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12-08-2014, 12:11 PM
In a concert auditorium, a road crew's setting band instruments up on the stage. Mikey's on the stage, playing tympani fanfares & drumrolls for sound check. He sported these clothes.


Mikey stops drumming & talks to the readers.

MIKEY: Yo dudes, you like my new look wearing the pants? Thought it was totally lame seeing that in the movie, until Ex-Cel made me wear pants. Looks cool!

Mikey puts the mallets away & walks along the stage.

MIKEY: I talked Guitar_Raph out of his fanfic retirement to write this one for the holidays. He consented. Ex-Cel, the band & I have been working hard on this Christmas concert We got some new members of our crew as well.

Organ music's being played. Mikey has the camera crew go over to him & watches him play.

MIKEY: This is our new organist, Scout Chief!
SCOUT: (stops playing) How...cool is this? So stoked playin in a band like this.
MIKEY: Scout may be a Indian, I mean native American, but pure American in my books. Scout's uncle is that Superfriend, Apache Chief. So can you grow tall?

Then, bass guitar music's heard. Mikey goes over to watch him play.

MIKEY: Coming back in the band, after Don left, Silver Sentry!

Sentry messes on the bass. A minute later, Mike has the camera crew follow him off stage where we hear a trumpet & two saxophones jam. Mikey spots them in the banquet room playing while shirtless.

MIKEY: Guys, this is a Christmas concert, not Chippendale's!

They stop playing.

DEXTER: Were messin for the summertime.
MIKEY: This is Ex-Cel;s horn section, Hunks on Horns. Dexter's the trumpet player. The black dude, Levar, plays sax & the vibes. The red headed curly kid is Johnny, who also plays sax & the only person I trust with my drums.
JOHNNY: Remember that promise you made Mikey?
MIKEY: Sure.

Mikey & the crew exited. And along the dressing rooms, electric guitar music's heard playing jazz.
MIKEY: Man, that's gotta be the coolest super friend I ever made, Ex-Cel Dude!

But when he walks in, he sees a black curly haired guy playing jazz riffs. He stops playing.

KEVIN: Can't you see I'm rehearsing?
MIKEY: Folks, Neil Durford left the band to get married to a sax player he met in Las Vegas. Ex-Cel hired this guy from the Nicky Twos band to be his new guitarist, Kevin Denton!

(Kevin strum rolls).

KEVIN: I'm Kevin Denton, played guitar for 10 years. Like playing rock & jazz, rhythm & lead.
MIKEY: And he sings.
KEVIN: Sometimes. Mikey, can I get back to my music without a camera crew filming me?
MIKEY: Sure.

Mikey left the dressing room & headed to a snack bar. Ex-Cel spots him.

EX-CEL: I've been looking all over for ya! They want a sound check on the drums.

Mikey leaves to go back on stage.

EX-CEL: You're gonna enjoy this concert on the next chapter!

12-08-2014, 12:49 PM
You're back! Return of the king! :lol:

12-12-2014, 11:50 AM
Backstage, the band's in a huddle, praying the concert goes well. They psyched themselves up & break huddle. Mikey grabs his tympani mallets & hands them to Johnny.

MIKEY: Merry Christmas Johnny, start the show.
JOHNNY: Cool! I won't let you down.

They all leave to the stage. The stage darkens as the crowd gets ready for a concert. The spotlight's on Johnny when he plays heroic tympani music & a drumroll. Then Dexter & Levar play Joy To The World on their horns with Johnny rolling along.

The stage lights are on & the entire band's shown. Johnny goes over to grab his saxophone.

The playlist went like this... with featured performers...

1). Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree; Ex-Cel (guitar/vocals)
2). Christmas Time In Hollis Queens; Mikey (drums/rap vocals)
3). Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas; Scout Chief (organ)
4). All Alone For Christmas; Ex-Cel (vibes), Mikey (chimes), Johnny (drums)
5). God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; Kevin & Ex-Cel (Guitar & vocals)
6). Silver Bells; Dexter (trumpet), Levar & Johnny (saxophones)
7). O Holy Night; Silver Sentry (bass/vocals)
8]. Carol of The Bells; Ex-Cel, Levar & Mikey took turns on the vibes
9). White Christmas; Kevin (lead guitar & vocals)
10). Run Rudolph Run; Mikey (guitar/vocals), Johnny (drums)
11). Hallalujah Chorus (Mikey; tympani)
12), What Child Is This?; Levar (sax), Dexter (trumpet) Ex-Cel (guitar)

Near the end of the concert, Ex-Cel intros his friends to the crowd.

EX-CEL: Now we like to do a non holiday song dedicated to Guitar_Raph.
MIKEY: This is a Christmas concert, dude!
EX-CEL: Get on your drums & play with the brushes. It's a song Kevin & I worked on called MM!

The band played a jazz jam as Kevin & Ex-Cel Dude played their 175 electric guitars. Ex-Cel played the first solo as Kevin did chords. Then 90 seconds later, Kevin soloed while Ex-Cel strummed chords. Near the end of that tune, Mikey played a super tympani drumroll as Ex-Cel announced...

EX-CEL: If you don't know why we titled this jam MM, it's Roman for 2,000. Give it up for Guitar_Raph's post number 2,000!

Concert ends.

12-14-2014, 08:26 PM
Yesssssssss! Good to see you back in form!