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01-08-2015, 01:31 PM
These are the Shredder patterns I worked on a long time ago I can't recall what game the original model was extracted from for this. I believe I scaled this for a 6 foot person but don't remember. As for scaling when you open this in Pepakura Designer measure the front of your bust from one side to the other. Convert the inches to mm. This is if you need to rescale to fit your size.

Now in Pepakura Designer with the Chest file under 2D Menu then Change Scale, put the number you have into the Width. Copy the Scale number at the bottom afterwards and use this for the other files. After you do this is will cause the pattern pieces to move so you will need to rearrange to fit the pages.

These patterns were made for paper purposes, with a little modification such as turning off the flaps and not cutting the parts too thin (like the trim) for paper you can use these for foam. Otherwise you will need to use fiberglass and bondo so finish the armor.

Just like the TMNT files you'll have to flip the pattern to make the opposite forearm and shin. In pepakura Designer you can do this is if you are building for paper just go to Other at the top of the program and select Mirror Inversion. This will flip the pattern and you may need to arrange the parts on the pages before printing.

You can research pepakura building and finishing on Youtube if you would like to get a little more in-depth on the subject.



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Uhh, why is this in the Nickelodeon section?

The Utrom Shredder isn't Nick.

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The Utrom Shredder isn't Nick.

*Evil laugh*

Candy Kappa
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What's an Ultrom?

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I misspelled it, and if this isn't the right section then the thread can be moved.