View Full Version : Please save Fanfiction and Fictionpress!

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan
01-31-2015, 04:06 AM
Since many of us here are also active at the Fanfiction and Fictionpress websites (especially Fanfiction). Since it's a place where many of us share our fandom, I don't see anything wrong with posting this here:

In recent months, both those websites have been totally mass-bombarded with strange postings of stories and forums (one was dated 12 June 2014 and is still there). First I thought it was maybe some Asian language (but labelled as languages).

It's not just one account, but rather many. This is how it looks


now, even its forums are bombarder

I've reported it to the administrators (at Fanfiction but I don't have a Fictionpress account and that websites need probably even more attention to get saved) but I need help. Please report anything you see and suspect or else. If this continues, the interest for the website might drop the upcoming wek and within some year(s) it may in worst cases have killed off the websites.

Spamming has already killed off too many Internet sites. Please don't let it happen again.