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02-04-2013, 06:14 AM
Hey all This is my custom Michaelangelo and Klunk 1985 figure. It won 3rd place in a contest on figurerealm last fall.
The link is here.







02-05-2013, 03:02 AM
Oops... I merged the threads about this figure together, and as I was cleaning up the duplicate posts, I accidentally deleted the first post, which caused vBulletin to wipe out the entire thread. I managed to save all the text from the posts, though, so I will quote them below. Very sorry about that, everyone. :oops:

Great figure. Probably took a lot of work.

Very sneaky skirting of the "20 posts/1 month before you sell stuff stuff"
rule, though.

EDIT: Also, there's a forum specifically for custom action figures here (http://forums.thetechnodrome.com/forumdisplay.php?f=39) for future reference so as not to have to post 2 identical threads.
Thats is amazing, I love that issue and I love your figure.
Fantastic work, this was shared in the customs section of the boards some weeks back and everyone loved it. For future reference, if you make any more and wanna share with us, that'll be the place to do it. This section doesn't get as much attention as that one does, anyways. I do hope there's more from ya! As for the BST section, had you read the rules you'd see that you're not permitted to sell anything here until you've made 25 posts (or was it 20?) and have been a member for a week (so I'd remove the link, personally). At any rate, welcome aboard!
Thank you for the compliments! I worked really hard on this over the course of a month. Its so near and dear to me but even though I made it I cant even afford to keep it.
Man, "sneaky" is a harsh label. Id much perfer, "resourceful, active, able, enterprising, even sly". But Sneaky? ouch

Blue Turtle, thank you for the warm comment. I love That image of the Ghost Busting Ninja Turtles. They would make an excellent custom... HMMMM 8)
I was browsing Ebay and spotted this before finding this post :) Seeing the figure filled me with all kinds of Christmas joy, even though we're in February and I don't celebrate Christmas!

Amazing job! All your hard work shows. He looks very true to the comic :thumbsup:
Thanks alot. I had no idea it was listed in the forums already. Im gonna have to go digging now.

Yes youre right, I didnt read the rules. Kinda flying by the seat of my pants here. Im gonna take a gamble that who ever manages the threads realizes Im not some guy trying to cash in my old TMNT toys and actually understands that Im just trying to spread the word that this custom is now obtainable. Hopefully to a good home of a die hard Mikey fan.
Wow! That is amazing! Great work man, very impressive!
Thank you for the compliments Yorae and Megatron!

@ Yorae, making this toy last november and staring at him through out all of December actually got me (mentally) through the holidays. It was a weird thing. I think Im like most people who are poor in the fact that Im not really into Christmas at all up untill Christmas eve. Then on Christmas eve I get all gushy and emotional and really get into the spirit of the Holiday. (probably all the alcohol) Hey dont forget even though were in February doesnt mean Mikey has to wear the Santa hat. The hats are interchangable (and have magnets in them). You can store the santa hat away and Mikey Looks seriously Bad a$$ in the skull cap and street clothes alone.
saw it on Figure realms, nice to share it here as well. Very nice custom.
That is so cool! Nicely done!!!
nicely done!
Nice custom, I feel like I saw it before.
Youre right Rat King. Its been posted here by other people than myself. But I'm actually the creator of the custom. I just joined yesterday and didnt even know people were talking about this months ago. It was a really good feeling to see people liked it.. I had NO idea since I only posted it on Figurerealm.
I knew I saw it somewhere else:):D
Awesome work bro