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07-18-2014, 12:47 AM
Just got TMNT III for NES and I am totally stoked to play it. The game looked in great condition. The dust cover looked new and only a small amount of dust on the cartridge. I gave it a wipe down. Almost to my horror the q-tip and paper towel came out very...ewwww.

The moral of the story is...It is probably a good idea to wipe down USED games. Beware of the cooties.

Now, its safe for human hands again. My bro and I will be playing this later today.

http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c229/Urahara7/Teenage%20Mutant%20Ninja%20Turtles/NESTMNTIIIManhattanProjectGameCleaningcopy_zps28f0 b6f4.jpg (http://s28.photobucket.com/user/Urahara7/media/Teenage%20Mutant%20Ninja%20Turtles/NESTMNTIIIManhattanProjectGameCleaningcopy_zps28f0 b6f4.jpg.html)

07-18-2014, 10:49 AM
If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for it? I've been watching a few auction on ebay to try and snag a new copy, and some of them are going pretty steep!

08-02-2014, 07:00 PM
In my years of used game collecting, a q-tip that dirty isn't unusual on even a good looking cart. Ironically, enough, games that I buy used in those old black slipcovers tend to have much dirtier contacts than carts I find loose. I think maybe all the gunk collects near the bottom and maybe some critters like to crawl into a dark enclosed space to do their business. I give all my carts a good wipe down before inserting them into my hardware.

Be glad that it works well after a good cleaning, because the Manhattan Project was one of the NES's greatest moments.

08-12-2014, 10:15 AM
At least you have an interesting story that went with it. :)

Gentleman Octopus
08-15-2014, 07:36 AM
That's in pretty good condition for a 20 year-old game!