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Hey guys that got ran over by tractors if you where to woodstock tell your story , if you like the Beatles talk about your favorite albums , songs , and beatles

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06-08-2013, 07:40 PM
I'd like to share my aunt Pat's experience with the Beatles.

The year; 1964. My aunt entered a contest for radio station KILT (then rock/now sports talk). Days later when her mother drove her from high school, they listened to KILT, announced her name & had 5 minutes to call in & claim her prize. So they pulled into a gas station, went to a pay phone & she won a chance to see The Beatles in New Orleans! Back then, Houston wasn't a popular city for big concerts.

So she boarded a bus full of screaming fans, heading down U.S. 90 from Houston to New Orleans. All they had to eat that time was cold fried chicken.

When they arrived @ Tulane Stdium, the seats were in the nosebleed section, my aunt couldn't enjoy the music because of all the screaming! When she came home from Houston, she had to wait in the pouring rain for her mother to pick her up because her sister (my mother) had the car that night.

I get a kick out of that story my aunt told me. Later I found out the date of the concert was September 16, 1964. 27 years later, I ventured out down I-10 to San Antonio to meet Mario Lopez!