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I have an idea for a Sonic and TMNT crossover. It would be called Sonic and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: When Worlds Collide.

Sonic plays like Lost World

Leonardo plays like Out of the Shadows

The game would begin with Eggman using the newly-stolen Time Stones to open a portal, which turns out to lead to the TMNT's world. Meanwhile, Shredder is creating a portal with the help of his Foot Tech. The portal is made, and sucks Sonic and friends into the TMNT world. Sonic lands on the streets, while Tails ends up at the doorstep of Foot HQ. Eggman is on the rooftop of TCRI and unleashes Metal Sonic.

Sonic walks through the streets and finds that everyone is scared of him, unlike in his world. Metal Sonic finds his way into the sewers and fights Leonardo. Sonic confronts Slash on the surface and falls into the turtles' lair.

Stage 1(Leonardo): The Sewers

Boss 1: Metal Sonic

Stage 1 (Sonic): New York Streets

Boss 2: Slash

Sonic and Leonardo meet face to face and mistake each other for Metal Sonic and Slash, thus fighting.

Boss 3: Leonardo/Sonic

Tails is taken by Shredder. Shredder offers to give Tails to Eggman if Eggman gives Shredder mutagen. Eggman puts mutagen in the trading machine, which causes tails to mutate into a half-Tails, half beaver beast.

Shredder orders his Foot Elite (like Bebop and Rocksteady) to hunt down Sonic's other pals. Eggman finds Rouge, Omega, the Babylon Rogues, the Deadly Six, and Team Hooligan and bribes them to work under him to find the ninja turtles. After Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Espio, Charmy, and Vector are captured and mutated, Shredder sends Donatello to be roboticized by Eggman.

Sonic and Leo find out about this when they see the mutated Tails before them. Mutated Tails is now dumb (but not mindless) and loyal to Eggman and Shredder. He blames Leo for his mutation.

Boss 4: Mutated Tails. (Mutails?)

After beating him, the rest of the Mutant Masters show up, and you are whisked to a Mega Man style selection screen of each Mutant Master and their stage. The Mutant Masters act like the opposite of their normal selves; e.g., Amy hates Sonic, Knuckles is not gullible, Shadow is friendly, etc


Amy/ Central Park Zoo/ Orbot and Cubot
Knuckles/ Rockafeller Center/ Foot Elite Swarm
Shadow/ TCRI/ Shadow Android and Bebop
Blaze/ Empire State Building/ Mother Mouser
Silver/ Old New York Harbor/ Artificial Chaos and Rocksteady
Espio/ Chinatown/ Mother Motobug
Charmy/ Metropolitan Museum of Art/ Egg Gunner on Footski
Vector/ Sewers/ Killer Pizza Monsters

After you have defeated and freed all of them, Mecha Donatello appears at the center.

Mecha Donatello/ Foot HQ

After beating him, you then see Mecha Mike, Mecha Raph, and Mecha Casey appear. At Eggman and Shredder's fortress, you see the Egg-Foot Elite having a huge rave party. Shredder and Eggman then proceed to mutate Rouge. Eggman remarks that Rouge's mutation was partly out of fear she would betray him, partly for fun.

Mecha Mike/ Pizza place
Mecha Raph/ Rooftops
Mecha Casey/ Back alley

After that, you witness the Death Technodrome rising. Tails decides to attack the Death Technodrome. Tails creates an opening in the Death Technodrome with the help of Casey Jones and Shadow. Eggman and Shredder then mutate Omega and the Sonic Characters captured by Mecha Donatello. Sonic and Leonardo dive in and confront the Neo Mutant Masters. Unlike the Mutant Masters, whom are like Snakeweed/SpiderBytez, the Neo Mutant Masters are all mindless monsters like those in the Notes from the Underground arc.

They are as follows, and once again can be selected in any order:


A number of other Roboticized TMNT characters, like Mondo Gecko, also lurk on the Death Technodrome.

They each inhabit a different part of the Death Technodrome. After they are all defeated and de-mutated, Eggman and Shredder unleash the Egg Foot Elite on the de-mutated Sonic allies and de-roboticized turtles and allies.

Each Character Fights a Different Egg-Foot Elite:

For example, Silver tussles with Dogpound while Mondo Gecko ends up face-to-face with Zazz.

At the end, Eggman and Shredder unleashed their combined machine. After they are defeated, the Sonic cast and the TMNT cast part ways.

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Go away forever.

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Go away forever.

I was about to post the same thing until I saw Powder beat me to it.

And the sad part is that you actually put that much effort into that idea.

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Go away forever.

That's 3 votes....

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Make that 4 votes.

Seriously miru, just stop.

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*blink* *blink* ummm..... well then... its an idea... i guess...

(nicest thing i could say and have it be true about this one)

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Interesting Idea. There were a M.U.G.E.N. games featuring Sonic or TMNT but not in the same game. I think your idea may make a great M.U.G.E.N. game

11-11-2013, 02:55 PM
I'd play it.

11-11-2013, 07:20 PM
I'd rather play a Sonic/Mega Man crossover game.

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Pretty much sums it up.
You get an A for effort though.

11-12-2013, 12:52 PM
Seems good, but you seem to talk about Sonic WAY too much.

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I'm not entirely opposed to a TMNT Sonic crossover, but I wouldn't want that one. I think mutating the Sonic cast is redundant since they already are what would qualify as a mutant in TMNT. I think you could do better than the Turtles fighting the Sonic characters. Moreover, a TMNT game needs more than just Leo playable.