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05-08-2015, 06:24 PM
Let me introduce you first to the girls.

Lets start with Fe'Ather, she once was called: 'Myuuta'


Nope, not inspired by 'Rise of the Guardians' she had that skirt BEFORE that movie came out. I used to draw her as a 'ballerina'. Fe'Ather is kind and quick to cry. Very possessive when it comes to 'love'

Next up, Laguna

Laguna is what I call, the foundation of my work. Shortly put, she's been with me my entire life. Though her shape came to excistance around 2007 - 2008 because of the OC/TMNT hype.

I hate Mary Sue's with a passion and Laguna was turning into one, once I changed her Origin story, my click whom I hung out with didn't seem to like that. Though I was tired of the fan-attacks.

Laguna is a born leader, even though you might call it part-time, she's not the leader from Sahtori's team, though the first one in command.
She's a Lacuna and because her real name exist of whistles and clicks Sahtori named her 'Laguna'. She's age-less and has no idea how many years she has lived, nor seasons, nor the turns of the tide. A big spiritual being with a knack for tech and organisation. Her pod living in the 'Pool of Illusion' she enjoys now and then some competition. She proclaimed to be one of the best surfers in the entire universe. Prone to challenge when proven other wise. Sometimes hot-headed when things don't go according to her original plans. She arrived blind and damaged into Sahtori's realm; her world shattered from 'Nightmares' she took her savior close into her arms and guided her as a young sister. So much to tell about Laguna, but I think I let the artwork speak.

her own little spin-off comic. You can see the comic at -> http://www.ethereal-worlds.com/ethereal-worlds/thod-html/thod03.html

This is her picture, difference between warm water and cold water, they are created to adapt.


Third, we've got Bi-Ancha
She's a demi-deity of darkness, she'll act dark too. She's not quite the member of the team. But if needed she has to be there. She once was in the past, Sahtori's bodyguard until Laguna came in the picture. Something she'll never forget, ever.

She's a black leopard, her age, ... quite a bit of numbers next to each other.


Last (for now) but not least: Sahtori

So far known as the last cub the Deity's got, she belongs in the Kamaya family, the 'creator' family. Though so far she hasn't found anything she can create, besides 'Illusions' - knowing this is not a 'creator' talent she hopes one day to find out. Though her mother hopes that day is still far away, since Sahtori is growing rapidly the Deity's have no choice to step in.
She doesn't speak unless needed, most of her replies are done with 'telepathy' because she loves to sing more than using words that can contain unnecessary baggage. When threatened she will attack without any mercy, the regret always comes afterwards. She's quick to grow into despair when she doesn't succeed from the first time. Shadow-less she guards those whom are created by souls.

Rejecting the position as leader of the team, she will always find a way to put the position to someone else; she rather sticks with the work instead of commanding everyone what they have to do. It's demanding to know everyone in the realm of those who are created. During her visits in created dimensions by man kind, she'll always turn the 'moon' - blue, because of her blue eyes she can slow down time in these realms to focus on the troubles they might have. She's good with her bow and arrow but rather uses the love people have for these realms. Sahtori is clueless what 'love' and 'love' means. In her eyes she will love you for who you are, but that's it. Don't hint her for more, because she is clueless, she is only a child with a heavy burden on her shoulders. Which might be why she's growing so fast.


I'll post some artwork that I 'like' in this section, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them.

The girls are 'none-tmnt' characters, nor do they belong in any 'Universe' theme (besides their own) - I hope I can tell their story well in the fan-comic ;)