View Full Version : Trade puzzle cards and checklists cards with me

04-10-2003, 06:50 PM
I have the following cards for trade...

Puzzle cards-

Leonardo-112, 114, 117
Raphael-94, 97, 100
Michelangelo-103, 104, 107
Donatello-85, 88

Checklist cards-
2 Raphaels
1 Leonardo

I also have a Previews card 13 of 20 for trade

I need any of the following cards...

Puzzle Cards-

Leonardo-116, 119, 120
Raphael-95, 96, 101, 102
Donatello-89, 90, 93
Michelangelo-110, 111

Checklist Cards-

If we can help each other out please PM me to reserve your card(s) Also, let me know what cards you have that I need that you can trade me. Cards will be reserved in the order I recieve the PM's. More cards will be added to the list as I get them.