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The raccoon stepped into the large room located in the belly of the ship. He had been getting familiar with the computer systems of the second version of the Milano after the Nova Corps had rebuilt it so fixing the computer console used for manifests should be a walk in the park.

Pausing to glance over his shoulder, he frowned, put his tool-kit down then pried off the panel of the computer. Flipping onto his back, he wriggled inside the computer so his upper body buried in the internals of the console and his legs protruding from out of the open panel. The raccoon's tail flicked back and forth idly then one foot twitched as he hummed snatches of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" while he studied the mess of wires and parts, his small sensitive hands carefully feeling for what was wrong like loosing wiring.

The smaller Guardian suddenly scowled. In the silence of the cargo-hold, his ears twitched. Was someone or something else breathing down here and he slid back out then rose to his feet, eyes narrowing as he spotted flashes of green in the shadows. Reaching for his comm-piece, he hissed into it "You guys get down here fast. I think we got stowaways... and they look like some kind of freaky Skrulls"

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Raphael stared at the Racoon and the strange tree man with him. This was all they were up against!? He nearly cracked a few ribs as he tried to hold back his laughter. Michelangelo looked around the room. "We gotta find medicine for Leo." He whispered. "We gotta wake him up somehow what are we gonna do without him? Listen to your dumb plans?" Raphael growled at him. "Shut up." He hissed.

"We don't need a plan, we just need to knock out the Racoon. He looks like a stuffed animal and we're twice his size! It'll be easy!" Michelangelo objected. "I dunno Raph, I think he knows we're here already. That and whenever you do the plans I'm always the one who needs to get all bandaged up later on!"

Groot was completely oblivious. He was more preoccupied with a rubix cube he had found in a drawer. He was quite content, it was just him and his buddy Rocket. Since no one had attacked his close friend yet, Groot was completely calm. He looked up at Rocket and smiled holding up the cube. "I am Groot!" He said proudly holding it up. He had finally completed it.

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Can i be my fan character Mr.Poké?

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Can i be my fan character Mr.Poké?

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Rocket frowned - there was someone else in the immediate area and he glanced around. His hand reached back and his fingers closed around the handle of his gun.

"Who's there, you got till the count of ten to show yourself" he called and started to pull the weapon free, his finger tightening around the trigger. He was so not in the mood for this "10... 9... 8... 7..."

Pausing as the tree alien came, he glanced sideways at the taller Guardian "You been touching Quill's stuff again"


"First thing is getting them to trust us, they may have a med-bay" Donatello spoke up, his gaze swinging between his other two brothers.

Pulling his staff free, he gently rolled it away as disarming himself may help defuse the situation. He tensed as the human spoke yet stumbled over her words a little, the tone of her voice matching the mix of emotions on her face. The teenager slowly held his hands up in an attempt to say he wasn't hostile.

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"I am Groot!" He nodded looking at the cube. It was a very complicated thing but he had done it. When Quill came back he would show him what he had done. He noticed Rocket had his hand on the handle of the gun and put the rubix cube down. "I am Groot?" he asked questioningly tilting his head. Just because someone new had come in didn't mean they were threatening!

Raphael looked at his purple clad brother like he was insane. "That's dumb! He might shoot you Donny!" Michelangelo laughed nervously. "I like this plan more! No one blowing up..no more injuries...no more almost getting eaten by monsters in an underground city...ya know..that sorta thing." He whistled trying to pretend he wasn't referring to what had happened not to long ago with those monsters. Ugh, it still gave him shivers up his spine thinking about.

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I wouldn't mind joining this. I would live to be Star Lord or Leonardo (or both).

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I wouldn't mind joining this. I would live to be Star Lord or Leonardo (or both).

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Leonardo took out his swords and pointed them at the raccoon's neck. He looked up at the talking tree.

"Uhm... uh.... move and I'll hurt you..." Leonardo couldn't see them as much of a threat, and had never seen such an odd bunch of friends.

The surroundings around him were odd, and he was startled by the man pointing a gun at him.


"WOAH! What type of aliens are these!" Quill had his hand ready to fire. "Put down your weapons or I'll shoot!" he wasn't ready to deal with anymore aliens today, he just wanted to sit down and have a nice rest. "Huh... can you guys be a little quicker? A programs coming on and I don't want to miss it!"

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