remain only mutants, and animals.

Much mutants and others creatures joined the cursed group, because they suffered from cruautée human.
The cursed group are with the research of the weapons of gaia. But they are not alone, the splinter and tortoises research the weapons...


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