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06-25-2013, 05:49 PM
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06-25-2013, 07:16 PM
Great analysis, especially the part on how she was willing to send her father away in an attempt to make peace with the turtles. I thought that is a very interesting take.
4Kids Karai is my fav although I did not like the closure she got dating the geeky guy.

The Big Bad
06-26-2013, 09:11 AM
In list format, cause there’s a lot of thoughts I don’t feel like organizing into an essay.

1) I don’t think there’s evidence to suggest that Karai didn’t know her father was evil. I think that there’s plenty of evidence that she knew perfectly well and didn’t care, as long as Saki didn’t cross a few arbitrary lines she’d set up. Yes, she’s against killing millions of people in a single stroke, but given that she is implicitly fine with destroying lives via the Foot’s regular operations, she’s far from a moral paragon even at the best of times—just because something’s the lesser of all possible evils doesn’t mean it’s suddenly good. While she balked at the idea of killing the people of Beijing, she did nothing to prevent her father’s departure from Earth, which she knew would likely result in countless deaths. In short, Karai is not a good person.

2) What does Karai want? I tend to believe that Karai was perfectly happy with her life before the turtles first “killed” her father. She knows that returning to that is impossible, but failing that, she wants a set-up in which she can be both the daughter his father wants and Leonardo’s friend. It’s impossible of course, but then, a solution presents itself: the Shredder wants to build a spaceship and leave Earth, leaving the Foot in Karai’s hands until his return (which given Utrom lifespans and the distances involved, could easily be long after Karai has died). Suddenly, she can build a lasting peace between the Foot and the turtles without losing her father’s approval. And everything would have gone as planned until the turtles (and Bishop) attack the mansion and she loses everything. This, more than anything else is what I believe underpins her season 4 behavior—the idea that she had been willing to lose her father—whom she’d likely never see again—for the turtles and they had to go and effectively get him killed.

3) I think the key thing to understand about Karai is this: from the moment Leonardo and Karai meet, they are wrong about each other. They believe they’re kindred spirits bent the same way, when they’re not. Karai believes that if she just lets The Shredder leave Earth, Leo will be fine with that. Leo appears to believe that her unwillingness to kill him or his brothers somehow means she isn’t up to her eyeball in the Foot’s business, or doesn’t care about Foot Business as long as it’s hidden.

4) I don’t agree that making Karai the Shredder’s subordinate “weakened” her, or conversely, that that the Mirage version’s higher placement on the Foot Clan org chart axiomatically made her a better character, which is what every argument claiming her superiority seems to boil down to. Reading the original “City at War”, it strikes me that there’s not a whole lot to her—she does what the role asks her to do, and her subsequent appearances haven’t done a whole lot to flesh her out beyond that—I don’t think it speaks terribly well of her that she hasn’t had any key stories since her introduction. She has potential, but it’s never been properly explored.

Yes, her 4Kids version is very much informed by her relationship with the Shredder. However, no matter how she may have come about it, I find that she has an inner life that is absent from other incarnations, and that, in the end, makes her the stronger version.

Um...you planning on crediting the people who originally wrote that? Cause the section I quoted, at least, is something I originally wrote (http://mimeparadox.tumblr.com/post/52459002971/the-noble-salamander-heres-my-feelings-about-karai-i#permalink-notes) for Tumblr, and the fact that you don't distinguish between the two writers makes me think that you didn't write the first part either.

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06-26-2013, 03:04 PM
Ah, plagiarism... the ever growing pox of the internet.

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