View Full Version : Why did Hun become a staple of the franchise?

02-07-2015, 11:47 AM
So why did Hun become the one aspect from this show to reappear most frequently outside of it? I like Hun, it's just that I'm curious as to why he's biggest part to stick? Is he really popular? Is he just easy to implement? What's the reason?

02-07-2015, 01:07 PM
I guess people just like the idea of a strong, powerful minion of Shredder who goes on to lead an impressive network of street gangs.

I know I like the idea.

02-07-2015, 01:16 PM
Because it gives Casey an archenemy.

The Turtles' archenemy is always, of course, The Shredder.
In Mirage and 2K3, April's archenemy is Baxter Stockman.
In Mirage and somewhat the Nick cartoon, Splinter's arch-something is the Rat King.
And now, in IDW, 2K3, and potentially Nick, Casey has Hun.

When things are personal, things are compelling.