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06-21-2012, 09:34 AM
So my chick came across these stainless steel replicas of Lion-O's Sword Of Omens. She collects swords and when she saw them she couldn't pass it up. I think this is where she ordered them from, but those pictures are awful and don't do the sword justice at all, sadly I have yet to find better ones:


I haven't had time to take any good pictures yet. Those ad pictures make it look like just an elaborate toy; in fact, it's 46" long, polished, sharpened stainless steel, and the Eye Of Thundera actually lights up. The handle is adorned with red and blue jewels, and one of the jewels is discreetly replaced by a button that lights up the eye when pressed. It's also heavy as F*CK, the first time I picked it up I was shocked by the heft of it.

A few minor details regarding quality/accuracy:

1: The blade of the sword itself is longer than the cartoon by quite a bit; whether that's good or bad seems to depend on personal taste. Some feel its length is impractical, and it likely is for anything other than display purposes. My first comment (other than "Holy sh*t, this thing's heavy!") was "No wonder Lion-O never uses this thing indoors." The blade itself is the biggest difference from the "real" Sword of Omens. It's thinner and longer by necessity as it's actual steel. In the cartoon there is a small raised detail on the blade just above the Eye, which this Sword did not duplicate, likely for reasons of simplicity. We dig it, trading cartoon accuracy for general bad-assedness. For "real-life", it's about as accurate as it gets. I've seen more accurate ones (minus the light-up Eye) but they cost a whole lot more. To me practicality trumps the need for 100% accuracy, but your mileage may vary.

2: In some photos I've seen, a few other people have quality issues with their Eye Of Thundera; sometimes they Eye is facing the wrong way or completely upside-down. She actually insisted on getting two swords, and on both of ours the Eye is fine, for what it is. The "Eye" itself is a raised clear hard "bubble" casing with red lights and a sticker affixed to the inside. In some places there are tiny air bubbles in the sticker, hard to see except up close. Simple, practical, and so far it works fine; "at rest" the Eye may look a very tiny bit "cheap", but lit up it looks PERFECT as the bright red glow hides all the imperfections. I can foresee a day when the bulbs may need replacing, but hopefully that's a long ways off.

3: The "hooks" on the sides of the handle, one is *very* slightly longer than the other side, but I literally had to measure it 5 or 6 times to be sure. Both swords had this flaw, it's barely noticeable and probably something in the mold. The bottom of the handle unscrews to reveal the battery case (2 AAs).

4: The handle is adorned with red and blue jewels; on mine, all but one are rounded off, one blue one is noticeably sharp. On hers, one "blue" jewel is replaced with a purple one. She kept that one as purple is her favorite color. Apparently that too is a manufacturing thing.

5: The handle design is almost entirely accurate to the original show, right down to the number of "rings" and jewels in the handle, and the design on the hooks. Amazing job! One "difference" that may be a personal choice, is that in some parts of the cartoon the hilt/handle was colored black or a dark blue-green at times. This can be ignored, as in toys, comics and other media the Sword's handle often appears silver, blue or even red. Mary is opting to customize hers with black paint, while I'm keeping mine as it is for now. I don't have time to take care with it, and if I botch it I'll never forgive myself. As it is, even plain silver the detail work is terrific.

6: Both of ours were shipped with a very, very small amount of dirt, and "Pakistan" printed on the blade, easily removed. Each also had its own simple black leather sheath; I've seen other places sell them with different style sheaths or even a wooden stand, so that part seems up to the distributer.

So far I'm in love with it, it's something I've dreamed of having since I was a kid but was amazed to see anyone had actually gone so far as to create. So far we only took one photo, just so she could indulge in some Photoshopped lightning... http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=259762140790119&set=a.105560789543589.6100.100002690055933&type=1&theater
I'll put more up when I can to better show the quality of the sword itself.

Anyone else seen/have/want/heard of this sword? I figure as collectibles go it's a great discussion piece, and about as accurate as we'll see in this lifetime. I know there's lots of Thundercats fans on here so I figured this might interest some. I recommend this piece, although I've heard of some having wiring issues with the Eye. For now, A all the way.

I added "Replica Swords" to the thread title in case anyone would like to talk about other replica weapons beyond the Thundercats sword. FYI, that same site has all the TMNT weapons available, also... ;)

06-22-2012, 02:07 AM
Sorry for double-posting; apparently Mary also ordered a Master Sword from The Legend Of Zelda, and it came today. I went ahead and took some pictures of both the Master Sword and the Sword Of Omens, feel free to check 'em out and let me know what you think.

The Master Sword is about 4lbs, 29" stainless steel blade with the Triforce engraved into it near the handle, which is wooden and painted a dark blue. It came with a hard wooden decorative scabbard and shoulder strap, although sheathing and unsheathing it with it strapped across your shoulder is almost impossible in any practical sense. The scabbard is painted the same dark royal blue as the sword handle, with decorative Hylian markings in golden yellow.

-Some minor dirt on the blade and scabbard, and Pakistan shows up again; both easily removed.
-A tiny chip on the handle of the sword near the blade, likely easily fixed with some touch-up paint if necessary.
-Some of the yellow paint on the scabbard is a little thin, almost chipped in small spots, however it is minor. I've seen pictures on other websites of the same exact sword shipping with different scabbards with totally different design and detail work.
-The handle is bound in thin soft leather for a good grip, the same color blue as the handle itself.
-Blade has a sharpened edge; it is about a foot shorter than the Sword Of Omens.

I always wanted a sword collection but never got around to it; these gifts more than make up for lost time. Now to save up and/or sell blood and/or organs to get the He-Man Power Sword replica I want...

06-22-2012, 11:23 AM
Yours looks very nice. The ad does make it look like a toy, though. I wouldn't buy one myself, due to cost and having too much stuff already.
On indoors swords...Yeah. I had costume I made, with armor, and a 6'5" sword. The sword was so impractical, I hardly took it anywhere. And I was always knocking stuff over, or off the walls with the armor.

This picture is small, old and crappy, but you can get an idea of what happens inside a house, nightclubs and stuff were fine.