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09-09-2009, 11:11 PM
In honor of the Dreamcast and the SEGA home video game consoles...

Alright, this is my off-beat fan comic that I threw together back around 2003-2004 as a sort of tribute to the history of video games. It harkens back to the golden age of innovation, complete with social commentary and sarcastic takes on various aspects of the industry.


ISSUE #1: The Rise and Fall of Commodore Land

"The land of Commodore was a land of wonder and kind, simple folk.
King Commodore was lord of great treasures.
Yet all treasures paled in beauty to his beloved daughter, Princess Atara.
The Commodores were ruled with wisdom and mercy. All the townsfolk lived in peace until one fateful day..."
The inspiration for the king ought to be obvious. And it looks like I modeled the Princess Atara [see what I did there?:lol:] on OT April since I had some experience drawing her.

"The evil wizard Microsock appeared and cast a sleeping spell on Atara.
Then he cast his magic on the C-64, the machine that gave the land its power.
The system crashed and Commodore was changed forever.
Too broken hearted to fight, the king's reign ended."
Enter "Microsock"...
If it isn't obvious, I bemoan the transition of the gaming industry from innovative gaming-specific companies to the big-dollar techno-entertainment juggernauts.:cry:

"Commodore was destroyed and renamed 'Windows Park.'
And Microsock enslaved the townsfolk.
However, one townsfolk was not afraid; His name was Son Sega.
A young boy from Japan, Son Sega possessed great power and a short temper.
A powerful fighter if ever there was one, he trained hard to claim victory when he got older..."
I watched way too much DBZ back in the day. And I'm a shameless Sega fan-boy as well. And apparently I couldn't spell adequate to save my life.

"But when that didn't work, he slapped Microsock with a 30 trillion dollar lawsuit and won big!
Though he couldn't fix the C-64, he used the money to make a whole bunch of new machines.
But everybody was confused on which one to buy, since he didn't have enough cash left to advertise them.
Son Sega had to sell all his belongings to survive the cold winters."
Sega fan-boys are jaded.

"Even Princess Atara awoke in time, albeit a little worse for wear.
Atara and Son Sega moved into a home for forgotten and underappreciated heroes.
Though supported by royalties from their likenesses, they are forever at the mercy of the media entertainment companies."
That last panel is satire. Disclaimer: I do NOT endorse illegal Activities!!! :-)

Coming soon...
Issue #2: Enter: Kong Donka & The Wizard!!!

03-28-2011, 06:19 PM
ISSUE #2: Enter Kong Donka & the Mad Wizard!

Here's some more of my Adventures in Commodore Land series from about seven years ago when I decided to make my own video-game parody inspired by real events in video game history!


"To the modern boy, a day in the land of Commodore may seem like a bore.
But he would be wrong because he never heard of the day Kong Donka showed up and didn't bother the door.
The Royal Family wasted no time in summoning the Royal Fleet.
Though often successful in vanquishing pixels, all fell beneath Kong's feet."

"The next line of defense was Missile Command but it soon became clear that more was in demand.
Surely the great Pac-Man would make everything fine, in his heyday he accumulated two-hundred gallons of quarters and dimes!
Though the yellow dot was greatly respected in the town he called home, Kong Donka proved to be in a league of his own."
(Poor classic arcade games getting trashed by the big ape!)

"As one might expect, the ape snagged the princess.
'To ransom or devour' was Kong's question of interest.
The situation was bleak, the king was aware.
If the princess was eaten, the king would have no heir.
For Commodore to endure, power must pass from father to child.
But if Atara should perish, anarchy would run wild."

"Just when it appeared all hope was dashed,
the king's janitor-plumber-carpenter-second cousin showed up to pick up his cash.
The king told him, 'No, you can't have your check
For Kong Donka has made my bank into a wreck.
Janitors are tough, their labor is rough.
But if you wanna see heck, try refusing one his check."
I remember I was really proud of that Mario sequence back in the day.

"Before the final blow was struck, Mad Wizard Miyamoto showed up and offered the hero a million bucks.
Miyamoto explained he'd created the ape, but needed a hero for a game to make.
The day had been won, but the janitor was done.
He left for the land of Nintendo that day, and the king had one less contract to pay."
Good ol' Nintendo...

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