View Full Version : Old items that aren't worth much money

02-27-2012, 07:12 PM
When you see an item is old, most of the time it at least has some good value. Well, that is not always the case. As you can see here, a set of around 500 Classical LP records sold for a measly $31 including shipping, which means that the seller only nets about a penny per LP! Many Easy Listening and Country records aren't worth that much, too.


Ouch! 57 cassettes for just around a penny a piece after fees by the seller. That's over $500 worth of musical memories right down the toilet. If I find even a 1970s-era country cassette or 8-track, it's going straight to the garbage bin!


87 classic Atari games, 4 consoles (all different variants), 10 joysticks and 4 paddles. In other words, each system is worth $5, each paddle $1, each joystick 50 cents, each game worth barely 40 cents. All for about the price of a new XBOX 360 game. Pretty sad for something that would have costed about $2500 in 1982. http://www.ebay.com/itm/260903881204

Other items that come to mind that are vintage include certain magazines with low demand (National Geographics Post-WWII, even those from the 1920s & 30s are only worth about a dollar mostly due to the ads), Typewriters made since the turn of the 20th century aren't worth too much (often less than $100 even for some around 100 years old), and even certain TV sets from the 1950s often don't sell at around $200.

A good lesson from this post is that many items are better bought many years after they are released (but not everything and often not too long), particularly involving items that quickly fade out of fashion and are made obsolete and/or are best-sellers where they are so common you might as well wait until the price comes down.