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***First of Two Latin Kings***
12-07-2007, 11:49 AM
I'm wondering how it is that nobody has done these yet. I'm planning to do a set at some point-- it would really be as easy as taking three movie three mike figures, removing the heads, removing the heads from Raph, Leo, and Don and putting them on, and breaking the helmets off of the Mikes and gluing them on to the appropriate heads.

Paint would be used to make the armor color appropriate, and the weapons from the original TMNT figures could be used in order to make them more realistic/less gaudy.

Any takers? I have an extra Movie III Mike and a Raphael that is missing his helmet, so I can at least do Raph. If anyone else wants to do these, I wouldn't mind seeing them and I'd be interested in buying them if someone made them and was willing to sell them. I've always liked TMNT III.

Someone could also do a custom Raph figure from the old cartoon using Classic Party Reptile Leo-- I remember there being one episode of the old cartoon where Raph had that job.

12-07-2007, 01:30 PM
A quality movie III figure has so much potential. I'd love to see someone do some customs.