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02-02-2015, 02:15 PM
Over @ Josh Salazar's mansion, we find Josh with his family, Alan the Butler & band members, celebrating his 20 + birthday (don't wanna give away the age). Josh got some cool gifts, but the strangest gift he got was a 1/2 dozen pair of blue & white striped Speedos.

JOSH: Come on honey! Not in public! Thought that was when were in the bedroom!
MALLORY: I didn't get you those.

Josh figured it was Mikey pulling another prank. When Josh chased Mikey, Kevin followed. Josh grabbed Mikey & was about to punch him until Kevin grabbed his fist.

JOSH: Stay out of this, Kevin!
MIKEY: Listen to him, he got you the swimwear.

Josh lets go of Mikey & he leaves, then tackles Kevin down.

JOSH: You got five f***in minutes to explain why you did that!
KEVIN: They're not Speedos, they're KC swimwear! Thought you could use a wardrobe change in your superhero outfit! I'm endorsed by them. Check out my videos.
JOSH: Later, focus on the fanfic!

Kevin got up & as they went back to the guests, organ music could be heard in the computer room.

KEVIN: Mikey.

Josh rushed in to find Mikey watching a BoobTube video of another superhero who plays the organ.

JOSH: Turn that off.
MIKEY: It's a personal message for Ex-Cel Dude.

Josh watched the rest of the video of the superhero organist. He stops playing & speaks...

CAPTAIN GUY: Greetings, I'm Captain Guy! Star of The Nickel Channel's new action comedy hit, Henry Garden!
MIKEY: Like that show, but a stupid, clever anagram.
CG: I'm also a superhero musician who plays the organ, trumpet & snare drum! I challenge Ex-Cel's crew to appear on my show, sort of an all-star episode.
JOSH: I could out jazz him.
CG: Only do rock.
JOSH: You're on!

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02-14-2015, 09:15 AM
Meanwhile, over @ Dizzylodeon headquarters, we find Mr. Macy (CEO) in his office, talking to Mr. Bogswell on the speaker phone Mr. Bogswell headed The Nickel Channel.

MACY: I ought slap a lawsuit on you for plagairism, Bogswell! Henry Garden's a total ripoff of Ex-Cel & Turtle Titan!
BOGSWELL: Now, now, Macy. Captain Guy isn't a jazz cat, he's a rock cat! Besides, he plays three different instruments. And he doesn't have a reptile drummer.
MACY: Still, I'm dragging you to court! Henry Garden's a stupid show, a kid who has a superhero neighbor, Captain Guy's personal trainer who likes to play the snare drum.
BOGSWELL: Well, we've been nominated for a Children's Choice Award. And Captain Guy's challenging Ex-Cel Dude & his band to a battle jam. When can we set this up?
MACY: When donkeys fly!

Macy hangs up the phone. Ex-Cel walks into his office.

MACY: Ex-Cel, did you see that challenge?
EX-CEL: Yeah, I wouldn't mind a jam with him.
MACY: You jam with the enemy & you'll be fired!! Does anyone watch that piece of trash in your band?

Over @ the mansion, Mikey's watching Henry Garden where Henry visits Captain Guy's lair. He sees Captain Guy pumpin up iron while his musclebound personal trainer (Marc) plays a military beat on the snare drum.

HENRY: HEY! (music stops) Do you have to invite that musclebound guy every time you workout?
CG: He's my motivator.
MARC: I train him to be strong while he gave me drum lessons.
MIKEY: Oh brother.

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02-22-2015, 09:55 AM
Weeks later, Mikey watched another episode of Henry Garden. Near the tail end of the episode, we find Henry in his backyard planting seeds in his flower patch. Then he watered his area. His older sister Selma (Selma Farrell) came over.

SELMA: If it isn't the green thumb doofus, Henry Garden.
HENRY: Marvin.
SELMA: Don't care. Mom want you to come in & do your homework! Maybe Bethje (dog) should dig up your garden!
HENRY: Not that!

Just as Henry is finished with his gardening, he hears bossa nova music being played on the organ. next door. He climbs the fence & then goes to a secret passage

HENRY: Down the tube!

Henry enters his secret lair to find Captain Guy playing the organ.

CG: Hi Henry.
HENRY: Do ou have to play that South American music?
CG: Soothing. Like to calm down after fighting crime all day.
HENRY: At least play something from this continent that teens can dance to.

Captain Guy plays "What Makes You Beautiful", while Henry sighed, then dances.

HENRY: I don't see why you have to play in your costume! You're not Ex-Cel Dude.
CG: That weenie!

Henry hears Bethje barking & he immediately leaves the lair.

Days after that episode aired, Mr. Macy had Mr. Bogswell in his office.

MACY: That was a dirty trick, Bogswell!
BOGSWELL: What can I say, we have excellent writers!
MACY: Ex-Cel Dude's a weenie. you want that battle, you got it!

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02-28-2015, 12:12 PM
When Josh switched to Ex-Cel Dude, coming down the pole he finds Mikey in the lair, polishing his new custom motorcycle.

EX-CEL: Nice set of wheels!
MIKEY: Totally! Has a picture of me on it! You look so cool with your wardrobe change (referring to his new blue & white striped KCs).
EX-CEL: Anything to please Kevin. In fact, I like them. Let's roll!
MIKEY: Where are we headed?
EX-CEL: The Nickel Channel!

The boys got on & zoomed off their bikes into LA. Mikey's wondering why would they head over to their rival network.

When they arrived, security thought it's a dirty trick & wouldn't let them in. Mr. Bogswell saw from his office & had them enter over to studio 5.

In Studio 5, they entered to find they were on the set of Henry Garden. Mikey saw a weight room nearby & he saw Marc pumpin iron. When Marc spotted him...

MARC: If it isn't the reptile drummer! Shouldn't you be over in Dizzylodeon?
MIKEY: You have such a cool role as a bodybuilder who plays the snare drum.
MARC: I hate it! Just because the actor who played Captain Guy saw me messing around, he hired me to do a goofy role!
MIKEY: You'd rather be a bodybuilder?
MARC: That & play a full set of drums.

On the set, Ex-Cel meets Captain Guy.

CG: If it isn't the ex-musical superhero, Ex-Cel.
EX-CEL: Same here. At least I sing.
CG: Mr. Bogswell hates actors who sing, won't allow it on any Nickel Channel series, due to copyright infringement.
EX-CEL: Can you sing?
CG: Hell, no. Look, Mr. Macy & Bogswell want this super jam. You bring your full band & I'll have my organ ready.

They took publicity pics of the super duo.

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03-04-2015, 12:58 PM
Days later, it's the super jam between Ex-Cel Dude & his band vs Captain Guy. Captain Guy got acquainted with the band. He goes over to Dexter.

DEXTER: What brings you here, Captain Guy?
CG: Peace, were both trumpet players You come a long way from that talent show. No wonder Ex-Cel felt sorry for you.

Captain Guy then spots Ex-Cel & Kevin tuning their guitars.

CG: Can't wait to blow you off the stage. (Turns to Kevin) Hadn't worked with you since the KC Underwear/Swimwear ads.
KEVIN: Your rival was on some of the commercials I did.

Just then, Mikey came out wearing crutches. He sprained his right foot.

EX-CEL: What happened, fell off your skateboard?
MIKEY: Yeah dude. Won't be able to drum for you, my bass drum foot's broken. But I could still play tympani if I had a stool to sit down on.

Captain Guy smelled a rat, thinking Marc had something to do with this.

CG: Marc, did you hurt Mikey's foot?
MARC: No way, I was pumpin up.
CG: Guess you could take the reptile's place & play on a full drum set.
MARC; Sweet.

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03-09-2015, 11:44 AM
The show opened with Captain Guy & Marc playing military beats on their snare drums while Ex-Cel & Mikey accompanied on the tympani. Then all four finished with a drumroll.

Marc goes over to Mikey's drum set while Ex-Cel got Mikey situated. Captain Guy went to the horn section where he had his trumpet. The horn section played a riff with the band backing up (Kevin covered for Ex-Cel). Captain Guy & Dexter each had a trumpet solo.

The next tune had the organists battling as Scout Chief & Captain Guy jammed. And for the finale, Captain Guy stayed on the organ while he battled Ex-Cel, who played the guitar & Levar jammed on the vibes.

When the concert was over, Ex-Cel told Captain Guy...

EX-CEL: If your show ever gets canceled, look me up & I'll get you into the band.
SCOUT: Hey! You have an organist, remember.

Mikey entered the dressing room & his right foot is healed.

CG: How could you heal so fast? MARC!
MIKEY: I meant to fake my injury. Marc had nothing to do with it Just wanted to see him play a full drum set.

Kevin came from taking a shower & had a robe on.

KEVIN: Would you mind, I need privacy to change clothes.

Ex-Cel, Mikey, Scout & Captain Guy left as Kevin changed into some clothes..When he was done, he grabbed Ex-Cel's laptop & logged in. Ex-Cel & Mikey entered

EX-CEL: Forgot my laptop. Kevin, you're not going to that underwear site.
KEVIN: No, Boob Tube has them as well.
MIKEY: I gotta see this.

They gathered around Kevin as he looked up the first of two ads. The first ad featured a shy girl wearing glasses, attending a ball. She's quite nervous being stag, trying to meet the right guy. She spots a band playing swing music (drums, upright bass, guitar, organ, vibes & sax). She takes off her glasses & pictures them in their KC Underwear/Swimwear.

MIKEY: Man, wish Captain Guy would forget that ad.

They see Kevin in boxers.

EX-CEL: Not bad.

The girl meets up with Captain Guy actor who ask her to dance.

CG: I'm nothing without my KCs.

Kevin then goes to the second ad. Kevin's in a photoshoot, sporting his KC Speedos, playing smooth music on his electric guitar. Also in the commercial, he makes out with a beautiful model. She even caresses him while playing the guitar.

KEVIN: I'm nothing without my KCs.

He puts the guitar on the stand & walks away with her.

MIKEY: Cool! You ever met her again?
KEVIN: Nah, she dumped me over someone else.