View Full Version : Big Crossover Story Idea: Legacy of War

05-26-2015, 07:58 AM
It takes place in an alternate universe with Shredder and Krang taking over the world because in this dimension doesn't have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It takes place in a very similar to the tmnt episode Shredderville. If you haven't seen it, I would check it out. :) This crossover has a ton of characters from other universes, not just the Turtle universe.


In this universe, they take over the world easily but Shredder decides to betray Krang. Although Krang's Rock Soldiers are more powerful, they are greatly outnumbered by Shredder's Foot Soldiers. Shredder was originally intended to build Krang's body but didn't want to risk being overthrown by him so he decides to betray him. Krang however suspected Shredder would betray him so he secretly invented a device to control all of the Foot Soldiers. Shredder also knew Krang would think of a way to go against him so Shredder implanted a device that overruns Krang's computer programming and regains control of his soldiers. Krang yet again knew Shredder would do this and decides to use a device to trigger their self destruct mechanisms. All of the Foot Soldiers blow up and Shredder is outnumbered. Krang forces him to build his body exactly as the way he wants and even makes modifications to it in case anyone decides to betray him. This version of Krang is really powerful due to his constant modifications he's made even after Shredder finished building it. Shredder completes his body soon enough. Although Shredder finished his body and even pledges allegiance to him, Krang suspects Shredder would just betray him again and then kill him. He uses the Technodrome to drain the life force of the planet to increase it's power so that his Technodrome would be unstoppable. He goes from dimension to dimension draining life forces of planets and uses his transdimensional portal to look for villains of all the universes and coerces them to serve him.

In the Marvel, Dr.. Strange notices a disturbance in the universe as well as the multiverse. He knows all the villains have disappeared and quickly finds out that an alien warlord named Krang is recruiting villains so that they may serve him. After realizing this, he decides to use his powers to go all over the multiverse and recruit heroes and heroines to combat the threat.

Many heroes and heroines gather and they befriend one another and some even fall in love with each other, such as Terra (From FF6) and Future Trunks (From DBZ), Storm (From X-Mean and Magus (From Chrono Trigger ect. They arrive on Earth from in a universe that takes place in the TMNT comic universe. The Technodrome buries beneath the Earth and then starts absorbing some of the life energy of the planet, crippling it. The planet looks very similar to how Earth looked in the episode Shredderville. Krang knows Dr. Strange is following him which is why he decided to hide. The heroes and heroines witness a post apocalyptic state and then are greeted by the villains. They all fight for a long time and even Krang very briefly shows up to taunt and attack the heroes and insists they surrender to him before he unleashes the Technodrome. The heroes and heroines press on and Krang retreats. All of the heroes and heroines and fight the villains and many fall on both sides. Krang eventually decides to unleash the Technodrome which by now is unbelievably powerful as it absorbed so much life energy from multiple planets. Instead of taking it head on , they manage to infiltrate it and do some damage inside as well as shutting down the main power supply thanks to geniuses like Bulma, Washu, Henry Pym, Donatello and some magic from Dr. Strange, ect. Since the power supply to the Technodrome is shut down and it's defenses are weakened they all destroy the Technodrome. However Krang survived and decides to fight himself.

He puts up a great fight and eliminates many heroes and heroines but realizes that in his state he won't be able to fight for much longer and will be overwhelmed seeing how he's greatly outnumbered. Krang decides to use his full power and turn into a giant like did in the cartoon. He gives all of them a hard time. until his internal circuits are scrambled by some of the geniuses like Bulma and Donatello, and again some magic from Dr. Strange, giving all of them a chance to unleash their best attacks, and obliterate Krang for good.

They all get together and undo the damage Krang did such as using the Dragon Balls and eventually they begin the journey to their home dimensions, but not before having a party and celebrating their victory. :) Friends from different dimensions visit each other and the one that fell in love stay with each other.

It's just an idea really to have a massive crossover. Please comment as I would like to know what you think. :)