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11-01-2013, 07:40 AM
After reading through the forums I've come to notice that people have a lot of hatred towards Ch'rell or the utrom shredder in the 4kids cartoon and I don't understand why.
Most of the reasons I've noticed people had were that because he's not human like in the comics or the 80s toon, some other forms of utrom prejudice(lol), or some other lame unjustified reasons.
I grew up with the 4kids version of ninja turtles but was aware that the 80s version existed and I thought it was cool that the Shredder was actually an utrom. First of all I like the twist revealed in season 2 when we find out he's an evil intergalactic criminal of an utrom because I didn't see it coming and was knocked off my rocker. With him being an utrom and having history with the utroms makes it feel that the Shredder as a villain is more intimately linked with the turtles and Splinter compared to as if he were his regular human counterpart. I don't read the comics but I'm aware of the origin in that Shredder is Oroku Saki/shredder - he kills hamato Yoshi - Yoshi's pet rat escapes and is mutated along with the turtles by thwe utroms - the turtles fight the shredder and kill him. All of that feels a little impersonal to me in that killing the shredder wasn't the turtle's fight to begin with - it was master splinter's who just happened to raise 4 turtles.
With the shredder being an utrom, and the turtles being mutated by the utroms, it makes it more fitting that by association the shredder is the turtle's enemy, as well as splinter's because shredder did kill yoshi in the show too. It makes the shredder more menacing to me as well considering that he's an intergalactic criminal that is very menacing and quite the universal threat - as if that if the shredder 'wins' the entire universe is doomed - so the turtles must stop him. If he was a human he would just kill the turtles and that would be it. It's not like the world would be doomed if shredder won.
In terms of quality of the Shredder's character in the 4kids toon, I'd love to hear everyone else's opinions considering utrom shredder. By the way i thought the demon shredder story arc was crap and unnesecary. Just my opinion tho.

11-01-2013, 07:46 AM
BY THE WAY. I just noticed another thread titled "why do people hate Ch'rell?" so I know this one is pretty much the same. Still though - Utrom Shredder is still a very controversial topic :P

11-01-2013, 08:20 AM
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Yes I misspelled his name yet I don't give a rat's ass to go back and correct it. That's how much I don't care about the character. Oooh I'm badass.