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05-12-2007, 05:55 PM
This is A future Mutant Ninja Turtle rp...I kinda got the idea from the Lost season of TMNT so I wanted to Take a crack at it.

Setting it is 2024 The boys should be at least in there mid 20's and its during the time of darkness. Theres rarely any sun light only clouds and rain and war With the underground and the Shredder along with his new partner Talion.

Donatello: Binxs
Casey: cowabunga14
Talion: Binxs
Hope: Binxs

this is a morbid rp so let the blood fly okay but please don't be too detailed okay some don want to get squeamish ^^

05-12-2007, 05:56 PM
It is the year 2015 the days of Darkness have gotten worse now then they have bin.

The earth is covered in a darkness that wont go away. Black, morbid, cold everything is dieing and drifting away becoming worse then it should be. The sun rarely shows it self any more like it has lost it's reason to shine down on us. The clouds are tainted with he rain that never ends keeping the sun away from its little planet that it wants to watch over. The clouds let the sun appear every now and then lately but only for only short moments. But that hasn't stop the never ending sadness. Wars have happened more often now.

Two people have came and taken over the world something that we wished that would never happen. Talion and Shredder to beings that should have never bin born and walk the earth.

Talon was a woman of great beauty and magic easily winning the hearts of everyone from the spells that she cased on them. And letting her monsters feed on thought that appose her beauties.

Shredder spreading fear where ever he goes making the lives of the week heard and the lives of the rich and powerful bow down before him.

Both working together to take over the world and making it how they want it.

But there are people who stand up agents them. They work heard to save what they can and protect what they can.

I fear that are world wont last another few more years if this keeps up. Are water is become undrinabul, the air is thinning and are Food sores is starting to wither away.

But There is still hope for us and the underground. Donatello Found a new way to grow food the other day and Micky and Casey are helping with a plan that might work this time.

April and Raphael are helping the people o the underground where its safe for now and away from the watchful eyes of Talion and the Shredder.

And Leo...Well Leo is being Leo Spending his days in the glowing willow meditating. Its like hes waiting for something to happen. But I think hes enjoying the quiet above the tree house.

And as for me I'm trying my best not to blow anything up daring this time of quiet. tending to the gardens and practising my magic. But a I guess a natchirel Mutant like my self has to keep buissy when shes not fighting with the boys and the othere members of the underground.....

************************************************** *******

Hope closed the black juernal and placed it in her boy along with her ink and quill and left her room in the tree house. It was a quiet day today everyone taking a day of rest before they all went out at night.

Her room was in the base of the tree she had a few blankets and a few pillows nothing fancy just things to call home. A wind chime hanged from her open window and her dresser sitting next to it. Hope smiled a bit seeing the pope working out side on the gardens making sure that there food wont die on them this time. She left but bumped in to some one who she didn't thing she would see this early in the morning.

"ow.." she fell back in to a pot and knocked it over. He cough the pot and lightly said "You should be a little more careful on where your going.."

"Well I cant help it for being so short.." she snapped. Her mood changed from the words she had heard. It was true she was short only at 5'00 and nothing more.

He just smiled at her "Well Donatello what brings you out of your lab?" she asked sweetly and took the pot away from him.

Donny rubbed his head and just smiled "Just enjoying this day of peace" he said softly.

05-12-2007, 06:13 PM
I'll take Mikey and Casey Jones.

05-12-2007, 08:09 PM
cool you can start when ready