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11-06-2014, 07:42 PM
Does anyone have a high quality image of the Leo on a stool drawing from the first TMNT movie? I googled around but didn't really find one. Does anyone make repro prints? That's the one prop that I'd absolutely LOVE to own.

It's my favorite scene from any TMNT so far. Leo and Raph always butt heads as we all know, but it just showed how much love between the brothers is there when Leo kept sitting and watching and waiting. Leo is usually my least favorite turtle (Raph has always been my favorite) and that scene made me really appreciate his personality and who he is to the team.

I'd love a poster or even a smaller print to frame...and if nothing else, I'd love it to be my wallpaper on my computer.

Thanks guys.

11-08-2014, 01:07 AM
There was a user here selling REALLY nice prints a few months ago. Dig around a little... she probably still has some.

11-09-2014, 09:38 PM
This might help with your wall paper at least:


11-09-2014, 09:43 PM
This makes me want to watch that movie again. (I don't have anything for you, though. Sorry. :ohwell:)