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09-25-2013, 08:54 AM
Hey Folks,

I had a weird thought today, after some good ol' looking around my collection.

Each season of the shows... had some sort of "iconic" set of figures, that was... canon.... kind of.

So I'd like your opinions on which set, matches which season of the shows the best.

2003 Series
Season 1 - The base set
Season 2 - Id say the Battle Nexus ones..
Season 3 - more of the space related story... so.. Space Hoppin?
Season 4 - ehhh Leo got all emo here.... nothing really stands out
Season 5 - the mystic fury figures
Season 6 - Fast forward figures

let me know your thoughts, on the other series :)

09-25-2013, 09:16 AM
Season 4: Air Ninjas!

09-25-2013, 07:57 PM
The Movie series is the easiest. For the first and second movies, just use the movie star Turtles and Splinter. For the first movie only, use the Movie Star Foot Soldiers. The 1989 Sewer Playset works decently since its a pretty small sewer compared to the others. For April, the NECA probably works the best since she isn't in her yellow jumpsuit that much. But this only works for the first movie per the casting change. I'd just use the figure from the newsvan since she has a green jumpsuit. Movie I Shredder is tricky; but I'd just use Toon Shredder since 2k3's is too robotic with the Ch'rell design.

Of course for Movie II, use Tokka, Rahzar, and Super Shredder. Have any generic male action figure and give him a lab suit to create Professor Perry.

As cheesy as movie III was, it provided the most comprehensive toyline for that movie (until the 2007 movie of course). Don't forget to use the same Splinter from the first two films and dent him up!

For the OT, it isn't much a matter of seasons but a matter of characters available. You could paint April brown for the Red Sky Seasons, but that era is void of new figures released for that period of the show except for the Cyber-Turtles. No Dregg, HAVOC, Carter means that only some real die-hards could make good, accurate molds. Season 1 of the OT obviously works the best since almost all characters/vehicles (makes sense since this was the only season funded by Playmates). Most of the themed toylines during the OT era were a separate premise from the show and had nothing to do with advancing the series on the OT itself, and that was one of the problems why sales started to sag. The Technodrome for instance only changed its location through the seasons, and there's no ocean, arctic, Dimension X, asteroid, or even underground playset to follow it.