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08-11-2014, 05:27 PM

Exactly as the title says. Here are mine.


*The turtles themselves. Despite the designs, which I did get over after a while, they were really funny, charming and overall just fun to watch.

*The action/fight scenes...they were just awesome! The snow chase scene was by far the highlight of the movie for me, and the final fight with Shredder was also awesome.

*The humor/jokes (except for a few)


*The first half of the movie. Dragged on way too long with way too much focus on April.

*April. The movie focused way too much on her and she wasn't very interesting or fun to watch...this goes for all of the human characters, really. Vern, Eric Sachs...

*Eric Sachs...what was the point of him? I'm pretty sure he was supposed to be Shredder and that's the only reason he was still here...he's pretty much just Karai (Shredder's second in command) and Baxter (scientist) in one new boring character.

*Splinter learning ninjutsu....from a book that he found in a sewer...that was written in Japanese...seriously, that it SO stupid and I can go on and on about how much I hate that, but yeah...

*Mikey's...erm..."thirst" for April. Some of the lines were funny, but it got really weird and annoying really fast.

That's all I can think of as of right now. So what are your pros and cons?

08-11-2014, 06:13 PM

Many of the action scenes (Splinter vs. goons/Shredder, Shredder vs. Raph, entire snow sequence, final rooftop battle).
The dynamic between the turtles.
A fair amount of the comedy.
The visuals w/ the turtles and Shredder.


Overall plot was pretty generic/bland.
A moderate amount of the dialogue with the human characters was exposition heavy and not engaging.
Karai's a throwaway character.
I still think the new designs are way too busy.
Splinter looked very fake compared to the rest (a few close-ups aside).

08-11-2014, 06:39 PM
I loved how the turtles actually felt like teenagers
Great fight scenes
Loved how splinter put the disciplinary smackdown on the turtles
The dynamic between the turtles (including splinter)
Elevator scene (& other humor)
Shredder felt like a legit threat
Overall was entertaining

Writing could have been better
Too much focus on April
Shredder was ok but felt like TF reject
While i got over the turtles looks, they are still UGLY
CGI could have been better

08-11-2014, 07:05 PM
*The Turtles themselves were great. I still don't like their designs, but when they were onscreen, that was when the movie was good. Example being the elevator scene.
*Splinter Vs. Shredder. The lair fight between these two has to be, hands down, one of the best fight scenes between those two in the franchises' history. I absolutely loved it.
* The action sequences were pretty rad as well.

As for cons, I'll just leave this:

Let's see, where do I start:

-Erich Sacks getting more screen time than Shredder
-Karai not playing any large role in the film
-Foot Clan not being ninjas
-Megan Fox's "acting"
-6-foot bulletproof TMNT. Splinter's design wasn't hat great either
-No Hamato Yoshi
-The villains' plan in the film is basically a ripoff of The Lizard's in "The Amazing Spider-Man"
-Rushed plot
-April taking out Shredder
-Shaky cam
-No real character development for the Turtles
-For a movie called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", April sure does get a lot more screentime than the title characters do.

08-11-2014, 07:14 PM

Turtles were portrayed almost perfectly
Splinter actually fought
Shredder was scary as hell
cartoonish plot
Real action
Leo yelling "dad! dad!" as the gates close and shredder and splinter are locked in a room


Megan Fox doesn't feel like a real actor
Movie felt a bit slapped together
The pizza hut scene where splinter describes the pizza for 3 minutes
"If you get thirsty I've got some orange crush behind the fridge, dont tell raph" in the middle of a life and death situation

Radical Raph
08-12-2014, 08:50 AM

-The visual effects. Everything looked about as real as it could be considering we are looking at fully CGI ninja turtles and a mutant rat.

-Splinter's fight scene in the lair was a highlight. I liked how he used his tail as a weapon.

-Some of the humor. The elevator scene, the adrenaline scene, some of Mikey's lines, and even some of Vern's lines had me laughing.

-The buck buck scene. This was one of the only things kind of foreshadowed in the movie and it sorta paid off during the Shredder fight which was one of my favorite parts.

-Turtle kids. I loved that we got to see them grow up and the training sequences were pretty cool.

-The designs. I never really had much problem with the designs. Mikey looks a bit weird sometimes, but I love the look of Leonardo and Raphael even if they turned out to be a bit too bulky.

-The build up leading to the reveal of the turtles. The opening sequence kind of undercuts this a little, but I like that they took their time introducing the turtles and we see them little by little until April gets to meet them up close.

When I saw Raphael in the subway, kicking that Foot soldier in the light of a passing train, it made me giddy.

-The turtles using their shells as sleds. It was a cool and creative idea that had some payoff to it during the snow sequence.

-Oroku Saki (or whoever he was supposed to be). The first glimpse we get of him is pretty badass and intimidating. I'm talking about before he puts on the suit.

-Fichtner. Even though I didn't care for his character, Fichtner is solid in anything he does and I liked that he started out as a nice guy, but then had a nice creepy vibe to him that was slowly revealed.

-Donnie's staff. This was definitely the coolest weapon and the most utilized. I loved how creative he was with it and it totally fit his personality.


-Physics. They really bent the laws on this one. Despite everything looking real, sometimes the turtles movements didn't feel natural, especially considering their size.

The camera also seemed to have no physical limitations which only made me feel disconnected as a viewer.

-Lack of martial arts. The turtles' super strength made their martial arts skills feel pointless. The choreography in the fights wasn't all that engaging, mostly due to the ridiculous camera, and showed that they didn't have to rely on martial arts to win.

I mentioned earlier that we got to see the turtles training as kids, where was THAT while they were fighting the Foot? Think of how awesome the movie would have been with that kind of choreography.

-Inconsistencies. The movie would go from real to cartoon within the same scene. For example, Raphael training with his sais as a kid feels really authentic at first. Then he shreds a block of wood into a perfect sculpture in a matter of seconds. Not only did it play like a cartoon, but since when is Raphael an artist? (Maybe they were making some kind of joke about the renaissance artist?)

Another example with Raph, he gets his shell cracked by Shredder and has to have Donatello tape him up before he can save Leo. But then moments later we see him crashing shell first into a Humvee and coming out just fine.

-Bad directing. I don't really need to expand on this.

-Megan Fox. She did okay in some scenes, but you can't help comparing her to someone better. There were too many scenes of her just standing there with very little expression on her face.

-Overly complicated plot. Project Renaissance, April's dad, Sacks' plan, Sacks' back story, and how they had to connect everything to the turtles' origin was ridiculous. Couldn't we have spent more time getting to know the turtles? They don't really expand on their characters at all. Even the origin scene felt cut short. We only see Leonardo branded his weapon and then it immediately cuts back to more unnecessary plotting. What about the other turtles? Splinter never even introduces them by name.

Sacks' plan wasn't clever and didn't make sense to me. If this was supposed to be for kids, they definitely made that part way more complicated than it needed to be. It just led to more screen time with Sacks explaining his plan two or three times when it could have been really simple for a movie like this and still worked just fine.

I really don't get why he couldn't just use the turtles' blood to make his own mutants. He would have been a more enjoyable villain if he wasn't doing all this while still trying to be seen as the good guy. It just felt like a shallow attempt to give him depth.

Not to mention, you can't release a toxin nobody has heard of before above your own tower and then miraculously invent the cure and not look suspicious.

I also didn't give a **** about April's dad. Did we have any scenes with them bonding and building a relationship? No, because the movie didn't have time for it. So why include that at all? And then when it is revealed that Sacks killed her father it really comes as no surprise and I still didn't give a ****. Seriously, what did this even offer towards the movie? It was about as necessary as Peter Parker's parents subplot in the ASM and ASM2.

Also, the turtles origins. They learned ninjitsu from a book? Seriously? Not only is that ridiculous, but it makes everything feel totally random and less justified. I would have honestly preferred them learning it from a phone app if they had to go this route. At least that would have been more socially relevant.

In my opinion, this is where they really messed up and the movie would have been better if they had just used the same plot from the original origins. The actual origin tied together the Japanese motif and the Splinter/Shredder relationship infinitely better and much more naturally. And no, this is not me just being a nostalgia freak. If they were going to change the plot they should have actually improved it.

-Some of the humor. There are many moments that fall flat when the movie tries to be funny. Especially when they keep poking fun at how ridiculous the premise is. It goes from being meta to showing a lack of respect for the franchise, almost as if they were too ashamed to be making a TMNT or they didn't think the audience would buy into it. Once you are at least halfway into the movie, and the audience has already bought into your premise, those jokes should be left out to include more story beats or relevant plot humor.

Plus, there were a lot of ill-timed jokes that destroyed the tension and just made you cringe. For example, Vernon's 'ninja turtle fighting a robot samurai line' and Mikey's 'that's harsh' line were both said while Raph was practically being killed by Shredder.

-Lack of foreshadowing. This was one of those movies where there was very little fluidity between scenes. It was a '**** happens' kind of movie.

An example would be right after April meets the turtles she then realizes they were her childhood pets. What? Where did that come from? Not only was there nothing said about it before this scene, but the movie never fully capitalizes on this and felt like a poor attempt to try and give her character more purpose beyond the fact that she's a reporter trying to be taken seriously (which would have worked just fine in itself).

Raph's speech at the end. It would have been more heartfelt if they had actually shown him struggling to fit in with his brothers. Instead, the movie kind of assumes you already know that about him.

-The pacing. You barely get to spend any time with the turtles in their lair before it is destroyed. They don't develop their relationships, including Splinter, in a meaningful way. The dialogue is mostly just exposition to explain the complicated plot. Many scenes and moments end up feeling too rushed to leave an impact.

-Shredder. I know this was probably due to studio meddling, but his character felt tacked on compared to Sacks who is given more screen time/background and isn't even the main villain.

-No character development. The characters feel very thin and undercooked. I might have been okay with this if they at least had a couple scenes where the movie took them seriously.

-Mikey was a creepy asshole, not a lovable goof. It was like the entire purpose for his character was to hit on April and he was never shown giving a crap about his brothers.