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10-31-2014, 01:29 PM
Does anyone have a subscription to this? I imagine MsMarvelDuckie (Victoria) may well have a sub.

Basically, you pay a flat monthly rate or an annual fee and it grants you access to thousands of Marvel comics, sort of like a Netflix of comics. I have had one since late 2012 (at that time I paid 26 for an entire year, thanks to a special Xmas discount), but the browser reading was so poor that I didn't really start using it properly until this summer, when I got my tablet.

I have to say MU is excellent. I have read almost all of the Daredevil runs of Bendis and Brubaker twice, and have so far reread about 75 issues of Ultimate Spiderman vol 1 (I had already read most of that run). I've also read Brubaker's run on Captain America, and see plenty of other stuff to look into in future, such as Wolverine Origins, Deadpool, more of Cap, Ultimate X-Men, Punisher and rereading the Infinity Gauntlet and looking at Civil War in more depth. I'm also going to read Shadowland's tie-ins as I like The Hand (for obvious reasons). There's lots more but those are some that stand out for now. If you're into the newer comics most are added 6 months after they are first published.

The tablet interface is getting better as well. The crashes have become almost non-existent and the touch screen controls are pretty intuitive. A recent update also added a 'recently read' list (essentially allowing you to track your progress on up to twenty titles) as well as quicker streaming - you can now start reading the comic before it loads, whereas in the past you had to wait for it to load completely.

I also have Comicat and Comixology on my tablet as my reading is not confined to Marvel. But I thought I would ask if anyone else here has MU. For $69 per year or $9.99 per month (also with possible discounts) it seems a bargain.

11-07-2014, 05:05 AM
Seems like nobody is interested then. It is the least expensive way to get through entire runs of Spiderman, Captain America, X-Men, Daredevil etc.

11-17-2014, 01:33 AM
I THOUGHT my (internet) ears were burning! No, sadly, I don't have one, and haven't read any comics regularly for several years- mostly due to lack of discretionary funds. The most recent comics I bought were Usagi Yojimbo vol. 2 and vol. 8 of the IDW TMNT (Northhampton). My local library does the FCBD thing every May, but sadly, it's all donated comics (aka back issues from previous FCBD and misc old comics) from a couple of comic shops in the nearest town that HAS any comic shops. Plus, they limit how many you can have- only 2 per person. Yeah, I'm living in a comic book wasteland, and since my net access is reliant on having airtime on my hubby's phone ( I tether it) my connection isn't always the greatest, either. Once his high-speed data runs out each month, I can barely even get the Drome to load, must less sites that have a lot of extra content.

That said, I DO occasionally save a little money up to order a few trades from Amazon, but ever since the OMIT arc of Amazing Spider-Man mostly soured me on that book (and the general direction of the MU was giving me a bad taste at the time), I haven't read much Marvel, which is why I've been sticking mainly to TMNT (and Usagi!) of late. But, obviously, I'm a bit behind with those, too. (See funds issue above.)

Dave, if you're interested in more good reads from them, I could recommend a few of my faves, assuming they are on their subscription. Deadpool is indeed a good book, and if you like Spidey, I'd suggest the entirety of Peter David's run of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Spectacular S-M is also good, and if you read the JMS run of ASM, you SHOULD read both of the companion titles, especially during the Civil War and The Other arcs to get the full picture. Also, read Civil War: Frontline and the New/Dark/"Tony's" Avengers series- from the beginning!- for the entire Secret Invasion and Dark Reign arcs, as well.

I could probably come up with others, but those should get you started with everything from 2001 up to at least the end of Dark Reign. Also, for a few personal favorite "arcs", do yourself a favor and read JMS's ASM issues #37-#39, #57, #58, #500-#502, and the 9-11 tribute issue. (I don't have the issue #, but it's an incredible read!)

11-19-2014, 11:06 PM
Thanks MsMarvel. Yeah, ASM was on my radar but I needed a 'best of' as 700 issues was far too much. I planned to look at the likes of Secret Invasion and Spectacular Spiderman as well.

Thanks for the recommendations :)