View Full Version : Singers Who Are Washed Up

11-28-2009, 03:05 AM
Here's a topic I came up with. Some people ruin themselves, let their skills fade away, or just get too old to do it anymore. Tell us the singers who you think are washed up, or long past their prime.

I was watching the technical mess that was the Dancing With the Stars season finale and noticed Whitney Houston. After recovering from the shock that she was still alive, I got the shock that her voice is completely gone. God, that was ugly. She has no volume left, and no lung capacity at all. This, coming from a woman who at one point could probably knock over a wall with the power of her lungs. She's not even that old. Not particularly a fan, but its sad and pathetic to see the husk that the drugs left behind. In comparison, look at somebody like Cyndi Lauper (56) or Celine Dion (41) who arguably have higher ranges than they did in their youth from years of practice and refinement.

And Mariah is getting dangerously close to cracking out as well.

Sword Slicin' Leo
11-28-2009, 08:10 PM
I would have to say Vince Neil... Motley Crue was one of the baddest bands in the world.... now, not so much! Vince Neil needs to hang it up...