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D Piddy 1982
02-26-2015, 11:02 AM
OK first up, I’m sure at some point in forum history these images will have surfaced before.

Second up, I toyed with the idea of putting this into the PD section, but I think it can also sit in the movie area generally.


I stumbled across this page whilst looking for specific images of the Turtles. It shows how Eastman and Laird were on board pre-2000 with a 4th live action film.

Here. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/nailbiter111/news/?a=71377

The thing I find striking is the resemblance of these redesigns to what we got in the 2014 movie.

E&L Don is especially is similar, but a lot of the redesigns (Mikey and the non-Eastman/Laird ones at the bottom - see Raph with do-rag, Don again with head gear) seem to really push for adding clothing and accessories – exactly what we saw in the 2014 version.

It makes me wonder. In general, the TMNT fandom likes it’s Turtles served up on a “Classic” plate. No gilding of the lily as such, just the Turtles plain and simple.

So why do the Turtles fathers so to speak (Eastman and Laird) seem to always be on board with extreme design changes?

I guess money for one. Toy companies probably like to sell something different. Again money.

I also think that when movie designers, or stylists get on-board they have no feeling for the soul of something like the Turtles. They look at the simple designs and just throw stuff into the mix which doesn’t seem right, yet they see it as “good”. But they also seem to be encouraged to do this!

Well I’m not sure where I’m heading with this as I didn’t mind the 2014 Turtles too much. I just think I’m pointing out that what we got in 2014 has been in the pipeline for over a decade it seems and in terms of design it seems strange that it has always been pushed to move in this direction. Looking at this concept art for the first time (although I have seen some of the E&L designs before) I think something along the lines of the 2014 movie was inevitable.

That of course doesn't make up for the poor script/story...

If this has been brought up in the past on the forums I apologise, but thought it was an interesting piece (the web page link). Cheers.

02-26-2015, 12:41 PM
This has been brought up before. I believe there is a well written article on TMNT Entity on the subject. This is one of two TMNT movies that were never made.
In this movie The turtles and Splinter begin to mutate again. Shredder makes a return and Fifth turtle "Kirby" makes an appearance. The fifth turtle was named after "Jack Kirby" the king of comics.