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03-18-2008, 05:39 AM
This is based on my idea of another TMNT band. Before choosing a character, remember even though they have three fingers, they play their instruments perfectly. Here's the band line-up...

DON: Bass guitar & sousaphone
LEO: Vibes & organ
MIKEY/TURTLE TITAN: Drums & tympani
RAPH: Guitar


1). No flaming or I'll extingush you!

2). Stay in character (though they play music).

3). At least two lines

4). Fan characters allowed.

Any questions, PM me.

LEO: Thundercleese
DON: Thundercleese
RAPH: Guitar_Raph

EX-CEL TEEN/JOSH SALAZAR: Guitar_Raph (Read his profile)http://forums.thetechnodrome.com/showpost.php?p=593838&postcount=293
GWEN WATSON: Thundercleese

03-18-2008, 12:23 PM
Hmmmm..... I think I will take Raphael, but If you plan on having him then I will just take my fan character Sherry. And also, is it alright if she knows the turtles? Because in one of the RPG's I was in, Her mother Roksana, and her father Andrew, met the turtles before Sherry, their daughter was born.

Here's their profiles. You don't have to her mother and father though.

Name: Roksana Eltsina

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Orange

Job: A Doctor

Age: 26

Pesonality: Serious, calm, kind, understanding, funny.

Accessories Glasses, and a white lab coat.

Weapon: A gun when needed.

Info: The right side of her body doesn't work well, and she has a scar over her right eye. Because of that, her right eye will never open again. She also has a few dogs and cats. In her spare time, she gives love to her pets, and plays with them. She met Raphael after he escaped from the Purple Dragons. He had bumped into her, and she saw a very bad wound on the back of his head. She took him to her house, and took care of him. When he went home, he took Roksana to the lair so she could meet his brothers.

Name: Andrew Eltsin

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Job: Retail Store Associate

Personailty: Calm, careing, funny, tries to do the right thing.

Gender: Male

Info: Andrew Eltsin is the husband of Roksana Eltsina. (He doesn't have the 'a' because in Russia, when you see a female's lastname, there's an 'a' at the end. But not for males.) He loves his wife very much, an would do anything for her. Roksana took him to the lair to meet the turtles one day after work.

Name: Sherry Eltsina
Hair Color: Blonde (Like her dad.)
Eye Color: Green (Like her mom.)
Gender: Female
Personailty: Respectful, energetic, joyful, fun loving, kind, careing.
Age: 14
Weapons: None
Family - Roksana Eltsina and Andrew Eltsin

Info: Sherry usually wears an Orange tanktop and somewhat baggy pants, and Blue wristbands. She's known the turtles since she was a baby.

03-18-2008, 02:48 PM
And also, is it alright if she knows the turtles?

Yes she may know TMNT. But since you haven't been posting, I took over Raph. Not much fun with 3 Turtles going at it. You can still play your outside characters.

Toonami Tom
03-18-2008, 09:03 PM
Thanks for adding me as Leo. I would also like to play as my fan character Gwen Watson. Here is her profile: http://forums.thetechnodrome.com/showpost.php?p=596827&postcount=295

She doesn't know the turtles yet.

03-19-2008, 08:34 PM

This is a musical bio for my own TMNT Band. They all write music for their
instruments & Mikey still writes lyrics.

Instruments played; Bass guitar & sousaphone
Type of music; rock, jazz, rap
Vocals; Rap, sings

Give Don anything with a bass clef, he can play it.
Don got the sousaphone from April's 2nd Time Around
after helping her with inventory. Took lessons from a high school band geek.

Instruments played: Vibes & organ
Type of music: Rock, jazz
Vocals; Sings occasionally

Leo likes the keys, keyboard or keyboard percussion,
He's an awesome organist.
Leo fell in love with the sound of the vibes when he was fetching
Raph to come home from Central Park
while Raph watched a street jazz band play.
After the concert, they saw the band being attacked by a street gang.
After kicking some ninja butt, the band offered them anything.
So Leo took vibes lessons from the vibes player while Raph did the same from the guitatist
April got Leo his own vibes for Christnas.

Instruments played: Drums & tympani
Type of music: Rock, rap, jazz
Vocals: Sings, raps

Give him sticks, mallets or brushes, he can drum away.
Mikey played the drums after Raph switched over to guitar.
Mkey likes to play drum soloes & play rolls on his snare drum & tympani.
Mikey discovered tympani when the Turtles were in a recording studio.
Mikey messed on them & loved it.
April got him a pair of white tympani from their record sales...
Mikey even gets to play a super tympani solo,

Instrument played; Electric guitar
Type of music; Any rock & jazz
Vocals; Sings

Raph played guitar when he & Mikey wrote songs for
Comin Out of Their Shells.
Raph lost a rock-paper-scissors contest to Mikey,
so he had to play drums & tenor sax.
After Shells, Raph took up guitar again & plays a brown sunburst hollow body
(like Ex-Cel Teen's guitar).
Raph disliked jazz, but changed his mind when he saw
a jazz guitarist playing a solo.
So Raph liked playing jazz guitar to keep his playing fresh.
He & Ex-Cel Teen like to dual it out on guitars!

03-20-2008, 03:21 PM
Let's start this RPG!


In the sewer home of TMNT, we hear rock music playing, consisting of electric guitar & drums. Playing the drums is Mikey in his Turtle Titan costume while playing a Yamaha brown sunburst electric guitar is a superhero named Ex-Cel Teen.

*Go Ex-Cel, rock!*

Ex-Cel played guitar riffs with chords & solo while Turtle Titan drumming along. Later, Ex-Cel stops & tells his Turtle friend...

*Drum Turtle Titan!*

When Turtle Titan played his drum solo, Ex-Cel put his guitar behind his back, went over to the white tympanis, got some mallets & played powerful music to accompany him. Then when Turtle Titan played a snare drum roll, Ex-Cel rolled on the tympani! They stopped.

*Nice jam session, Ex-Cel!*
*Same here, Turtle Titan. Wonder what your brothers would think of me?*

Toonami Tom
03-20-2008, 04:06 PM
Leo did a flip from the balcony, and landed in the living room. "That sounded pretty good, guys. Actually, very good." He grinned, then walked over to where his vibes were sitting. "I have been working on a new beat lately. Tell me what you think of it." He picked up his drum sticks and began a slow beat on the vibes. Then he began to speed up, moving his hands faster, creating a jazz sound. He contiued playing for a few moments, then finished by pressing on two keys, producing a cool sound. "So, how do you like it?"

Don entered the lair, carrying some machine parts for his next invention. "I could hear the music in the sewer tunnels. That's a really jazzy sound you have going on, Leo."

Gwen stood in a music store, looking through the rock CDs. She was looking for something new that would sound really awesome. "Hmm.... "Collective Soul", I have that one, "Creed", I also have that...."

Today the cute blonde teenager with blue eyes was wearing a light blue tshirt and bluejeans.

((How was this for my first post?:)))

03-20-2008, 08:20 PM
((Good start. However, you play the vibes (vibraphone) with mallets, not drumsticks. Keyboard percussion & tympanis are played with mallets.))


Ex-Cel goes over to Leo & says,

*Nice riff. But don't use drumsticks to play the vibes. They don't sound right. Try mallets.*

Ex-Cel gets some vibes mallets he gives to Leo, then gets another pair for himself & plays his own solo riff. Ex-Cel gets off the vibes & tells his friends he has to leave.

03-23-2008, 09:38 AM
After working at his father's mechanic shop, Josh Salazar drives off on his ninja motorcycle. He heads over to Nichols Music Shop.

Josh would always buy some guitar picks & strings. Then as he checked out, he saw a poster. It was a Battle of the Bands contest. Josh thought that maybe he (as Ex-Cel Teen) & his TMNT friends, could enter the contest. Josh gets an application from the clerk & learns that the winning band gets $50K and a chance to make their own CD.

Back in his bedroom, Josh fills out the application & then learns that they have to have a group pic as well as writing a few original tunes as well.

Toonami Tom
03-23-2008, 02:04 PM
Leo said to himself "Right, mallets would work better." He then played the vibes with the mallets. "That sounded alot more smooth."

Gwen couldn't find a cd she wanted, so she decided to leave the store. As she was walking away from the store, someone she knew was walking towards her.

"Hey Gwen!" the teenage boy with brown hair said to her. He then smiled.

Gwen replied reluctantly "Uhh.... hi, Charles...."

"So did they have any good CDs?" He asked.

She replied "Well, I didn't buy any, so no."

Charles said "Oh ok. So do you want to give me another chance, and go out on a date tonight? It would be fun." He smiled.

Gwen crossed her arms and repiled "No. You tried to get fresh with me on our last date, and I'm not that kind of girl. Bye." She then walked away from him.

03-23-2008, 09:53 PM
Back in the lair, Mikey's working out on his muscles until Ex-Cel Teen enters.

*Hey fellow superhero, what's up?*

*Mikey, how would you like for you & your brothers to enter a Battle of The Bands contest with me? Winning band gets $50,000 & a CD release.*


*I need you & your brothers to have a photo session of us on our instruments. And a tape of us doing some of our own music. It's for the application.*

Mikey's excited about the contest, that he told his brothers.

Toonami Tom
03-27-2008, 07:55 PM
"Wow, that's awesome Mikey!" Leo said with excitement. "Let's get to recording a tape of our music then."

Don said "And don't forget the photos! Erm.... this raises an issue though. We're turtles, how are we going to pull this off?"

((I would like to add Irma from the original toon to the RPG. For comical purposes plus it would be neat to play as her.))

03-27-2008, 08:23 PM
((Since Kyo hasn't been posting, I'm taking over Raph.))

Ex-Cel thinks back to his childhood when he saw TMNT costumed characters @ Astroglobe while visiting Houston, Texas one summer.

*Guys, I'll cover for you. You'll always be in costume because that's your rock image, just like I'm a superhero.*

Raph entered & heard about his crazy idea.

*You better be sure this is gonna work, or I'm gonna beat you up & break your guitar into pieces!*

So, they agreed! First thing they did was to take pictures of each member playing their instrument(s), plus a group pic they took with an automatic timer on the camera.

Next, they worked on their own songs while recording them. They did five songs, one with Ex-Cel Teen singing & playing guitar, another with Ex-Cel & Leo dueling on the vibes, another featuring Don playing the sousaphone & another with a jazz jam with Ex-Cel & Raph on guitars & Leo on vibes. But they needed a 5th song.

*Any ideas?* asked Ex-Cel.

Toonami Tom
04-02-2008, 09:00 PM
Leo said "How about Raph on his guitar and Mikey with the drums. I think that would be good."

Don nodded and replied "Mmm-hmm, drums and guitars are quite popular."

04-03-2008, 06:30 AM
*That's cool. Leo, switch over to the organ while I play tympani.*

*Oh brother.* groaned Raph.

The band worked on their final tune that featured Raph & Mikey on lead vocals as well as their instruments.

Hours later, Don & Ex-Cel were working in the studio, getting their CD demo ready for the contest.

Days later, Josh goes back to Nichols Music & hands an envelope to one of the managers to enter the Battle of The Bands. He informs Josh that there are over 100 entries & that 10 will be chosen for the concert/contest.

When it came time for the staff to judge the entries, one of the judges opened the envelope to find The Turtle Titan Band's demo. Also were pictures that included...

A group pic
Ex-Cel & Raph on guitars
Ex-Cel & Leo on the vibes
Leo on organ
Turtle Titan on drums
Ex-Cel & Turtle Titan on tympani
Don on bass
Don on sousaphone

The judge groaned, "A superhero & guys dressed in TMNT outfits? You gotta be kidding! It's a joke entry!"

But when they played their CD, they were impressed.

04-05-2008, 10:29 AM
At Salazar Garage, Josh is busy working on a car. Then the mailman enters & announces he has a registered letter for Josh Salazar. Josh signs for it. The mailman leaves it on a car hood since Josh's hands were greasy. So after he washed his hands, he opened the letter & learned that The Turtle Titan Band is one of the 10 finalists in the contest!

That night, he wore his Ex-Cel Teen costume, drove on his ninja motorcycle over to the abandon garage where the TMNT live. He parks his bike next to Raph's Shell Cycle, then goes down that secret elevator to their lair.

At the lair, he saw Mikey playing snare drum while his brothers did somersaults & acrobatics.

*Guys, The Turtle Titan Band's gonna be in the Battle of The Bands!*

Mikey has Ex-Cel come to him asking...

*Would you play the snare drum?*

Mikey hands Ex-Cel his sticks. Then as he played a buzzroll, Mikey started doing some somersaults yelling...


04-12-2008, 06:02 AM
The morning of the contest finds our band loading their instruments into their Tortuga Brothers moving van. Ex-Cel & Leo had to wheel his vibes & organ in, then Mikey had Ex-Cel wheel his tympanis in. Then Don's sousaphone, followed by amplifiers, bass guitar case, electric guitar cases & finally Mikey's drums.

*Why do we have to take the vibes & tympani with us?* Raph asked, *Why can't we be a normal band.*

*Hey, we got a good sound, along with our superhero friend.*

*Speaking of that Mikey,* Ex-Cel said, *You're Turtle Titan.*


So Mikey changed into Turtle Titan. Then as Leo drove the van with Don by his side, Turtle Titan drove his Combat Cruiser while Raph followed on the Shell Cycle & Ex-Cel on his ninja motorcycle.

*Race ya, Ex-Cel!*

They were headed for the contest.

04-23-2008, 03:15 PM
The contest was held @ Madison Square Garden. All bands had crew help for setting up their instruments on stage. There was a turntable stage to support two bands.

Since Ex-Cel is the leader, he had to draw a number to see where they would play. Ex-Cel drew #4, meaning they would be the 4th band to perform.

Other bands in this competition included some punk, an all-black rock group, a female band, a jazz band, and many others.

During their wait, they got to talk to other bands. Raph spotted Ex-Cel talking to a beach hunk sportin the Speedos. After he left...

*What's the big idea talking to a freak in Tarzan clothing?*

*Raph, I was talking to Mark. He plays drums for his band, Beach Combers. Liked my costume.*

*Guess that's the other joke band in this competiton!* kidded Raph.

04-28-2008, 01:45 PM
While Band #3 performed, the crew sets up their instruments on the turntable stage. Ex-Cel & the Turtles huddled up in prayer & then they high fived each other & shouted afterwards...


After band #3's final song, the guys went over to their instruments. Then the host introduced Band #4 as The Turtle Titan Band. The turntable moved & Turtle Titan played his tympani drumroll with Ex-Cel on guitar. The audience laughed to see 4 costumed Turtles & a superhero as a band. Raph gave a dirty look @ Ex-Cel for being so humiliated. Turtle Titan switched to drums & when they rocked (with Ex-Cel singing), the audience liked them.

The second number featured Don on the sousaphone.

The third number was a jazz jam with Ex-Cel & Raph dueling on guitars while Ex-Cel also played the vibes with Leo.

The final number had Turtle Titan & Raph lead singing with Leo on organ & Ex-Cel on tympani.

The fans cheered for the joke entry!

When they spun around for Band #5 to perform, they all congratulated each other. Raph turned to Ex-Cel saying,

*You were lucky pal! Let's hope we make the final 5 cut.*

Raph shook Ex-Cel's hand.

05-04-2008, 10:39 AM
The competition continued. Ex-Cel's watching Band #8 in action, a big band named Dallas & The Cowboy Band (where all the band members dressed in Dallas Cowboys football uniforms).

Raph caught him watching the competition.

*This isn't a battle of the bands, it's Let's Make A Deal!*

*Shh, Raph. The leader is so cool.*

Raph figures out that the lead vocals also plays the guitar, sportin a #24 jersey.

*What's with you & your love of jazz?*

After they were finished, Ex-Cel tells Raph about his high school days of being in the jazz band & their small combo, The Cool Band.

The 10 bands have performed, the leaders of each band comes out to face the judges. Ex-Cel had to face what they got to say. One hip judge said,

*You came in as a joke, but your fans think you rock!*

The female judge said,

*Are you single? (Ex-Cel blushes) You guys have a lot of variety in your music & many instruments played.*

And finally, that infamous British judge.

*If you wanna be taken seriously, lose some instruments! Sousaphones belong in marching bands, vibes in jazz bands & tympanis in symphony orchestras. And tell your 4 costumed reptiles to be themselves.*

The fans boo @ his comments, but Ex-Cel says in defense.

*That's our image, TMNT & a superhero. I can't do that.*

*Then it's a no for me.*

But the other two judges pass The Turtle Titan Band on to the finals, along with Beach Combers, Dallas & The Cowboy Band, a heavy metal band & the all black rock band. The British judge was upset that three of the five had costume images.

*This contest is turning into Let's Make A Deal!*

Ex-Cel & The TMNT celebrated going to the final five held in a few days.

05-24-2008, 12:45 AM
After the competition, the five bands meet each other & their fans.

Mikey's talking to the drummer of the black rock band, Leo meets the vibes player of the Cowboy Band while Ex-Cel meets the leader/guitarist of the Cowboy band. Raph couldn't stand it.

*Quit talking with the competition & let's focus on our music.*

Ex-Cel tells Raph,

*Sorry you don't have any fans.*

Fans did get to meet with the top 5 bands to get autographs.