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05-11-2015, 05:33 AM
Somewhat inspired by the latest episode, Meet Mondo Gecko. If Mikey can hang with Casey, why not the other way around.

On the streets of New York late night, Raph's driving his motorcycle to let off some steam, after battling Leo. Raph stops @ a traffic light & a city bus is next to him on another lane. There's an ad on the bus which said, "Ex-Cel Band in concert @ MSG."

RAPH: Man, I hate Ex-Cel! Miss having my baby brother to push around.

The light turned green & Raph's on his way. Along the way, he spotted a van full of Foot Warriors. When the van spotted Raph, they sped away. Raph started chasing after them, but is surprised that a ninja motorcycle followed alongside.

RAPH: Speak of the devil, it's Ex-Cel Dude.

The van stopped & the Foot Warriors got off & attacked. Raph & Ex-Cel got off their bikes & while Raph used his ninja skills, Ex-Cel had his fighting skills. When police sirens were heard, the Foot left. Raph came over to Ex-Cel.

RAPH: Thans for the helping hand. (knocks him down) That's for taking Mikey awat from me!
EX-CEL: Mikey's happy being a musician & playing in my band! He's my drummer for life.
RAPH: He's my brother for life!

They continue to fight each other until a turtle van arrives. Leo & Don got out & broke them apart.

LEO: You guys gotta stop this!
DON: It's Mikey's choice to play music.
RAPH: I want him out of our lives! He doesn't belong!
EX-CEL: I do belong, in this universe anyway. One of these days, you & I are going to need each other & team up.

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05-15-2015, 03:56 AM
In a secret lair, we find the Foot Warriors facing Shredder.

SHREDDER: Were you able to complete your mission?
LEADER: We got clobbered by one of the turtles & that Mexican superhero.
SHREDDER: I want that band captured! With Mikey being a musician, we can lure the rest of the turtles & finish them off for good.

Over in their lair, we find Raph & Ex-Cel having a jam. Raph plays his saxophone while Ex-Cel's on guitar. Don saw them...

DON: That's better, music patches things up between people.

As Ex-Cel's about to solo, Raph hits him.

RAPH: No guitar soloes, strum!
DON: Spoke too soon.

Leo entered & grabbed the remote. He turns on Channel 6 News to find Apri in front of a hotel.

APRIL: We are in front of the Pastoria Hotel where the building's being held hostage by Foot Warriors.The hostages include Dexter, Levar, Johnny, Scout, Silver Sentry, Kevin & Mikey!
EX-CEL: My band!
RAPH: My brother! Who cares about the band!

Leo & Don decided that those two should handle it themselves.

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06-03-2015, 06:09 AM
Ex-Cel & Raph drove their motorcycles over across the Pastoria. They got off & climbed up a fire escape stairway. When they reached a few floors, Raph got out a weapon, aimed it @ a hotel balcony & when it was tight, he handed a zip line to Ex-Cel.

RAPH: Go ahead, save your band.
EX-CEL: Isn't there any other way besides this?
RAPH: Nope, you're scared of heights. Some superhero you are.

Ex-Cel grabbed the zip line & held on for dear life thinking Raph tricked him. But he landed safe on the balcony of that suite & when he entered, he got beat up by...

EX-CEL: Adam West?
ADAM: After all these years of climbing the walls of Gotham City, this is something I never did to the guest citizens on my show. Why are you intruding my hotel room for?
EX-CEL: My band's being held hostage.
ADAM: Not here they aren't.

Just then, Raph enters by climbing the hotel wall.

RAPH: I got you good, Ex-Cel!

The both of them went at it until Adam broke it off.

ADAM: You two would be great for Jerry Springer! Your band's being held in the lobby! Get out of my room.

They both did.

ADAM: Stupid cameo.

Ex-Cel decided to take the stairs, instead of the elevator. When they reached the staircase, a couple of Foot grabbed them.

FOOT: You'd expect us on the elevator! Shredder wants you.

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06-27-2015, 06:40 AM
At the lobby, Raph & Ex-Cel find the band tied up. The Foot knocks Raph aside while Ex-Cel dealt with Shredder.

SHREDDER: You're the famous superhero that performs & plays music.
EX-CEL: And you're the enemy of my reptile buds! Why is my band being held hostage?
SHREDDER: As ransom! Your precious Mikey, along with those other losers are gonna play for me. One thing, why do you change guitarists every few years? First it was Scott, then Neil, now Kevin, who looks like a Jonas Brothers reject!
EX-CEL: My band wouldn't play for you!
SHREDDER: They'll have to. I want you to use your superpower & write me a few songs. I wanna cut out a demo!
EX-CEL: Not gonna use my powers for evil. I use my songwriting powers for good!
SHREDDER: Yeah, never won a Grammy!

Just then, Kevin yelled...

KEVIN: Shred head! I got a couple of songs I've worked on, you can have.
MIKEY: No Kevin!
KEVIN: Trust me.

The foot unties Kevin & they escort him to his hotel room. Kevin goes to his guitar case & digs out some sheet music. When he returned...

EX-CEL: You're out of the band, Kevin!

Shredder looks @ Kevin's work & says...

SHREDDER: I want you to do that song @ your concert tommorw, you can accompany on guitar.

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07-03-2015, 04:38 AM
The band was released & Ex-Cel's upset with Kevin.

When Josh Salazar slept, the ghost of Michael appeared in his dream.

MICHAEL: I'm proud of you, not using your superpowers for evil.
JOSH: I'm still mad @ Kevin, helping Shredder.
MICHAEL: Don't judge your friend too soon.

Michael disappeared from his dream.

That afternoon @ MSG. Ex-Cel Band had a meet & greet with fans. Plus they had a sample concert that doubled as sound check. When Kevin played his guitar, his amp crackled.

KEVIN: Real mature, band.

Kevin had to unplug & ended up shopping for a new amp.

Johnny & Mikey were having a drum jam, with Mikey on tympani & Johnny playing his drums. Raph went over to Mikey after sound check.

RAPH: What's with the red head playing your drums?
MIKEY: His main instrument's the tenor sax. He plays drums when I play another instrument.
RAPH: Why don't you return home & be a fighting machine like me?
MIKEY: Cause I like playing music. No one pushes me around, I'm treated well.

Raph grabs him by the armpits...

RAPH: Come home! You're not a turtle musiician, you're a ninja!

Mikey whistled for security & they took Raph away.

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07-23-2015, 02:59 PM
That night @ MSG, fans gather to watch Ex-Cel Band in concert. The concert went well, except that Kevin's restricted to playing rhythm guitar softly, after what he did for the band.

In the middle of the concert, the stage grew dark. The fans were shocked to find Shredder on stage.

FAN: That's so 25 years ago!
SHREDDER: Quiet, you grown up snot nose brat! I'm here to do a number with the band.

When the lights came up, the band was gone, except Kevin & his acoustic guitar.

SHREDDER: Guess this Jonas Brother clone will have to do. Hit it!

Kevin strummed some guitar chords & then Shredder sang...

SHREDDER: Scrambled egg, how I love to eat a scrambled egg. With some bacon & a few pancakes, it goes great with scrambled egg.

The audience booed @ Shredder & threw tomatoes @ him.

SHREDDER: I've been tricked with a Beatles clone song! You'll pay for this Kevin!

Shredder turned to Kevin, but then Ex-Cel Dude & Mikey stood in front of him. Shredder called for the Foot & attacked. Raph got through security & joined the battle. When the Foot & Shredder were defated, the other band members came out of hiding.

MIKE: Awesome job Kevin, writing bad music.
EX-CEL: I owe you an apology. Anything you want, name it.
KEVIN: The horn section & I have worked on this song.
MIKE: Not the tropical tune.

Minutes later, Ex-Cel turned to the fans & said,

EX-CEL: Now that order's restored, give it up for my sparring guitarist, Kevin Denton!

Kevin went to get his electric guitar, but then he took off his breakaway pants to have his blue KC Speedos on (to delight the female fans). Kevin plays the guitar & sings an upbeat tune that featured him & the horn section. Kevin got a cool guitar solo with Dexter on trumpet solo & Levar & Johnny taking turns on a sax solo.