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09-28-2013, 04:17 PM
Infernal Star is written interactive novel series that I started putting together earlier this year. It's still in it's beginning stages, but here is the set up I have so far.

The story begins in the year 2524. The Planet Earth can no longer sustain life. The finite resources of Planet Earth have been nearly depleted. Pollution had made fresh air almost non-existent. The polar ice caps have melted forcing numerous nations to evacuate their homes and countries, while others are lost completely. Food is scarce and unfortunately so is land.

In an effort to try and solve the rising situation the leaders of the world come together. The agreement they come is a long shot, but the only solution they feel can guarantee human kinds survival.

The Aquila, an ark ship is built and commissioned with the task of carrying:

All persons between the ages of newly born to 20 years

All women who are 4 or more months pregnant.

Newly married couples between the ages of 19-30

This of course has mixed reactions. While numerous people do willingly place their children on the Aquila and others who board the Aquila of their own free will.

In other cases families were torn apart. Children pulled from their mothers arms, husbands forced away from their wives at gun point. Some attempting to run or choosing to remain together though death as they would be separated in life.

Once on board most adults and teens were inducted into the Aquila's crew. Others were given the task of teaching and looking after the younger children.

For years the Aquila drifted through the universe. The children of the Aquila, grew, helped aboard the ship, had families, and died. Their descendants did the same. Cultures and languages gradually began to fade out until at last the people of the Aquila were one race alone...human. There was no record of how many years had past since leaving Earth, all they knew was that they were to drift in space until a life supporting planet could be found. Or they died out all together.

Most things on the Aquila were synthetic or were only something that existed in stories. The inhabitants had never experienced sunset, change of the seasons, or breathed fresh air.

Arrival New Earth, year 1.

After an unknown number of generations had pasted a life supporting planet surrounded by three suns is found. At once the planet is dubbed New Earth and the eager humans begin to settle into their new home recycling the Aquila and reusing it to build a settlement.

Before long the humans begin to realize the planet is inhabited by creatures that look like they walked out of human fantasy. Some of them were humanoid in appearance. While others look more like they walked off the set of a scifi TV show. While others have more animalistic features. These creatures were the Amalia. The two groups were wary of each other. The humans views about the Amalia were split, some of them felt the planet belonged to them now. While others felt that they should learn to live in peace with the Amalia as they understood the planet and it's ways. Perhaps both groups can learn from each other. While more neutral minded people were only interested in what they could gain from either side.

The same sentiments were true for the Amalia as well.