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As I've noticed other people advertising their RPGs in here, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon, :P

This is a "different events" version of the RPG idea I started in here, taking place at my forums.

Stone and Shadows is a Gargoyles/TMNT 2003 A.U crossover, set around Adventures in Turtle-sitting/Good Genes. Goliath & Dr Chaplin available and comic characters allowed.

What if the fights between the turtles and the mutations caused by Agent Bishop had attracted the attentions of Xanatos Enterprises and others. What if David Xanatos decided to 'invest' in his own mutant or two, but to do so, he must capture one of the turtles and so the four brothers find themselves dragged into new dangers and potential new allies....


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What's happened so far....

It started when when Monster Don broke out of the sewers, attacking a teenage boy (Jayson) who was saved by Michelangelo and Leatherhead, Don escaping and running off, encountering Casey and a blind kid, attacking the kid before Bishop's men showed up, capturing Don and the blind boy, releasing the kid after he had been cured (Don bit him and the virus is spread though physical contact), but Donatello is still Bishop's prisoner out at Area 51 with the female Gargoyle, Delilah who was captured while the cure was being spread over NYC.

Jayson, carrying a message that Don had been found, ran into Raph and Leo in the sewers and led them topside where Leo was captured by Sevarius' men as the remaining turtles, their allies and the Gargoyles converged on April's shop to arrange a rescue mission during which the blind boy was sent off to a hospital and Traximus showed up on Earth.

While a runaway orphan hiding in the sewers found the Turtles' Lair, they split up into two rescue parties and headed off.
Bishop's Base: Michaelangelo, Raphael, Lexington, Leatherhead, Elisa, Jayson, Zachary, Casey, Traximus
Sevarius' Base: Angela, Broadway, Brooklyn, Hudson, Bronx, April, Arianna, Cole, Splinter

The raid on Bishop's base was a complete disaster, not only was the place empty, it was booby-trapped, resulting in Mikey being trapped with enough explosions to put him in a coma while Jayson seems to have died in another explosion.

The Gargoyles are having better luck, Angela being in the midst of freeing Leonardo, but Sevarius has released his newest genetic creations while April and Arianna who were attacking the computer systems are under attack by a wolfman.

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