View Full Version : Marvel Cinematic Universe rides at Disneyland concepts

10-05-2013, 04:50 PM
Since Disney bought Marvel and the Avenger movies are a huge success, i think it's time Disneyland California Adventure does some rides based on the MCU known as Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers

For Thor, i want it to be similar to Splash Mountain/Jurassic Park but indoors where you are on a boat exploring the world of Asgard with the films of Thor especially animatronics abound with some video footage at times and for the climax you are being plunged down while Thor deals with the movie's new villain then you see Odin and the kingdom saying that Thor has won.

For Iron Man, it should be a simulator ride yet as you wait in line you are inside of Stark Industries seeing videos on the history of the industry then you are behind the eyes of Iron Man in the suit taking flight and battling the movie baddies.

For Guardians of the Galaxy, it should be a rollercoaster with Rocket Raccoon as an animatronic who greets you before you enter as you are going fast and into space plus seeing spaceships firing at you with Rocket Raccoon's voice as the guide plus add some special effects like fog, water squirting and all that.

For Captain America, it should be kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean/Indiana Jones Adventure/Haunted House/Big Thunder Mountain combined where you are riding in an army vehicle as you are encountering WWII and modern activity with animatronics of Hydra, Captain America movie characters and himself of course, you would go to turns and twists especially going down after the plane crashes to be in the modern present as you see more thrills from the sequel movie then for the finale Captain America feels victorious as he has won to save our country.

And finally for The Avengers it should set place before you go as you are inside SHIELD with Nick Fury doing video introductions on what is SHIELD and you go slow then fast as it would be like an indoor rollercoaster with animatronics of the characters especially Hulk who would hurl holographic rocks at you then for the climax it would be a big one when you are entering the leviathan then see Loki defeated as you are slowing down seeing everyone cheer for The Avengers with Nick Fury congratulating them.

Sounds like neat concepts for rides?